Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Lofty Trait

"He perceived no iniquity in Yaakov" [Balak 23:21]

R' Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev remarked: 

Hashem, to Whom everything is revealed and known, does not look at the sins of a Jew, as the verse states: "He does not look [lo hibit] at the iniquity in Yaakov".

If this is the way of Hashem, how much more so is it forbidden for us - flesh and blood - to look at the sins of another Jew!  We, too, must cling to this lofty trait of "He does not look at the iniquity in Yaakov".

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein


Anonymous said...

Can someone clarify this verse for me? It seems that if He truly does not look at the sins of a Jew,then what would be the need for teshuva? What about the cause of the destruction of our temples, etc., etc.? We have indeed been judged and held accountable for our behaviors and actions. Did i miss something? With Thanks, Ms. AP

Devorah said...

Rashi says: He does not look at evil in Jacob: According to the Targum [Onkelos it means: I have looked. There are no idol worshippers in Jacob]. Another interpretation: Its literal meaning can be expounded beautifully. The Holy One, blessed is He, does not look at evil in Jacob. When they transgress His word, He does not deal punctiliously with them to scrutinize their wicked deeds and their iniquity in violation of His law. — [Mid. Tanchuma Balak 14, Num. Rabbah 20:20]

For us, I guess it means we should give the benefit of the doubt before we judge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Devorah. I understand about the need for us not to judge each other and engage in ahavat yisroel. But He judges our actions individually and as a group. It is there so clear in my Siddur. If you obey His commandments things will go very well. However, if you go astray...really bad news! Also, what about the first and second temples, etc.., etc.. Ms. AP

Unknown said...

Just to let you know, when you turn The picture to the side, it looks like a church... or a cross in the middle of a tree with a group of worshippers underneath it.

Devorah said...

Yes it does, I'll change the picture. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Re: Lo Hbit Oven B'YAAKOV !

See this verse in Shratdevorahblogspot. on the zemer for Motzaei Shabbat:

AMAJR HASHEM L'YAAKOV [also known by a few as] AL TIRA AVDI YAAKOV, which

forllows the ALEF - BEIT sequience. Scroll down to verse beginning with LAMED,

[MEM is the MIDDLE so LAMED is one before the middle}. Devorah, could you

expound on it a bit for your readers. I LOVE that ZEMER as it brings such calm

and balm to the following week, knowing that IN TRUTH HASHEM LOVES US more than

any human mind can ever grasp!

And that brings us back to the beginning of Shiratdevorah's TOPIC: LO "HIBIT AVEN

B'YAAKOV" - Hashem does not 'see' iniquity, the sins of the JEWISH PEOPLE. Meaning,

in my humble opinion, that Hashem 'TURNS A BLIND EYE' to our transgressions as does

a loving Mom or Dad to a misbehaving child.

Devorah said...

Here is a link to the song's lyrics: Al Tira Yaakov

Anonymous said...

Sorry for typos, Devorah, in my comment above, July 21, at 2:02.

I look forward to words that HEAL, words that strengthen our EMMUNAH and BITACHON in

Hakadosh Baruch Hu U'Varuch Sh'Mo... As we declare in the KEDUSHA: "Hu Avinu, Hu

Malkeinu, Hu Moshienu, Yoshienu VeYigoleinu Sheinis BEKAROV." BEKAROV! ! !