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The Two Tzaddikim Holding Back the Geula

Some time ago, in a lecture by Rabbi Alon Anava, I heard this same theory as written below - but Rabbi Anava did not mention any names.  I can't remember which shiur it was, if anyone does remember please leave a comment.

The following is quoted from Shuvu Banim - text by Yissachar Dov Berg 

“I would like to tell you a story that I heard from very reliable sources. When Rav Mordechai Eliyahu was on his death bed slipping in and out of coma his wife Rabbanit Tzivia Chana Eliyahu asked him, ‘The Baba Sali promised you that you will live to see the Moshiach, you are about to leave this world to pass on to a world which is complete goodness, what about the promise of the Baba Sali!?’

So Rav Mordechai Eliyahu answered her, ‘You should know, that Moshiach was supposed to be here already but there are two tzaddikim that are holding him off from coming in order to give people a chance to do teshuva because once Moshiach comes there will be no more opportunity to do teshuva, everyone will remain on their level (and those who don’t merit will not merit seeing the redemption as chazal say only 1/5th of the people will merit). So his wife asked him ‘who are these two tzaddikim?’ He answered ‘Rav Dov Kook and Rav Eliezer Berland’.

All this shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who are following this story as Rav Kook himself on a separate occasion mentioned The Deal that he and Rav Berland made together with Baba Elazar Abuchatzeira to cancel the harsh decrees before Moshiach.  Moshiach may have been pushed off until now but we can rest assured that we all have a much better chance of surviving to see him.


Dov Bar-Leib said...

So for Heaven's sake or maybe for our sake, did they (Rav Berland and Rav Kook) finish their work? Can Mashiach come now? It is a good siman that Rav Berland's galust seems to have come to an end this past Tamuz 5776.

Devorah said...

As I am still reading ridiculous accusations against Rav Berland on Facebook, I don't think his mission is over yet.

Ester said...

I clearly remember Rav Alon Anava saying in his lecture the following words: it is possible that Moshiach is not yet here, so that more and more Baal tshuva can return to its root. He did not say one word about the Episode of the two tzaddikim.
Who are the "very reliable sources ?" Why is their Name not mentioned ?

Devorah said...

Ester: No he did not speak about the two tzadikim, but the theory he put forward was the same. The author of the article no doubt has good reasons for not mentioning names.

Anonymous said...

This story was greatly publicized in Israel by Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's wife herself. And I'm sure that until this day it shouldn't be hard for anyone to verify it with her.

Also, the idea that these two tzaddikim are holding back the geula was also said over at the time by Rav Reuven Dangor one of the mekubalim of Rav Yitzchak Kaduri's yeshiva.

Miriam said...

Interesting how Rav Mordechai Eliyahu (zt'l) had a chance to say such a long explanation while slipping in and out of coma.. Could it be that he simply whispered those 2 names and the rest was made up by the followers of Rav Kook and Berland?!?

Miriam said...

Can't wait for mashiach to be revealed so he could reveal the TRUTH to us all.. Bezrat Hashem may it be soon!! :)

Anonymous said...

Miriamn, he could have conveyed it very simply using only a few Hebrew words.

JJ said...

I've been following a little bit about the suffering of Moshiach and I would like to share some of it:

"To such an extent does the redeemer bear the yolk of the sins of the people that the Midrash in Yalkut Shimoni Yeshayahu, Ch. 60, expounds the verse referring to the redeemer: ‘The son who is dear to me, Ephraim, etc, mercy, I will have mercy’. Why does it mention the word ‘mercy’ twice? The answer is, that the first mercy is talking about the time when he is detained in prison, that every day they would gnash their teeth at him, and indicate with their eyes, and gesture with their heads and mutter their lips. The second ‘mercy’ refers to the time when he is released from prison, that not only one or two kingdoms come against him, rather 140 kingdoms surround him and Hashem says to him “Do not fear them…”’"

JJ said...


"He is righteous [tzaddik] and saved [nosha] (Zachariah 9: 9) This is Moshiach who justifies [matzdik] the punishment Israel receives, for Israel ridiculed him while he was sitting in prison. He is thus called "tzaddik." Why is he called "saved" [nosha]? Because he justifies their punishment and says to them, "surely you are all my children, but you will only be saved [tinashu] through G-d's mercy."
PESIKTA RABBATI continues: "A pauper and riding on an ass (Zachariah 9:9): This is Moshiach. And why is he called a "pauper"[ani]? Because he was impoverished [nit'ane], all those years in prison, and the sinners of Israel ridiculed him."

