Wednesday, November 2, 2016

''All Saints Day'' - Brazil Grotto Collapses

The places of Avoda Zora are falling...  

A grotto has collapsed in Brazil, killing at least 10 people celebrating a religious event, police say. 

Part of the roof caved in at the Casa da Pedro grotto near the city of Santa Maria in Tocantins state in central Brazil. 

It was unclear what caused the incident. About 50 worshippers were in the grotto at the time. At least four other people were injured. 

The worshippers were leaving candles and praying to mark All Saints' Day. Part of the roof collapsed suddenly, burying many of the worshippers and causing panic.

Source: BBC


Anonymous said...

That 38 metre statue of JC in Rio de Janeiro needs to fall. It's obviously not working !!!

Anonymous said...

It will, it will, it will

Possibly Niburu will do it...

Devorah said...

Recommended reading: Bread and Circuses: G-d Chose Circuses

Anonymous said...

The statue of JC in Rio was hit by lightning on the 17th January 2014 breaking the fingers of its right hand. Xtianity believes that JC sits at the right hand of HaShem. Well, this was a slap on the face...or should I say a slap on the hand.

I guess, with Halloween being the eve of all saints day and this occurring on all saints day, they will be able to mourn their dead on "all dead day", 2nd of November in the Catholic calendar. Who knows what will happen on the 2nd November that still is about to dawn in most parts of the world.