Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spreading The Light

A continuous fire shall burn upon the altar; it shall not go out. [Tzav 6:6]

There were two types of fire in the Sanctuary and Holy Temple: one that burned on the outer altar, and one that burned in the menora inside. 

The priest whose job it was to light the menora did so with a flame taken from the outer altar. 

This teaches an important lesson: The outer altar is symbolic of our Divine service with other people; the kindling of the menora alludes to Torah study, as it states in Proverbs, "The Torah is light." 

Thus in order to merit the Torah's light it isn't enough to concern oneself with one's own spiritual progress; the concern should be extended to others as well.

Source: Likutei Sichot Lubavitcher Rebbe


Neshama said...

In the picture, there is the majestic moon, a star constellation in upper right corner (Orion?), and a sky full of 'chemtrails'. Don't know when that was taken, but it's funny.

PS were you at all affected by "Debbie"?

Devorah said...

LOL @ the chemtrails. Didn't even notice, they are so commonplace now.
Debbie brought some wind and rain to Sydney but we escaped anything more than that. People have still not been able to return home in some places.