Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Year of Provocation

"In the year in which the Messiah-King appears, all the nations of the world are provoking each other.'' [Yalkut Shimoni] - I am attempting to blog all provocations this year, click on the PROVOCATION label below to see more.

PYONGYANG, North Korea - North Korea's military warned Monday of imminent "special actions" that would reduce South Korea's conservative government to ashes within minutes, sharply escalating the rhetoric against its southern rival.

The threat from the North's military leadership comes amid concerns that North Korea may be plotting another provocation in the wake of an unsuccessful rocket launch condemned by the U.N. Security Council as a violation of a ban against missile activity.

Source: CBS News


Dov Bar-Leib said...

G-d willing. waiting for the Russian Navy to come in force through the Bosporus. We all have new Shabbat suits now. This Avodah Zarah that has the face of a dog, world public opinion, is so lowly that one can get physically ill living with "leaders" who bow down to this god on a daily basis. It is worse than the Bolshevism which founded Israel. At least the Bolshevicks had an ideology. What could possibly happen in the next three months + to bring about a titanic shift in the Israeli mindset?

Leah said...

.....hmmmmmm...let's just hope that any weapons they have face the same fate as their first attempt.....

Devash said...

Here are some more to add to your conflict list, Devorah:

China & US
the two Sudans
India & China

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Sudan is coming after Darfur again??? Wasn't one genocide enough?