Monday, October 17, 2011

Nir ben Artzi on Shalit's release

Nir ben Artzi talks about the Shalit deal and says that the terrorists being released will get a hero's welcome in Gaza and will then eat each other up. He said that if the same deal would have gone through three years ago, the terrorists would have been organized and it would have been 100 times worse than what it will be now. He says that with Hashem's help, the whole thing should be successful.

Source: Kikar HaShabat


Devorah said...

To Anonymous who likes to attack me as soon as NBA is mentioned on this site: please note, NBA is not a rabbi..... he is, however a chozeh - a seer, according to my rabbinical advice.

If you have proof that he is indeed a rabbi, please let us know about it, and we can fix up this issue once and for all.

But if you are a regular reader of this blog, maybe you and everyone else who has something nasty to say, can occasionally write something pleasant, if that's possible.

talya said...

this whole story of gilad shalit's return falls into the category of "miracles greater than those during the exodus from egypt." a person needs tremendous zechut to see it in this way--to really see it this way, not just say the words. there is a world infinitely larger than our puny agenda-driven minds can comprehend. we are living in wondrous wondrous times. problem is if one insists on always being able to stuff these events into their own politically-driven formulas, you miss out on this wondrousness and worse, call what is good, bad.

Hashem is unspeakably W O N D R O U S.

Nir ben artzi's comment give just a little indication of how true this is and the nature of how Hashem quietly runs the background dynamics of the world.

A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!

CKHL said...

Hope he's right. They should all croak, yemach shmom ve'zichronom.

Johun said...

Re: Devorah said..

Well said,Devorah--one can only whole-heartedly agree with your statement!
Nir ben Artzi is clearly doing his heartfelt best to lovingly support and inspire all of Israel and Jews worldwide. No human being has the right to villify such a one...
I firmly believe that people[like]Anonymous should take a long hard look at their own deeper motivations!
It never ceases to amaze me how some people will attempt to malign another Jew on the grounds that they are not a Rabbi etc. and then have the chutzpah to quote so-called prophecies made by 7 year-old boys...are THEY rabbis?!? Of course not...
What motivates Nir ben Artzi is LOVE of Israel and Jews; and THAT is what matters--and nought else.
The Baal Shem Tov, as is well known,foretold that in the days preceding Moshiach it would be RABBIS who would hold up Moshiach's coming!. Very revealing, indeed.

Twila said...

Be'ezrat Hashem, May it all end well with the geulah shelemah and no further pain from these murderers.. thank you for always keeping us posted

10rainbow said...

May Hashem Who Rules the world endorse the words of Mr Nir, words that mean well for isreal. Ein Od Milvado.
thats what my rabbi tell s me to keep saying to myself over and over again.until my fears for my surroundings leave me. all will be well for israel.

Anonymous said...

He might be on to something:
Tensions Between Hamas & Fatah Over Shalit Deal

Anonymous said...

rabbis have definitely delayed geulah I know hundreds of xtians and muslims and they yearn for the messiah at every breath !

Devorah said...

....there's Jews who do that too, Anonymous [yearn for the messiah at every breath]
Some rabbis have delayed the redemption.... there's a handful left who are trustworthy. Look hard and you will find....

Anonymous said...

Devorah said...

....there's Jews who do that too, Anonymous [yearn for the messiah at every breath]
Some rabbis have delayed the redemption.... there's a handful left who are trustworthy. Look hard and you will find....

You can't have it both ways Devorah !!

I've heard it said that it's entirely up to Jews to hasten the messianic era by doing teshuva or it will have to come in it's time with pain.

You can't turn around and say to a gentile "there are Jews who do that too" i.e yearn for the messiah !!

Gentiles who yearn for the messiah at every breath should be commended and Jews should be self critical for the messiah not being here yet since it's entirely up to them by their admission. After all we are all suffering the waiting -arguably more suffering for some gentiles than the Jew !!

Anonymous said...

"Gentiles who yearn for the messiah at every breath should be commended"

For barking, er yearning up the wrong tree so to speak? What's so commendable about that? For believing a fairy tale equal to the tooth fairy, that's commendable while trying to convert ignorant Jews into Christianity? You don't have to yell to get your point across. Everything a xtian might suffer today, a Jew has suffered. So lets not go there...

