Monday, May 1, 2017

Worlds, Souls, and Divinity

Every interaction we have with another person can be experienced on four different levels.  Rav DovBer Pinson explains.


angela said...

Rabbi Pinson... would this not only be true about every person we encounter, but... with everything in the whole world? Is Hashem speaking to us now, because of Hester Panim, thru absolutely everything?

...A conversation we happened to overhear,
...a car doing something strange on the road in front of us,
...a mix-up at the pharmacy, illness
...encounters with different people, things, places we go????

All these things, aren't they all a "voice" from HaShem to mankind?
Ain Od Milvado?

Individually speaking to everyone of us in different ways, but even when we are standing right beside each other, but each have a different message from HaShem?

Devorah said...

Hi Angela, yes you are correct, thanks for writing that.... Rabbi Pinson actually answers your question in the first minute, when he says that actually EVERYTHING in the world is part of this, but he is talking about people/souls here.

angela said...

Thank you Devorah...

I should have been listening a little more closely... *:-)
Thank you

Devorah said...

Your comment probably made hundreds more people actually listen to the video!

angela said...

oh goodness... well, then... BARUCH HASHEM!!!! *:-)