Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Parshas Vayeira: Essence Vision

''Abraham's Tent'' by Michoel Muchnik

Written by Rav DovBer Pinson

This week’s Torah reading opens with the words “And now Hashem appeared to him…and he was sitting at the entrance of the tent.” [Vayeira:18:1]

In this verse we are not told to whom Hashem appeared. We eventually learn from the narrative that it was Avraham/Abraham. But his name is not used in the verse.

The verse begins as a sequel to the previous portion in which Avraham circumcised himself, as is inferred by the first words of the verse, ‘and now,’ making it a continuation of the circumcision story.

The Zohar teaches that the circumcision was the reason for this revelation. This was a revelation to the essence of Avraham. It is for this reason that the verse does not mention the name of Avraham, referring to him simply as ‘him’, alluding to his very essence.

A name is a description. To one person you may be called father/mother, to another son/daughter, to another boss/employee. Your friends may call you one thing, and your family calls you something else. To each person you are something else.

When there is an ‘appearing’ of Hashem to a name, to Avraham for example, it is to an aspect of who he is. At this time, however, there was a revealing to all of him. The very essence of who he is, beyond title and name.

Avraham receives such a depth of revelation and intimate connection with the Creator because he is coming from the circumcision. The act of circumcision is to physically and thus also emotionally/mentally/spiritually reveal that which has previously been concealed.

When Avraham became fully open with nothing concealed, the Creator also became fully revealed to him, to all of him. Nothing remains hidden. Essence to Essence.

This revealing of Essence to Essence occurs at the beginning of this week’s Torah reading. At its conclusion we read that Avraham is called a “Yirei Elokim,” which is translated as a ‘G-d fearing’ person, but can also mean 'A person who sees G-d.' [22;12] Thus, Avraham becomes a ‘see’er of Hashem.’

Through the Essence of the Creator being revealed to his very essence, he gradually acquires deeper and more spiritually sensitive vision. He can now access the inner reality within everything, the Divine animating force within all of creation, without any concealment.

The Energy of the Week:
Essence Vision

It is a truth about many of us humans, that upon encountering another person we tend to instantly ‘label’ them and feel like we know certain truths about them based on their appearance, dress, upkeep, life 'station', mannerisms, and so forth. The same may be true with all objects, places or events we come in contact with every day. We tend to be easily influenced or impressed with the external realities and overlook the essence of the thing or person. Without consideration of what lies beneath, we define a person, object or event by its external attributes or 'effect' upon us.

This week’s Torah reading enables us to see beyond the outer garments. We access a vision that takes us beyond the ‘names’ and ‘labels’ and provides us with deeper and truer visions. We learn to see beyond the concealments and trappings, and view the essence of the matter in its entirety.

This is an energy of vision that occurs on many levels. Beginning with seeing each person for their essence, their essential Divinity, and extending to every event that occurs in our lives. The energy this week inspires us to perceive the guiding hand of Hashem in every life event.

Essence Vision is to see within every encounter, every situation and person, the Divine animating force.

In this way we view everything that occurs as an opportunity and invitation to connect more deeply with Hashem.

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