Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nibiru is Right Here, in Queensland Australia


814 אורנה ניצבת said...

This is funny to see.
I saw sun going down. Then got phone call. And looking after again there.
I was like, the sun went already down.
So what is this?

I guess many of us saw it already!
We are just blind while looking.
That's from all the tuma around.
Thank you for the video.

Devorah said...

You're in Israel.... right?

814 אורנה ניצבת said...


Anonymous said...

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Waiting Patiently said...

It's very interesting, I asked Rav Kessin about Nibiru, he dismissed it out of hand, I'd love these videos to be shown to him. I'm still holding by Rav Lessons sheeta, but total carnage does seem a distinct possibility.

Devorah said...

Well I'm glad you mentioned it to him, but next time maybe you could tell him that Nibiru is not necessarily going to create total carnage. It is just a tool that Hashem may or may not use. It is definitely there. Maybe you could also tell him that Rabbi Moshe Cordovero spoke about Nibiru: see A Date With Nibiru
I have never said that Nibiru would create total carnage, although you've probably read it on other blogs. I think it is the Kochav Yaakov, as Rabbi Cordovero wrote about.

Waiting Patiently said...

Very fair point, it was my assumption that it would cause carnage not his. Thanks for helping me to understand better, love your work.

Devorah said...

No-one really knows what is going to happen. It's all speculation, but Nibiru is up there, that we do know.

SPACE said...

It can be mirror image of actual Sun, in remote regions, like Arctic or Antarctica, sky often acts as a mirror.
Also, I think, that Earth have 5 or 6 Suns, but it's my theory.

I don't think Nibiru is dangerous, it's simply a sign.