JJ said...

Pesikta Rabbati, 36:

“…the nations became excited and said “Master of the Universe! Who is this into whose hands we shall fall? What is his name? What is his nature?” G-d replied, He is the Messiah and his name is Ephraim, My righteous Messiah. He shall raise up himself and his generation. He shall bring light to Israel and save his people, and no nation or tongue can withstand him… All his enemies and foes flee… Even the rivers cease running…”

G-d set ground-rules for the Messiah: “In the future, the sins of these stored away with you will place you under an iron burden. They will make you like this calf whose eyes have dimmed. Their burden will suffocate your spirit. Through their sins, your tongue will cleave to your palate. Do you wish this?” The Messiah asked, “Is that pain going to last many years?” and G-d answered, “I swear by My life and yours that it shall last no longer than the year 7000. If you are unhappy with this, I will make them suffer starting now.” The Messiah replied, “Master of the Universe! Joyfully do I accept it upon myself so that not one Jew be lost… It is what I want!”…

The Rabbis said, “The week in which the Son of David comes, iron bars shall be brought and placed on his neck until he is bent over, and he will cry out tearfully until his voice ascends to Heaven. He will say, “Master of the Universe! How long can my strength hold out? My spirit? My soul? My limbs? Am I not flesh and blood?”…

G-d will then reply, “Ephraim, Righteous Messiah! You undertook this from the Six Days of Creation. Now, your pain will be like Mine, for since Nebuchadnezzar went up and destroyed My house and burnt My sanctuary and exiled My children among the nations, I swear to you that I have never sat down upon My throne; and if you do not believe Me, observe the dew that has settled on My head”… The Messiah will respond, “Master of the Universe! Now I am consoled. It suffices for the slave to be like his master.”

JJ said...

"Pesikta Rabbati, 37:

…the Patriarchs will in the future rise up in the month of Nissan and will say to the Messiah, “Ephraim, righteous Messiah! Although we are your ancestors, you are greater than we, because you suffered for our children’s sins and underwent hardships not experienced by the early or later ones. You were the object of ridicule among the nations for Israel’s sake, and you sat in sightless gloom. Your skin shriveled on the bone and your body was as dry as wood. Your eyes lost their luster through starvation, and your strength dried up like a potsherd. All this occurred due to our children’s sins. Do you wish our children to benefit from the bounty G-d has showered on Israel? Perhaps due to the immensity of your suffering on their behalf, and the time your spent imprisoned, you are displeased with them?”

The Messiah shall reply, “Fathers of the world, all that I did, I did only for yours and your children’s sakes, for yours and your children’s glory, that they might benefit from this bounty which G-d showered upon Israel.” The Patriarchs then say, “Ephraim, righteous Messiah! You should be pleased, for you have pleased both us and G-d.”

R. Shimon ben Pazi said: “At that moment, G-d shall raise up the Messiah to the highest heavens and envelop him in His glorious splendor, before the nations of the world, the wicked Persians. He shall say: Ephraim, righteous Messiah! Judge these and do to them whatever your heart desires, for if not for overpowering mercy on your behalf, they would already have obliterated you from the universe in a moment,….
...When he leaves the prison, not one kingdom, two or three attack him, but 140 kingdoms, and G-d says, "Ephraim, righteous Messiah! fear them not, for they all shall die by the breath of your lips," as it says, "With the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked" (Isaish 11:4). G-d immediately makes the Messiah seven canopies of precious stones and pearls... and he hugs the Messiah before the righteous and brings him under the canopy, and all the righteous see him."

There is really a lot more on this topic. This should arouse people's interest.

JJ said...

As far as him being imprisoned due to false accusations related to promiscuous activity see midrash talpiot here

Devorah said...

Thank you JJ for all of that. If you have time, maybe you could type up a short english synopsis of the Midrash for all of us non-fluent Hebrew readers.... thanks in advance.

JJ said...


Midrash Talpiot letter Alef brach of "Signs of Moshiach" says:

ובזוהר בכמה מקומות משמע שעתיד המשיח לעשות דברים נראים מכוערים. ילקוט ישעיה ואומר הקדוש ברוך הוא על המשיח מעיד אני בו שהוא צדיק

"And in the Zohar, in a few places it connotes that in the future Moshiach will do things which seem disgusting, Yalkut Shimoni "And Hashem says about Moshiach "I testify that he is a tzaddik".

