Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10.3 Earthquake Glitch?

The USGS quake map reported a 10.3 quake near Syria..... by mistake?  Or is this just a fore-warning of what lies ahead for the countries taking part in the UN General Assembly on the 15th January?

A spoof video has already been made, which you can watch here.


Ginno Ricci said...

The sentence of the soldier who killed a terrorist is scheduled for January 15, the same day that 70 countries are expected to attend the Paris "peace conference", meaning Munich II- this time to sell out the Jews instead of the Czechs. This conference is only five days before Nimrod leaves the White House. Coincidence? I don't think so, it seems to be the final round up for Gog and Magog and the ultimate revenge against the 70 original nations, as well as the Erev Rav Jews (smolanim) infesting our nation.


Ms. AP said...

I will be very surprised and disappointed if the soldier is not pardoned. Ms. AP

Dror said...

You are right Ginno. That soldier is a tzaddik. His righteous action has shown the deep fragmentation of Israeli society.
Now it is becoming obvious why Hashem will punish his chosen nation, for not listening to his commands. It's a final test before unleashing his anger. To try to save the worthless life of a terrorist is a sin.
Now we see where Yisrael stand today. That is why the wise people of Am Yisrael talked about a remnant of the nation only having future.
We shouldn't be surprise about the huge natural disasters soon to come. It makes sense.
This humanity has reached the end, it's already at the edge of a cliff. It will jump willingly.

Neshama said...

Listen to this, I found on another site from a commenter (name omitted here):
"When interviewed regarding perception of threat, I.D.F. enlistees score I.S.I.S. as second to the threat posed by the Internal Review Process. Following an effective intervention neutralizing a terrorist attack, Military Personnel are subjected to a rigorous Judicial Process whereby they are put under intense scrutiny by an almost exclusively Left-Wing biased Panel of Human-Rights Attorneys evaluating their compliance to multiple rules of engagement (or rather disengagement). As an example, an Israeli Soldier was sentenced to 20-years of imprisonment two weeks ago, for killing a terrorist. He was found guilty for not using more restraint when shooting a terrorist on a stabbing-rampage. The terrorist was wounded, lying on the ground, and reaching inside his thick protective jacket, which the soldier interpreted as an attempt to detonate a suicide belt. left-Wing Judges and Military Panels follow rules set-up in The Hague which follow U.N. condemnations of Israel for War-Crime"

Ben Hur said...

Yisrael doesn't look so bad comparing the Western Europeans, mindless people bringing to their countries the murderers and destroyers of them and Western civilisation. Such degenerated people unable to distinguish between good and evil have no place in olam haba.
The human rights set up by distorted human perception of man's existence will eliminate soon such humanity.
Earthquakes over 8 degrees Richter scale are able to shake the mountains. The scenarios depicted by Neviim aren't fantasies. They play in front of our very eyes.
Pray, be humble, connect to Hashem, there isn't much time left for your salvation.