Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've borrowed some of these calculations from a site I don't particularly want to link to right now, and added a  few of my own:

January 15/ 20 Teves     Costa Concordia sinks off the coast of Italy
As Joe wrote in the comments of the Concordia post: In the Roman religion, Concordia was the goddess who personified ''concord'' or ''agreement'' [treaty].   What is the connection between Italy, a sinking ship and a treaty?   Is it a sign that the new Euro Treaty is also destined to sink.....?

Now, if we count 266 days - [38 weeks] - which equals the nine months of a human pregnancy [chevlei Moshiach] - we end up on October 7/ 21 Tishrei  - Hoshanna Rabba

This number 266 was also the amount the DOW fell when the stock market crashed - [and the Euro crisis began] - on August 2nd, 2011 [Rosh Chodesh Av 5771]  See: Money.MSN.com

For those who don't remember, Rosh Chodesh Av 5771 was the official start of Mincha Gedola on the cosmic clock.

I don't know whether these dates have any relevance at all, please add your thoughts in the comments.


Anonymous said...

i truly hope you are right devorah. we all need a break, from whats happening around us and that is the mosiach ben yosef arriving now. i dont know how long euro can drag on or pull on fooling the world.

Leah said...

There are no conincidences...I pray for those who are trapped and for thoses who have lost loved ones.....very interesting #'s and references

Anonymous said...

I knew something Concordia was gonna get famous... Concordia [aka Gaza U] University: Sponsored by the Concordia Hillel, Netanyahu was to speak on the campus but cancelled due to direct action staged by SPHR (solidarity for palestinian human rights org). The Canadian documentary film, Discordia: When Netanyahu Came to Town, captures this hostility against students acting collectively to hold their university accountable for its political orientation that is generally hostile towards Palestinian self-determination.


Anonymous said...

Days of gestation in kabbalah is 271, which is the gematria of "herayon" -- pregnancy

Joe said...

Speculation with a question mark, Devorah.Your conjecture does have a sound and valid basis.

For now we sees things dimly but eventually they will become crystal clear.
Human nature determines that we, at times, look for obvious and blatant markers. Yes, they may come in a grandiose manner, however, HaShem, more so than often, may cryptically disguise deeper spiritual realities in the sphere of the normal. Thus, the underlying meaning may be only for those that possess a sensitive and acute discernment.
What be seen as natural or the outcome human agency or failing will undoubtedly carry the notion of "men plan and G-d laughs."

I guess, once more, that there are two diametrically systems at play.

In Sefer Bereshit we encountered the first anti-Semite in Nimrod and his obsession to murder not only Avraham Avinu by throwing him into the fiery furnace, but his quest also to eradicate the Divine message that Avraham possessed and sought to disseminate amongst humanity.

Here we see the foundation of two diametrically opposed world systems. Nimrod's universal "United Nations" characterized by the brick and slime of the Tower of Bavel and symbolized by the vaulted ceiling versus Avraham's flimsy open thatched roof symbolized by the Succah.

There are are deep and profound lessons in these prototypes.

The vaulted ceiling represents man's independence from HaShem and His providence. The substitution of burnt bricks for stone is also significant in that the demand is for man made consistency and slave driven conformity in lieu of G-d made individual stones of different shapes and sizes that naturally fit together. The monumental scale of the man made structure desires to reach the Heavens and it craves for a name and a lofty reputation of narcissistic self glorification.

The Succah on the other hand represents the humble transitory nature of this life where total reliance on Hasgachah Pratit - Divine Providence is of utmost importance. Whereas the vaulted ceiling repels the dew from heaven, the schach or open thatching allows the heavenly dew to penetrate. This is an open expression of total dependence on HaShem where His Name is glorified in total nullification of human ego. Unity comes through the diversity of Divine ordained freedom rather than human dictatorial imposed slavery. The mortar that binds these diverse stones together is Torah in distinction to the slime of human despotic laws.

So, when we read the opening chapter of Shemot...... think again......... at what these bricks truly represent and how Pharoah continues the legacy of Nimrod.