It seems that the darkness will be so great that Hashem Himself needs to testify that he is a tzaddik.

Also Rebbe Nachman says in megillat starim "the hidden scroll" that Moshiach will face tremendous opposition, and people will say in shock "This is Moshiach?!"

Anonymous said...

Miriam - If you remember the few weeks preceding Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's passing, there were a few spontaneous messages like this, when he was in and out of consciousness.

See here for example:

Malka said...

"'I was in Heaven and I returned', these were the first words that Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu said to his wife upon waking up after Prolonged resuscitation during which the doctors all gave up in saving his life. Then Rabbi Eliyahu broke out in tears and said to those around his bed 'the decree has been canceled'.
Another time he regained partial consciousness after being unconscious for a few hours and said 'I am still in middle of the judgement'.
And then he related a message to Am Yisrael..."

Ynet -,7340,L-3551977,00.html

Anonymous said...


Debbie Rubinstein said...

shavua tov,

i havent honestly read through all the comments yet but I thought many would like to read the following article in regards to Rabbi Berland.

"before the world of truth can come, the lies must disappear." - Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook

Anonymous said...
Rabbi Berland sentenced to 18 months in prison

Devorah said...

Once again that link above falsely quotes Rav Berland's son. To read more truth about Rav Berland click here

Rivka said...

You can read for yourself why the Rav's lawyers advised him to make a plea bargain vis the Israeli police at this link:

The basic idea is that the government has kept the Rav illegally in prison for almost 9 months already, despite no evidence. The idea seems to be to keep him in prison indefinitely - despite the fact that he's 80 years old and not in such good health. He's had many serious illnesses recently, and he made a recent announcement that he needs to get out of prison in order to regain his health.

the police don't want a trial, because that will prove his innocence and show their persecution of him - so that's why it's dragged this long already.

If you check over at the enshuvubanim english website, you'll get the latest updates and facts.

Anonymous said...

Nachman Berland about the forged recording of him

Questions and answers with Nachman Berland the son of Rav Eliezer Berland about the recording published in his name.

Q. Do you stand behind what is written in the article that you are against your father?

A. I am and have always been the right hand man of my father during all the years. The recording is completely forged, it never happened!

Q. When you were in charge of the yeshiva Institutions did people against the Rav try forcing you to do things against him and against his kehilla? Were you threatened by them?

A. There were constant threats against me and my father. They constantly tried breaking apart the entire community.

Q. So I understand from your words that you stand by your father completely.

A. I stand by him all the time, I am in constant contact with him even now that he is in prison, I learn with him everyday. I also visited him many times during his 3 years in exile. When I left Jerusalem to live in Beitar, he came to live next to me. We were always together. I'm his right hand man. We support each-other. More importantly, I support him. He is the Gadol Hador. Woe to those people who try to harm him!

Devorah said...

Interview with Rav Berlands attorney about the plea bargain “Until he gets a chance to prove his innocence he can sit 1 1/2 to 2 years in prison”

Devorah said...

Why Would Rav Berland Make a Plea Bargain if he is 100% Innocent

Jewgirl said...

This is shocking, what are we supposed to believe anymore, by everyone.. I have no more words...
Shocking News Rav Berland

Devorah said...

Jewgirl: I don't know, I am waiting for someone to get back to me about this. My first reaction though was to think that Israel National News is unfortunately no longer a reliable source of information due to their previous false reporting on this topic. I will update on this as soon as I have any info.

Devorah said...

For the moment, all I can find is this Listen: “Often it is best for a person to admit to things that he didn’t do and to end the story.”
Hopefully more to follow.

Jewgirl said...

Deborah I emailed Rav. Lazer Brody and he also send me the link.. I think we should just let it go.. HaShem know the truth and He expects from us not to get into any lashon ha-ra..

Anonymous said...

I don't know the details with this case. I am no judge and I am certainly not privy to Hashem's secrets.
The one point I wanted to make here is that the time left for the rav to sit in prison is 9 months.

Haven't there been sources to say that the Geula process comes in 70years then 9 months ....etc.
I find this quite interesting and also hopeful. Perhaps we are at the last 9 months of galus!!
And perhaps moshiach will arrive tomorrow....
bezras Hashem when it does happen, it should be with tremendous rachamim.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Only 9 months??? Really? Obama is going to the UNSC likely by the end of December and the first week in January. And I thought that he had 14 months left on his sentence. But I have some questions about this case:

I have a few questions about this "confession" aka a plea bargain.

