Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Tree of the Field

“…And the tree of the field will give forth its fruit…” – [Bechukotai 26:4]

The Torah’s reference to “the trees of the field”—as opposed to trees planted in an orchard—denotes trees that do not currently bear fruit, according to the Midrash [Toras Kohanim, cited by Rashi on Vayikra 26:4]. The promise that “the tree of the field will give forth its fruit,” says the Midrash, refers to the era of Moshiach, when even non-fruit-bearing trees will grow fruit. 

This Midrashic teaching seems to contradict the position taken by the Rambam: “Do not presume that in the Messianic era any aspect of the natural order will be nullified, or that there will be innovations in the work of creation. Rather, the world will continue according to its pattern” [Laws of Kings 12:1]. How can the Rambam reconcile this position with the Midrash’s teaching that even non-fruit-bearing trees will bear fruit when Moshiach comes? 

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Anonymous said...

Noticed a long time ago that the Rambam, interprets differently than many of our other Sages. He tends to think almost like the modern scientific thinker (he was a famous and great physician) and likes to put aside the mystical (Zohar & kabbalistic) approach to his commentaries, unlike the Chassidic minds. Whereas, the GR'A, although not Chassidic, of course, was very mystical and was a great Kabbalist.
All our holy Sages were just that, holy, but with many different perspectives, each true. Was told once by a great learner - 'interpretation, interpretation, interpretation'.

Neshama said...

Such a lovely soothing picture. Thank you.

Deborah said...

I agree with Neshama.

Anonymous said...

I've always assumed that, from a kabbalistic perspective, the Messianic Era will completely break the current progression of history, and there is no continuity between the Messianic Era and the current time. Of course, as the commenter above stated, the sages all had differing views.

Shabbat shalom (it is Erev Shabbas where I live.)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful and timely posting as always!

Thank you Devorah. Keep up the good work!

We are relying on you. . . This world seems to

be getting out of control - but of course to the

beleiving person it is a DIVINE signal that a 'new

reality' is about to begine. Thank for your constant

positive posting. In the hands of HASHEM we are all

being cradled, like a frightened child... The word of

Hashem - and that of His emissaries is so comforting to

us in this chaotic world that we live in.