Friday, November 18, 2016

Rabbi Kessin: The First Error of Donald Trump

Finally, his first shiur after the election is here. Thank you Moriah, I'd been checking every day.... except today !


Rivka said...

Amazing! Thank You HaShem for such Torah scholars as Rabbi Kessin.

Baruch Hashem, Geula is truly on its way. May we all merit to see it in its fullness!!

Devorah said...

Anyone needing chizuk should listen to this shiur, apart from the fact that as always Rabbi Kessin is brilliant.

Devorah said...

Even Kanye West seems to get it: Kanye West has left fans stunned once again after going on another rant during a Sacramento concert on Saturday night.

'It's a new world, Hillary Clinton. It's a new world. Feelings matter. Because guess what? Everybody in middle America felt a way, and they showed you how they felt... It's a new world Barack. It's a new world Jay Z.'

He then added: 'If you keep following old models, your ass is going to get Hillary Clinton'd.

'I ain't here to massage you with the fake truth, telling you that Hillary going to win over and over and over. Then you wake up and you still can't believe it. You know why? Because you was lied to by Google. You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Devorah, could you please tell me who is the third one Rabbi Kessin says, I mean, He says that Mashiach is going to be greater than Abraham, greater than Moses and greater than a third person I could not get the name, so who is that third one. And ... well, do you think it is too much to ask you to publish a little list with a couple of words translated from hebrew to english, just the words that Rabbi Kessin makes use when explaining about Esav & Yacov? Is it too much? Just a few words would help me to understand everything. Anyway, thank you, I loved the Rabbi's explanation.

Devorah said...

I'll have to listen again, but don't really have time. Maybe the 3rd one was King David.
The only words I can remember him saying that were in Hebrew were kitruv/kitruvim which means to prosecute, or prosecutions [by the Satan in Shamayim - Heaven] and Ribbono Shel Olam which means the Master of the World. If I think of anymore I will let you know and hopefully someone else will comment on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Devorah,

Small correction: it's kitrug/kitrugim (accusation/s) - related to "kategor", which is a prosecutor. "Sanegor" is its opposite - defender, like a defense attorney.

Devorah said...

Thank you. I did go back and listen to the first 20 mins of the shiur, and I heard Rabbi Kessin translating all the Hebrew words he used, whenever he used them.

Anonymous said...

Devorah, that is me again. It does not seem to be David the third name Rabbi says.
Please listen just the 35 seconds needed to tell who the third person is,
listen to the video at 2:04:00 and tell me who is, Deal?

Devorah said...

Greater than the Malachim - the Angels.