1. Did the police threaten to hold Rav Berland indefinitely if he did not cop a plea? We know that in this country of Erev Rav courts that there is no Writ of Habeas Corpus (Body of Evidence) which prevents the police from holding someone as long as they "feel" they need to hold him. There is plenty of reason to believe that the State is no less corrupt in this case than it is was with regards to the Duma Affair of holding all of these Hill Top Youth for months on end to extract confessions that never came.

2. Why would the State settle for a ridiculously small, light sentence of only 18 months including time served for a Crime as serious as the one for which the Rav is being charged? Did they have that little evidence?

3. Why would the Rav say that he would have been executed in Biblical times for this Crime? 1. A Torah scholar knows that for the Crime of Rape, the punishment is an extremely stiff, punitive fine for the aggrieved woman's family which included pain, suffering, loss of marriage opportunity, medical bills, and (in our day) loss of work pay. The monetary equivalent of a Rape "settlement" is likely more than $100,000 of our dollars. 2. Plus if she assents, he has to support her as a spouse for the rest of her life, but in this case she is technically married to him and cannot marry anyone else. Now the only stipulation for #2 is if she would assent to such a deal. She does not have to, but if she does, he can never divorce her.

Ok, so if this is the Torah's punishment for rape, why would Rav Berland say that he would receive the death penalty? Did he rape married women? That would be the only condition for the death penalty.

Devorah said...

Or is the rape of a married woman one of the false accusations and that is what he was responding to? All of these quotes and statements could well be taken out of context. You know what Judge Judy says.....''íf it doesn't make sense, it didn't happen''.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

How many months are really left on his sentence? I thought it was 14 months since he returned to Israel in July and was jailed immediately. Perhaps the commenter is assuming that he will be released early.

Yet to reiterate, if and when Obama goes to the UN Sec Council by the last week in December to divide Yerushalayim and Eretz Yisrael by establishing Paleostine, the "nine months" will begin on Asarah b'Tevet (January 8th) and end 271 days or 9 months + 5 days later on the First Day of Sukkot. The Gemorrah in Niddah brings down the figure of 271 days as the exact length of pregnancy since the gematriah of HeRayon is 271. As difficult as those nine months may be, we should all daven that this should be the case. 9 months of birthpangs is far preferable to another decade of this vile world of lies and deceit. Could we put up with another murderer release of 78 murderers just to keep the world off our back? Could we put up with this corrupt justice system where the Police hold you indefinitely until you confess for another decade? Isn't the 9 months of tza'ar preferable to this?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Oh yes, I forgot. In order to have a death sentence there has to be either two eye-witnesses OR she, the married woman, has to be raped in an "open field" or some other public place where she cried out and no one heard. (This is one of the only cases in the Torah where a death penalty is incurred without eye-witnesses.) Inside a private domain in a city there is a serious question whether the rapist of a married woman incurs the death penalty, again where there are no eye-witnesses, that is the stipulation that someone can be put to death without eye-witnesses to a rape only applies to an open field not to a private domain in a crowded neighborhood. I think through this case that we are getting an inside look into the Torah's deeper wisdom on these matters. In an open field, a park, or some other isolated public space, we can safely assume that she cried out, and no one heard. So the rapist of a married woman can be put to death in that case. Inside a private home in a crowded city where no cry was heard (and of course there are no eye-witnesses), it becomes a matter of he said/ she said. And no one should ever be put do death when it is such a matter.

Devorah said...

According to this latest Rabbi Glazerson Torah Codes video, he will be out by Pesach. Someone please correct me if I heard that wronglhy, sometimes its hard to understand what Rabbi G. is saying.

Devorah said...

Again according to Rabbi Glazerson's code, he admitted ''because of the pressure of the Erev Rav'', and the words ''tzaddik tamim'' - pure righteous is found encoded as well.

Now it's starting to make more sense.

Hey just a warning here folks, any comments submitted containing lashon hara will not be published.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Devorah, the prosecution apparently had a paltry amount of evidence. If they had enough evidence, he would have been offered a bargain of no less than five years. An 18 month sentence for supposedly serious felonious offenses is laughable, even though no decent person should be laughing at this.

But as far as the hope that he will be out before Pesach, either the plea bargain allows him to leave prison for Pesach or miraculously he will be out by then or he will be out of jail already because he will be eligible for parole before then. I don't know which of the three possibilities Rav Glazerson is referring to. Yet, It is not encoded in the tableau.