Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Authenticity of the Oral Law

The Torah has two parts: The "Torah Shebichtav" [Written Law], which is composed of the twenty-four books of the Tanach, and the "Torah Sheba'al Peh" [Oral Law].

Originally the Oral Law was not transcribed. Instead it was transmitted from father to son and from teacher to disciple [thus the name "Oral" Law].

In this short video, Rabbi Tovia Singer is challenged by an audience member to prove that the Oral Law is authentic.


Avi said...

There's no way to prove it. You either believe, or you don't. The קוראים didn't reject CHaZaL because they were heretics. They rejected because they, nearly 2000 years ago, didn't see any proof of such a thing.

BenG said...

R' Keleman gives a different approach

Or you can use inductive reasoning like R' Reuven:

Anonymous said...


Rabbi Singer in this video and others have explained and proved it. You need to listen carefully to what Rabbi Singer says; it is very basic and elementary.

The Gemara teaches this proof in a slightly different, but similar fashion.

(Shabbos 31a/b) Our Rabbis taught: A certain Gentile once came before Shammai and asked him, “How many Torahs do you have?”' “Two,” he replied: “the Written Torah and the Oral Torah.” I believe you with respect to the Written, but not with respect to the Oral Torah; make me a convert on condition that you teach me the Written Torah [only]. [But] he scolded and repulsed him in anger.

When he went before Hillel, he accepted him as a convert. On the first day, he taught him, Alef, beth, gimmel, daleth; the following day he reversed [the letters] for him. “But yesterday you did not teach them to me thus,” he protested. “Must you then not rely upon me? Then rely upon me with respect to the Oral [Torah] too.”

Beit Shamai represents the Future World when no converts will be accepted.

Beit Hillel represents the present age, thus in the story he explained and proved to the Karaite (who only believe in Written Law, tzaduki)the necessity to rely on the Sages. Every single aspect and detail of this story (along with all the Oral Torah) contains infinite secrets. Thank-G-d we have scholars and Rabbis in this generation like Rabbi Singer that explain some of these teachings to us.

I want to take the time to publicly thank Shirat Devorah for her efforts maintaining this blog and I am sure that I speak for the many in blessing her and her loved ones with a Shana Tovah v'metukah along with all of Am Yisrael.

Jordan Wing

Devorah said...

thank you Jordan ! Avi's comment should probably have been deleted, there seem to be a multitude of people like Avi who want to argue the point.... but there are also people like you who can answer them. Thank you again.