Wednesday, July 18, 2012

America's Historic Drought

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With the advent of the footsteps of Mashiach........ prices will soar..... [see Sichos in English]

The historic drought baking the nation's breadbasket is about to hit American consumers where it hurts most -- the supermarket checkout.

"Prices are going to go up.... the only question is when."

Everything from breakfast cereal to roast beef will cost more as a result of the worst drought in 24 years, which has already prompted authorities to declare more than 1,000 counties in 26 states -- nearly two-thirds of land in the lower 48 states, stretching from Nevada to South Carolina -- natural disaster areas.

Only in the 1930s and the 1950s has a drought covered more land, according to federal figures released Monday. So far, officials say there's little risk of a Dust Bowl-type catastrophe, but crop losses could mount if rain doesn't come soon -- and that means across-the-board higher food prices.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has lowered its crop projections for corn by 12 percent, prompting a 34 percent hike in prices in recent weeks. Since corn goes into so many food products for both humans and livestock, its effect on overall food prices is massive.

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Anonymous said...

Why focus on America, when food, gas, housing and everything else is just as expensive if not more in EY?

ariela said...

Did you all and you Anon.... read the RT report this morning about : US West Coast to receive dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation.


Anonymous said...

What would happen if Jews living outside of Israel started to make aliyah? The 1st wave would get the proper price for their houses, etc. The 2nd wave less since the goyim would see that the Jews are leaving. Better to be in the 1st wave than the last wave. Something to think about. Also to sav that it is expensive in Israel means that you have NO Emunah (belief in Hashem). You need to read the prayer Parshat HaMann that is in the siddur after the morning prayers, it talks about how Hashem provided for us in the desolate desert when we came out of Eqypt. For all Christians you need to know about the Rabbi and the Christian Theologist debate on All the best to everyone.

Genoism said...

Yes because everyone in America can just get a free ticket to EY right?

My wife and I have to live in a basement because we cannot afford even a 1 BR apartment, are you going to pay for my ticket, housing, and food when i get there?

ariela said...

IF IT ISNT SAID ONCE ITS SAID A THOUSAND TIMES, NEFESH B NEFESH, THE JEWISH AGENCY, GO TO THE ISRAELI CONSULATE ASK WHERE, WHAT, HOW... CONSULT SOMEONE WITH YOUR PROBLEM AND GET HOME, AND YOU CAN FIND CHEAP HOUSING IN ISRAEL'S NORTH AND SOUTH, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING MY SELF AND HAVE FOUND SEVERAL FOR UNDER 800 AMERICAN DOLLARS A MONTH.... SO UNLESS YOU WANT A MANSION LIVING HERE IS HARD BUT DO-ABLE.... STOP YOUR POUTING AND START DOING SOMETHING TO GET HOME. AND YES I AM YELLING! sorry Dvorah I do understand some situations can not be helped and some have extenuating problems... but NAY saying gets on my last nerve it like they portray there is no out, when we sold everything but the kitchen sink and paid our own way here we havent recieved one dime from Israel but we were determined and we are not rich we have 5 children 4 came with us.. ooooh, HaShem help my temper.
oh and as far as the pilot trip if you ever have been here you do not have to go on it, your whole family does not have to go.... one ticket is all you need sell the washer and dryer, sell something.... take a night job,stop making excuses.

John said...

Crop failures lead to higher prices. This can be bad for those of us in the developed world, but it means life and death to those at the margin in the Third World.

Genoism said...

really? excuses? Hebrew is an incredible hard language to learn for me. I've lived in israel for 2 years when I was in highschool and i simply could not pick up the language despite having private lessons that the school generously gave to me. Not only that - but you don't just get a job the moment you land and i have so many other problems that i could write a book about it if i wanted.

Don't tell people to move when you know nothing about their situation. As a matter of fact - it is stated by our sages that you should live where it is most beneficial for you to live.

