Monday, August 15, 2016

A Malach Hashem

“To my sorrow, the way people today believe the media… if only they would believe the Torah as much as they believe the media! I merited being the first shamesh of the Rav, and his first driver, in the year 1975, more than 40 years ago. I can tell you what I saw with my eyes. This is not a story that someone told me, it’s what saw with my own eyes all these 40 plus years!

“The man is not a man, he is an angel! He is a ‘Malach Hashem’, who can stand 16 hours without moving for Shmona Esrei. He knows what people are thinking, I always ask him questions in my mind and he turns around and answers me! And much more miracles which I promised the Rav I will never speak about. You need to understand it will take 10 hours straight for me to relate stories that I saw with my own eyes.

“He is almost 80 and they say about him these things?! (laughs), it’s funny! A person paid money to women to speak about him!

“And the Rav said even before this happened that there are terrible heavenly decrees against the Jewish Nation and if there is a Tzaddik which takes upon himself the disgrace of a libel about adultery he will cancel the decree! He took upon himself the disgrace! And this terrible exile!

"Gedolei Tzaddikim, many that I am connected with say about him that the Rav is atoning for the entire generation. So what could we do, there are people who believe the media that an 80-year-old person (laughs) it’s insane!

Rav Shalom Arush, speaking about Rav Berland

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Devorah.
Please Please refrain from publishing any comments that are or can lead to Lashon Hara on the Rav or anyone for that matter. Some of us have finished Tisha B'av and for some we are still experiencing it. Please help us not to fall back and to bring real change here forward.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

please can you post the link for the petition in th earticle you just posted for people to sign supporting Rav Berland!

Devorah said...

Yes thank you, I will disable the comments now.

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