Sunday, January 1, 2017

Nibiru: ''weeks away''

The Ramak, Rabbi Moshe Cordevero, classically and clearly explains the Zohar on this key pasuk [Balak 212b] in such detail that he even draws a picture of how the star will look. Remember we used to play with Jacks? That's precisely what he drew. A star with several smaller bodies surrounding it with 70 rays of light streaming out of [Nibiru] connecting itself to each body surrounding the star. [See A Date With Nibiru]

The photo below is a screen shot from the first minute of this YouTube video, and it does look like a Jack, as Rabbi Cordovero described.  According to the video, it is ''weeks away''.

Note: I am not making a prediction, I just thought this was interesting.  


Neshama said...

Devorah, I do not think this is fake. It was first spotted and shown on Steve’s channel by one of his co-followers; and Dave Dobbs (another chronicler of amazing sightings and considered an quasi-expert who has been following the paths of these orbs and whose estimates of dates of appearance have been remarkable) seemed to say it was authentic. I just watched his video last night. Also Jeff P who is keen on these sightings caught it. I realize you might not want to post these videos, as I also do not; however, I do watch them to analyze.

D Dobbs seems to think there will be another imposing sighting on or around January 25 (give or take a weeks or two). This may coincide with the “meeting of nations” in Paris around the Jan 15. As one commenter on Dov’s blog wrote/linked of increased meteors raining down on France recently. There is an uptake in meteor activity worldwide.

Anonymous said...

The Novi (Yechezkeil 38:22) says, “I will punish him with pestilence and with blood; torrential rain and hailstones, fire and sulfur will I rain down upon him and upon his cohorts and upon the many peoples who are with him.”

What the Novi describes, already occurred once in history. Where? Sodom and Amorrah:
“Hashem had rained upon Sodom and upon Amorrah sulfur and fire, from Hashem, out of heaven” (Bereishis 19:26). Rashi explains ‘out of heaven’ is referring to the posuk, “For with them He will judge the nations, etc.” (Iyov 36:31). When He comes to chastise people, He brings upon them fire from the heavens, as He did to Sodom.

Anonymous said...

here is an answer

Devorah said...

From that video: 25th January or thereabouts.... R''H Shevat.

Josef Obikiel said...

Why do we call Kochav mi Yakov nibiru? Isn't like calling Pesach Easter?

Devorah said...

Good point Josef.