Sunday, June 5, 2016

Setting the Record Straight about Rav Berland

Most of you probably have no idea who Rav Berland is, except for the allegations of sexual abuse being leveled against him.  I was one of those people, I had never heard of him.   Like most other people, I also believed the media reports, and it was not until I started reading articles in his defense from various reputable sources that I began to doubt the accuracy of the allegations against him.

I urge all of you, especially those who are doubting and skeptical, to read this : Setting the Record Straight about Rav Eliezer Berland

Some quotes from the article to get you started:

Don’t think that only Anshei Shlomeinu in Breslov are praying for Rav Eliezer Berland, Shlita. All of the bigAdmorim, Rabonim, and Tsadikim from the whole world are praying for the Rav, Shlita!

 “From Rav Shteinman to the Belz Admor, to the Gur Rebbe until Rav Kanievsky, everyone is praying for Rav Berland, Shlita, and are always interested in what is happening with him. The gabbai of Rebbe David Abuchatzera, Shlita, called me personally last week and told me that the Rebbe wanted to know what’s happening with Rav Eliezer Berland,Shlita. 

 “The house of Rav Shteinman called and wants to know what’s happening with HaRav. The son of the Belz Rebbe himself called me to find out what’s going on with the Rav and said that his father wants to know. It’s not that Rav Eliezer Berland, Shlita, is alone in the world and only his chassidim are the ones that care about him. 

 “All the Gedolim of Israel from the whole world care about the Rav and are praying for him.” 

The head of police investigation who had a big part in chasing the Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a is begging for teshuva, he’s been suffering ever since. He came to Rav Shalom Arush yesterday and admitted that the police file on Rav Berland is empty, there is no mention of any of the accusations that appear in the media. Rav Arush told him that his teshuva is in admitting this in public.


Devorah said...

It is no wonder that the police officer is begging for the chance to do teshuva. Here is another story about what can occur when a person deliberately sets out to destroy the holy work of a Tzaddik: Rabbi Yosef Dayan

There was a long period of time that H'Rav Yosef Dayan was accustomed to light candles every day in the merit of Rebbe Meir Baal Haneis and the Rashbi, may their merit protect us. H'Rav Yosef would light the candles in a certain local Bait Knesset. Before lighting the candles he would recite many prayers in great trepidation, he would then do mighty meditations and Yichudim. At the time of the lighting he would say Leshem Yichud.....I am lighting this candle to raise the Shechinah from exile and to raise the soul of the holy Tzakik in whose merit the candle is being lit. These candles would burn for twenty four hours straight. H'Rav Yosef would prepare special wicks and the right amounts of oil in advance.In the neighborhood there lived two men who were greatly upset by H'Rav Dayan's daily candle lighting ritual. They would steal his wicks and hide his oil in an effort to prevent it from happening. When H'Rav Yosef saw this he was greatly pained. He finally said "These people that are trying to prevent the candle lighting do not know with whom they are dealing with, they are not dealing with me but rather with Rebbe Meir Baal Haneis and the Rashbi, I do not envy their future." That same week the two men were struck by the hand of G-d. The first man broke his leg and had to lay in a body cast for a number of months, the second man became paralyzed in half his body.

Anonymous said...

Believe that slander is at all time high now more than ever because of the media, the internet and the corruption of gov and public institutions. Everyone is expendable and they don't care one bit about destroying people's lives and reputations.

Those responsible for such behavior everywhere have much to answer before the Ribbono Shel Olam. So much of our people have much teshuva to do and forget about the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

I dont want Rav Berland to be guilty but I also dont want the women who accused him to be liars. I want justice for rape and molestation victims. A minute percentage of accusations are false but are given such weight that all victims suffer. If indeed Rav Berland took such suffering on himself why couldnt it have been done in a way that doesnt hurt rape victims?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12.44 - if you believe he is innocent, then all the women are lying and have no doubt been paid to do so. What makes this situation so heinous is that not only is an innocent man being accused, but it is making a mockery of real victims of rape and abuse. Anyone involved in this evil web of lies is totally wicked. We will all hear the truth very soon. ''Before the world of the truth can come the world of lies must disappear.''

Anonymous said...

"Before the world of Truth can come, the world of lies must disappear"

True are these words.
Have always appreciated Devorah posting these words of Rabbi Avraham Kook, on her blog page.

True true true... May the world of lies disappear soon... Amen.


Anonymous said...

Re:anonymous 4:30 comment
Yeah but thats bad too. Holy yiddishe women lying?! Its just all round bad for all of us either way you look at it. Whatever the main thing is may Truth prevail . I dont know for sure what is the truth in this case. I guess I would rather believe a holy tzadik did not act inappropriatly but at the same time I dont want the women to be disregarded. Truth no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2.11 AM..

I am sort of agreeing with you.
What i think is this... if the yiddishe women are speaking the truth, it will be revealed..
Who ever is trying to hide their sin, will be exposed when Mashiach comes.
No one will escape. Everything will come to light..
Now some may think they can hide behind lies... but not for long.. Who is right who is wrong, who is lying who is not... Hashem knows all.. not anyone of us can hide from Hashem. We can fool one another but not Hashem.. So when Hashem sends the Mashiach, all will know the truth.

In the meantime.. its best we try to change our selves, even if our faults be petty.


Just how i think by listening to some good shiurs.

Anonymous said...

Devorah, just trust Hashem. Hashem will sort out all the mess.

Who is right who is wrong.. only Hashem knows.

Let us just turn and completely look only to Hashem.
Another distressing news to hear of what happened a while ago in Tel Aviv.

My heart goes out to the innocents who have been murdered.. Hashem give consolation to thier relatives.
It is the time for Mashiach to come.

Please Hashem look with pity on the suffering of this sad world.

And i mean the innocents not the wicked who are causing this mayhem.


Devorah said...

''ווי לון מאן דגרמי דיוזיל ליה - Oy to the people who will live in the last generation'' [Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai]

yaak said...

ווי לון מאן דגרמי דיוזיל ליה מן עלמא - is a quote from Rav Hayim Vital ZY"A that translates to mean:

"Woe to those who cause him [Mashiah] to go away from this world."

He goes on to bemoan those who merely study Torah without the wisdom of Kabbala as the cause of this.

Devorah said...

Thanks for tht. I got it from here whilst looking for something else: