Monday, February 6, 2012

Z'man HaGeula - The Time of Deliverance

Someone emailed me this lecture from Ms Iris Odani Elyashiv: ''The Time of Deliverance - Zman Hgeula'' [in English]- where she explains why we expect Moshiach 5772-73, in the merit of the righteous women, and why it is permitted to publicize this. To listen go to: Torah Anytime
[Men please note, shiur includes some Kol Isha [women singing] and is for Ladies Only]

[Note: As mentioned in the shiur... please note that it is a tradition from the Gra [Vilna Gaon], although he did not put it in writing, that the Geula will begin 5772]


Moriah said...

There is an amazing woman in our community who has a Women's Wisdom class every Sunday night. She stated the same thing the very first night.

Devorah said...

This is a comment which I have ''borrowed'' from Yaak, written by Devash, which summarizes the shiur [thanks Devash]

m halfway through it. It seems to follow Rav Fish's info. These are the high points so far:

We’ve been in Days of Mashiach since 5700.

The Zohar HaKadosh says Mashiach times will cover 100 years – from 5700 to 5800.

Rambam – the last two hundred years til 6000 are “years of pleasure.”

“We are Mashiach women. …Everything will happen this year – 5772.”

Mashiach will arrive this year. “It started in the Hebrew month of Tamuz last year – 5771.”

This year on Tamuz/Av Mashiach will already be here. Gog uMagog will be 5773.

“This is the time to return to the Land of Israel. This is the time to come home.”

“5772 is the beginning of the end of b’ita.” This is the time to tell everything. The predictions of Sanhedrin 97 and 98 have all already happened.

The rest of the world is going down in every way, but in Israel it’s going up.

Everybody has to be ready.

There will be 27 years of war (from 5773 til 6000).

The midrash rabbah says G-d is going to deliver Am Yisrael with the 72-letter name which is chesed (chesed has gematria of 72) and this is the name of geulah and hints to the year of geulah – 72. This is the year of Mashiach. This is the end. Not the end, but the beginning of a new era.

The Arizal said this generation (the generation of Mashiach) is the souls of those who went up out of Egypt and that’s why it says, “In the merit of righteous women we were redeemed and in the merit of righteous women we will be redeemed.”

“The power is in the hands of the women.”

Moshe Rabeinu was the first redeemer and he’ll be the last redeemer.

Mashiach is the representative of Hashem in His world and is going to rule the whole world.

This is the time to reveal all the hints.

The future redemption parallels the redemption from Egypt. It started in Tamuz and the first plague happened in Av.

Mashiach ben Yosef was already here and now we are waiting for Mashiach ben David.

Devorah said...


I can’t tell you who Mashiach ben Yosef was, but it can be more than one person. Sparks from his soul can be in many people – gedolim, tzadikim.

The Third Temple is already on its way down from the upper levels.

The army of Hashem is already here. People think it’s aliens, but its angels. All the earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis – nothing happens that Hashem does not send angels to carry it out.

Various calculations of 5772 from the words of Tanakh.

It's still got a bit to go, but someone else will have to finish. I'm out of time for it right now.

Leah said...

Yonatan ben Malka and Gilad Shalit it is said, that they have sparks of Yosef I don't doubt that there can be sparks of other tzaddikim in tzaddikim on earth... only Hashem truly knows, yet thru our holy rabbanim sometimes these findings come to light....All I know is that things re heating up and I think we are sitting here not realizing how close we are to redemption.....

Anonymous said...

RE (Devorah's comment above):

“We are Mashiach women. …Everything will happen this year – 5772.”

Mashiach will arrive this year. “It started in the Hebrew month of Tamuz last year – 5771.” --

Rav Fish: The future redemption is similar to the redemption from Egypt as it is written (Micah 7:15), "as in the days when you left the land of Egypt I will show you wonders." and redemption from Egypt began to shine in the period of Tammuz of 2447 from the Creation of the world, when Moshe and Aaron therefore stood before Pharao, and did the Osos (signs), followed bt the plague of blood (because every plague lasted one month).

There were 10 plagues.

Question -
Does that mean we'll be redeemed in Nissan 5772 ? Rav Glazerson has an amazing Torah code for Nissan 5772 and Rav Fish has included some great hints from some other rabbanim as well re Pesach 5772. How could Moshiach only be here in Av of this year ??
He must be here already. Also, remember that Hashem prepares the remedy (mashiach) before he sends the affliction.. Can someone explain ?

Anonymous said...

not only according to the Gra but also according to the Zohar(rabbi shimon bar Yochai) the year 5772 is the 'keitz hageula beita' (in its' time)

Tidbits of Torah said...

What a wonderful shiur. I have passed this on to my neighbor and will continue to send this to others.

Anyone know how to contact Ms. Elyashiv? I tried web/phonebooks. Haven't tried Torah Anytime email though. Shall do. But if anyone knows how to contact her please comment.