10rainbow said...

look anonymous. every single human being should live within the norms of human decency as dov bar leib wrote. i am a believing gentile you know. lets not shirk our dutes and lay it all on the door step of jews. we have avraham and yitro as striking examples who overcame idolatry and found Hashem. and oustanding stories in the talmud when a gentile who showed honor to parents was written down.
with the coming of the internet there is on line information for anyone who wishes to seek the Truth. Something avraham and yitro did not have. Remember that the Torah was offered to the gentile nations and we rejected it, each gentile nation for its own immoral reason. Israel accepted it and was given the status of becoming a priesthood nation. if we know that and dont turn to israel for guidance, and yearn for empty vessels and human beings to be our messiah, there is absolutely nothing to be proud about or to be commended.
at a young age both jews and gentiles know that if we put our hand in the fire we would get burnt. likewise if we sin, we will get 'burnt'. that small voice inside us always tells us when we are doing wrong, you can call it conscience, others can call it the good inclination. but no way are we excused from basic human decency to one another.
If Avraham and Yitro during their times could seek the truth, what is stopping us today, with so much more forms of help easily available.
we gentiles have no excuse to break the 7 laws, which are very basic and no decent human being should or need to break. and G-d has been compassionate to us, more than we deserve in saying that a gentile who follows these laws are compared to a kohen gadol. while the jews on the other hand have our 7 included in their 613. so lets not start a train of senseless argument that G-d shows favoritism.
i am not sure how many know or have heard of the wonderful tzaddik, Yosef ben shlomo ha kohen, who reavhed out to both jews and gentiles and left us a few days before rosh hashanah. i knew him since 1995. i would be sending a small part of what he wrote of the 7 laws, and i hope devorah will allow it in. xtians never taught us of the 7 laws and in many countries jews were blocked so many lived in darkness. today, Hashem has given us the internet, which has created this into a borderless world. it can be used for good or evil. the choice is ours. life or death.

10rainbow said...

According to Jewish tradition, a human being who fulfills the teachings and
precepts of the universal moral code of the Torah has achieved a very high
spiritual level, and Maimonides writes: "Anyone who accepts upon himself the
fulfillment of these Seven Mitzvos (The Seven Precepts of the Children of
Noah) and is precise in their observance is considered one of the 'chassidei umos ha'olam' - the righteous among the nations - and will merit a share in the World to Come" ( The Laws of Kings 8:11). Maimonides adds that humanity must also recognize that the Seven Mitzvos were reaffirmed with the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

The Talmud teaches that a Gentile who studies the Torah in order to
understand and fulfill this universal path "is like a Kohen Gadol - a High
Priest" (Sanhedrin 59a). The noted commentator on the Talmud, known as "the
Meiri," explains that the Talmud is calling on us to honor such a person as
we would honor a Kohen Gadol. In this spirit, we find the following teaching
regarding a Gentile who is diligent in his fulfillment of the laws and
principles of the Seven Mitzvos: "Honor him more than you would a Jew who is
not involved in the study of Torah" (Sefer Chassidim, 358).

The Meiri, in his commentary cited above, adds that most of the principles
of the Torah are contained within the Seven Mitzvos. The Meiri does not
elaborate, but if we examine any of the Seven Mitzvos, we can discover basic
Torah principles. For example, within the prohibition of idolatry, we can
find not only the concept of the Unity of the Creator, but also the related
concept of the unity of creation. For the deification of any fragment of
creation - whether it be an aspect of nature, a human being, a nation, or
humanity itself - can cause human beings to lose their consciousness of the unity and common origin of all creation. Rabbi Abraham Yaffen, a noted
teacher of Jewish ethics in the early 20th century, elaborates on this idea
in an essay that he wrote about our father, Abraham, and his love for

"It is precisely he (Abraham), who dedicated his life to acts of
lovingkindness, who was also the great zealot who dedicated his life to the
negation of idolatry in his generation. The reason for this can be
understood: Idolatry is based on the assumption that the various forces
within the world are separate one from the other; therefore, each human
being is also considered to be separate from his neighbor. Thus, our father,
Abraham, found no better strategy to remove this mistaken assumption from
their hearts than through acts of lovingkindness. Through this, he
strengthened the spiritual bond which connects human beings." (Mishel Avos -
An anthology of Commentary on Pirkei Avos, p. 144)

Rabbi Yaffen adds that when Abraham would see the people of his generation
fighting with each other, and how each would offer sacrifices to his own god
in order to try to gain support in his struggle against his neighbor,
Abraham would teach them that, on the contrary, "each should help his
neighbor, for one God created them and desires the honor of all of them."

In this spirit, may we continue to give honor to each other.

Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen

10rainbow said...

i would like to add that it is not ONLY up to the jews, who no doubt play the major part, but up to each and every one of us gentiles to hasten the messiah. even those who do not believe in judaism or the 7 laws, but follow the basic laws of human decency to one another, help the needy, bury a dead animal whenever possible, feed the needy, tend the sick of people and animals and such, all these mitzvas will hasten the arrival of the messiah. Hashem gave us this planet and the plants and animals on it for us to take care. for every misdeed whether to people, animal or otherwise, we have to answer to Hashem. when there is no need to cut down trees or plants, or even carelessly plucking them and throwing as we are walking are all senseless actions that harm creations which have a role to play, in nature or otherwise.

Devorah said...

Thank you 10Rainbow for your comments. Your contribution is always welcome here, you have the right words at the right time.