Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flames and Games

Dov bar Leib reminded me of something I had thought of a few days ago, regarding the Flame in the rakia [cyber-space], with this article: Cyber Spy Program Flame Compromises Key Microsoft Security System

You see, it was Barack Obama who made the connection between the Flame Virus and the Olympic Games: ''Obama accelerated the stuxnet attacks - codenamed "Olympic Games" - [see Barack Obama behind Stuxnet virus - report]

We can now join the two things together: the ''flame in the rakia'', and the Olympic Games with the ZION logo - not only because the Games' torch/flame is alight, but because the virus is also alive.

Why use the codename ''Olympic Games''?   I think it's another hint to us, as everything is hinted to us, if only we can see clearly.

Whether or not I'm jumping to conclusions, I do not know, but it is an interesting topic to think about, especially considering that the Games begin erev Tisha B'Av - a date which some people feel will be big news this year.

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