Sunday, July 16, 2017

Seeing The Good

God can’t judge a person favorably until some human being down here on the planet has done it first. And as soon as God starts to judge someone favorably, that opens the door for them to make real teshuva.  Emunaroma

.....Hashem waits to hear words of defence and merit on behalf of Jews, especially by other Jews. 


Anonymous said...

lemon said...

Most beautiful advice ever

Neshama said...

Did you know that tomorrow is: ""Say Something Nice, Make Someone Happy"
The 4th International #FirgunDay is coming on July 17th, and you are invited to join, VIRTUALLY, from anywhere in the world sharing the spirit of #Firgun(Hebrew: פרגון) - an act of kindness performed solely to make another person feel good.
So, How do you celebrate FirgunDay? You come up with a Firgun — a compliment, a kind word, a proverbial pat on the back — for someone (person, business or group) and post it on your social networks, adding their photo. Then pass your #FirgunDay challenge to 3 friends.
That's it! "

"Coincidence" with your post!

Anonymous said...

In connection with your great advice, Devorah, I'd like to call upon your readers to be very meticulous in saying the Evening Shema before going to bed.

But in particular to recite: "RIBBONO SHEL OLAM: Hareini Mochel," trans: Master of the Univers: I FORGIVE / whoever has wronged me, etc. etc.

Abuse; blame-game; non-inclusion and the like distances one person from another. And worse. Loshon HoRa and Rechilut: Slander and Gossip can and do cause untold harm. Our Sages have compared these things akin to killing a person, chas veshalom.

Isn't our purpose in life to love each other as one's self!!!???
At the very least to "Do not unto others what you would not want to be done to you.

Let's think about it!
Let's act on it, to better our relations with another Yid and the, with our Maker the Master and Creator of the Universe.

And for those of us who for whatever reason it was bashert to be hurt, be kind to yourself and in return be forgiving of the one who hurt you.

Bearing a grudge helps nobody.
Worst of all, it hurts the one bearing the grudge even worse.

And obviously for the offender it is time for 'stock-taking'.
After all, whom is she or he offending the most?!!! Surely herself. Or himself.

Thank you Devorah for the wonderful post.

Devorah said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment.