Thursday, November 10, 2016

Huge Object on AllSkyCam

This enormous red object has been seen on the AllSkyCam four nights in a row.

The red dwarf star, our sun's binary twin, otherwise known as Nibiru.  And it appears just as Rabbi Cordovero described [click to read].....  ''Remember we used to play with Jacks?  That's precisely what he drew.  A star with several smaller bodies surrounding it with 70 rays of light streaming out... connecting itself to each body surrounding the star.''


Anonymous said...

One orb with a giant hue and there it is. Note that there are also planets and moons aroubd it.

Neshama said...

What one should be seeing by day in this sky cam is a HUGE (faint) green orb practically filling the sky cam. But one must look carefully to see it. I believe the red thing is a refraction from the mechanism with sun shield, that's why you see other colors also. I've seen the green orb myself.