The Concordia mishap is a clear message that the Tower of Bavel together with its chief architect, Nimrod with his united nation's vision of human harmony and agreement is over, shipwrecked on the hidden submerged rocks of human greed.

How this plays out within Chevlei Mashiach is to be seen and once established will become apparent for all to see. However, the underlying submerged rock has been exposed and all the man made agreements are sinking in the sea of uncertainty.It must be also stressed that this exposure is also surfacing in the Jewish world as well.

May the hope of Hoshana Rabba and Succot 5773 bring the true captain to the helm, the One who never abandons ship and steers the ship safely to its home port.

Creed Of Noah said...

266 is also the Gematria for the Hebrew word "Chibrun" which means Join Together (Unite)

266 is also the Gematria for the Hebrew words "Ben Chur" which means Son of Liberty

266 is also the Gematria for the Hebrew word "Moriyah" which is the name of the mount in Jerusalem on which King Solomon built the Holy Temple. This is the Mount (Har HaMoriyah - the Mountain of Moriah) on which the 3rd and final Holy Temple the Beit Hamikdash
will be eternally standing after Moshiach (Messiah)comes!

Anonymous said...

The cruise liner is symbolic of the Nations of the world and their gaiva/haughtiness, and gashmious - on the rocks, being brought low - grounded by Hashem. The chutzpah, sheker and recklessness of their false friendship, minding Israel's business and waving the false flag of peace - They will be turned on its head. It's a warning to the Nations.

Concordia: A formal, usually written settlement between nations: accord, agreement, convention, pact, treaty. See agree/disagree, politics

This is a sign for the Nations


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said,

"This is a sign for the Nations"

According to wikipedia, the etymology for Giglio is from the GREEK for little GOAT.

>>>Giglio means "lily" in Italian, and though the name would appear consonant with the insignia of Medici Florence, it derives from Aegilium, "Goat Island", a Latin transliteration of the Greek word for "little goat" (Aigýllion).<<<


Also relevant to this event IMO is the tale of the GREEK sea temptresses, the SIRENS:

>>>In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were dangerous creatures, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.


The captain appears to have been lured close to the island in order to greet a friend:

>>>The captain of the capsized Costa Concordia “seems to have made judgment errors with grave consequences,” the owners of the boat said Sunday — and prosecutors say he may purposely have sailed close to shore to greet a friend with a blast of the ship’s horn.<<<


Devorah said...

Speaking of GOATS:

''So the goat called Esav went off the Italian cliff called Vesuvius because the name Magdi'el seems to have tied the fate of Rome with the fourth Aliyah when Esav returns to Se'ir the mountain of the male goat. So the goat is now in midair and is still falling as I write this....'''

[from Years of Awe Blog]

Anonymous said...

"Also relevant to this event IMO is the tale of the GREEK sea temptresses, the SIRENS"

You may be right - what do I know? However, the captain definitely wasn't "lured" He was a show-off and a grand-stander as many stated he was seen earlier drinking with beautiful women on his arm. He like to show-boat close to the shore to impress his friends.

"Captain of doomed Italian liner a 'high-spirited dare devil'"

"The captain of the luxury liner which ran aground off the coast of Italy last week has been branded a reckless show-off who refused to listen... "It was bravado, Schettino was showing off, clowning around, it was incredibly stupid."

There is more than one definition of the word siren:


Anonymous said...

psalm 2

Anonymous said...

The captain was drawn/lured in by his bravado, his need to show off or what have you. Pulled in by his ego and shipwrecked. He was more interested in grandstanding than in the safety of his vessel or the welfare of the passengers and crew.

Now that the transcripts/translations of his encounter with the port authority have been published, it is obvious that the word "coward" is way too kind.

"Concordia" with the nations, what is that, a covenant with death, an agreement with sheol?

Moriah said...

"Concordia" with the nations, what is that, a covenant with death, an agreement with sheol?"

As a matter of fact, yes.

I think "lured" is the wrong term for this egotist.

Mr Schettino has been accused by one of the officers on board the Costa Concordia of skippering the ship "like a Ferrari" driver.

"If I had to make a comparison, we got the impression that he would drive a bus like a Ferrari," Martino Pellegrino told Italy's La Repubblica newspaper.