Friday, June 3, 2011

Third Church Steeple Down This Year

The steeple of The First Church of Monson lays in rubble on the ground after a tornado swept through the downtown area of Monson, Mass., Wednesday, June 1, 2011.…
[AP Photo/Worcester Telegram; Gazette, Tom Rettig]
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Hat tip: Yeranen Yaakov

Earthquake damage to Christ Church Cathedral - Feb 22, 2011

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Dov Bar-Leib said...

The First Church of Monson is a United Church of X church. It is hard to know what these folks are up to lately because their last synod was in 2005. For a liberal American Church like the UCC to not vote on what they believe less often than every two years is very unusual. In 2005 they passed some vague resolution about divestment from "companies which profit from the continuing Israel-Palestine conflict". Even the church guy in charge of the Church's investments is totally confused by what that means. It also calls on Israel to tear down the Geder HaFradah, the separation fence separating Israel proper from PA communities in Yesha. The Church is silent on what other mechanism Israel should use to protect Jews in Israel proper if Israel were to "tear down tne fence." Other than that they are not nearly as aggressive in shoving a Pal. State down our throat and in dividing Jerusalem as the Methodists are. But again they have not officially voted on anything since 2005. What sticks out in the 2005 Synod is their enthusiastic support for same sex marriages. It is a well known quote from Hullin that a gentile society that starts giving ketubot to male/ male marriages dooms itself to early and swift judgment. But the entire country of Canada is doing just that even though their just re-elected conservative government loves Israel. Probably a more significant fact about the UCC is that Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama's minister for 20 years and that Wright is a UCC minister at a UCC megachurch in Chicago. And Wright hates Israel with a passion. But that is Wright, and the Church's views on Israel are not virulently anti-Israel. So the bigger problem for the UCC Church is obviously their support for homosexual marriages.