Monday, April 4, 2011

Torah Codes: "Japan - Tsunami - Redemption...."

.....and more on Psalm 93:   Rabbi Glazerson's latest Torah Code videos: (just to note, the date on the video screen mistakenly says 2007 but they are new videos produced and uploaded last week)


in the vanguard said...

Nice - but really necessary, because the Previous Rebbe needs no confirmation. A prophet of Israel needs no confirmation; It is enough to either know he is one, or we have been told so by another prophet (in this case, his son-in-law, the Rebbe).

Leah said...

I always become inspired by Rabbi Glazerson. He is a shaliach of Hashem. He transfers torah that I otherwise would not be aware of because the codes are not what is one the surface. I just pray that we do the necessary teshuvah and by what Rabbi Pinchas Winston speaks about theer are only a small number of years that are left in this particular state of world affairs, so we really need to do the teshuvah. Interesting note that Japan had been secretly saying they would take the fuel rods and hold them to give them back to the Persian empire. Look, I know we ar enot allowed to say Hashem does something Davka and theat we "know" what Hashem is doing, yet at the same time I must open my eyes and say that Coincidence is Hashem's way of staying anonymous and at the very least it is incredible. I pray for the people of Japan to survive and to have a refuah shelaimoh. They, too are a spark of the Divine and we must pray fro their recovery...very interesting how the world works. What do you think, Devorah?

Devorah said...

Leah, I honestly don't know what to think anymore.

However, I believe that the state of confusion that exists in the world today is a definite sign that we are very close to Redemption. The darkest hours come before dawn.

re: Rabbi Glazerson: he was one of the first rabbbis to write a book which made me re-discover my own religion. I feel very honoured to have a website where I can blog about him.

Leah said...

that is a very interesting reminder that you just gave, Devorah. I remember a very holy woman who I know once mentioned that her rebbe had mentioned that many of the children are having troubles these days that are very possibly due to the pending redemption. What you said clicked me back to that conversation with this woman..... I definately think that it is very near though because there is so much in a shorter span of time. I can picture what the Chofetz Chaim says in his serfarim about the Chevlei Moshiach...literally birth pangs. I have given birth naturally, (until I met my best friend "Epi Dural") and I can tell you at the last part nearest to the delivery one tends to despair and wan tto give up completely. I remember asking- no wait, begging with tears, can we come back and finish up tommorrow because I cannot handle it any longer. When I look at what is going on in the world, there are tremendous forces that are propelling us into the world of light and emett. Please Hashem amy it be soon. I appreciate your blog, your honesty and your flexability to learn and grow and to take us with you. You truly are a humble human being.

Devorah said...

Thanks Leah, I don't know if I'm humble or not, but it's very kind of you to say so.
Thanks for reading my blog everyday, without readers it would be pretty pointless.