Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wake Up Call

A large family of my favourite bird - the kookaburra - have taken up residence in a tree very close to my home.  Every morning and evening I am treated to their laughing sounds. It's said that when you hear the kookaburras during the day, rain is on the way.

If you have never heard a kookaburra - native to Australia and New Guinea only - here is just one kookaburra laughing.... now multiply that sound by six....

And for Leah.... here is Joe's photo of a junior kookaburra eating mince meat.


Leah said...

wow!!! I love birds, yet, Devorah this would be a very loud sound to have so nearby. I am a birdy nerdy. I love birds.
Pretty wild call. Makes me think of someone running from Tarzan through the jungle. :)

Joe said...

Great to hear..... pun intended.
We have 7 kookaburras that we hand feed on our back patio every day.
We have one special one we call Jack because he has one eye.
They are special and sometimes they give us a floor show face to face.
We are also visited and feed Magpies, Kurrawongs, Butcher Birds, Pee Wees and Mynas.
Enjoy your Kookaburras.

Devorah said...

Joe: what are you feeding them? I have magpies and mynahs and lorikeets but I've never fed a kookaburra, what's the secret ingredient?

Joe said...

Minced meat is the favourite as is for Magpies and Myhahs.
Lorikeets are fruits and berries.

Leah said...

Oooooh, Joe and Devorah I'm so jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

"All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord,Gd made them all."

Thanks so much for sharing... after nearly a month of sadness and crying at the passing away of my sister, this sweet Kookaburra, made me laugh.

thank yo Devorah.. just for you to read.
Hashem bless you.


Leah said...

post pics if you have!!!!

Devorah said...

Stella, sorry to hear about your sister. We all wish you long life.

Leah: Joe sent me a couple of photos, I put one of them up in the blog post.

Neshama said...

That must have been one terrific bit of humor that your birdie heard to prompt such uproarious laughter 馃晩馃槂

Leah said...

Ohhhhhhh it's so beautiful!!!! That must be so awesome to be so close to this beautiful creature and to feed him mince meat! Wow! You made my day! Thanks Devorah and Joe!