If you feel like you can grow yourself best in the environment where you have a job, a good frum community and you feel like if you moved it would not help you grow - you SHOULD stay there. Otherwise - do you HONESTLY think that there would be even a single holy rabbi in america? I mean, even the greatest rabbi in america - rav feinstein (however you spell his name) lived and died in america. He did not move to israel. And im sure he was perfectly able to move to israel yet he did not. And I personally know of amazing other rabbeim that moved from israel to america because it was too difficult there and they are doing much better here - AND they are a huge benefit to the community here.

Not only that - but there is a reason that it is stated that Hashem will use *Moshiach* to bring the jews from all over the planet to israel. So why exactly are you advocating that we should all move to israel - regardless of our situation - when moshiach is the one who is supposed to do that? We have ZERO obligation to move to israel - ZERO.

Lastly - there are not "some situations that have extenuating problems" but the reality is that MOST people have extenuating problems. I help with tomchei shabbos and let me tell you - if everyone moved like you claim they should be moving, you personally, would have easily killed a great many people. Be it physically from things like starvation or spiritually because they could not adapt to a new environment with the flip of a switch like you did.

No one said anything about a mansion, many people would not even be able to survive with a single room. I know a lot of people - my family being one of them. That got caught up in the hype of "MOVE TO ISRAEL NOW IT'S THE BEST!!!" and realized in the end that it was a huge mistake - and *had* to move back.

Lastly, the israeli government is SO corrupt - and this is speaking from ~10 years ago on how they did and continue to do so many terrible things to their own people. We have complete GOYIM running israel. I'll give you two good examples of the incredible greed. My uncle who lives in israel used to run a tiny bakery. He made just enough to survive. One day the israeli government sent an undercover guy to buy something, the guy specifically asked for no receipt after his purchase. The moment he walked out - he walked back in with a $10,000 fine for not giving him a receipt. He bakery had to be closed.

Here's another - when my family first moved to israel my father opened up his own business. The government would CONSTANTLY harass him. They would consistently attempt to bilk him with ridiculous fines. Thankfully, he managed to fight them all off. But the sheer amount of attempts they made distracted him from business so often that he couldn't take it anymore. They would even go so far as ignore his warnings about damaging machinery with the way they "inspected" things, they would feel like they own the place by just waltzing in, taking documents from wherever they wanted, dropping them wherever they wanted, making a complete mess and not caring a wit about it.

I have so many other stories i could give you from other people who ran business' that you would think twice about moving.

Genoism said...

Even haredim themselves SPIT on fellow jews and even throw rocks because we are not dressed to their standards even though we are dressed perfectly fine within the confines of halacha. Men are looked down on as complete sinners because they don't wear a black hat and all that when davening(None of which is in halacha - it's just custom). Don't make israel out to be the perfect place that it is not.

There is even plenty of anti-semetism in israel where even our own brothers and sisters mock us for being frum. It is said that the greatest threat to the jewish nation before moshiach will be ourselves, our greed, and our complete disregard for each other. And this is exactly what i see going on in israel.

This isn't to say there isn't plenty of good about israel, there is a lot of good to say about israel. If you are lucky you find the perfect place to live with the nicest people in the world. When I lived there B'H we were lucky enough to live in a wonderful community. But unfortunately, the government and the incredible disrespect going on by the majority of people is terrible.

Anyways, end point, moshiach will bring us there, I hope it will be soon, I can't wait for it and I hope that we all have the merit to survive moshiach.

Genoism said...

I'll be in the wave with moshiach. The goyim certainly won't cry when jews start leaving. There is so much anti-semetism going on that we are not aware of that it is truly frightening when you find out just how bad it is - even in america.

And yes everyone should DEFINITELY go to the website you linked - I personally know that rabbi and help him out with his CDs, brilliant man and his lectures are the only ones i can listen to where i don't come even close to falling asleep but instead can't wait to hear just a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Do not slander the land. It's a terrible sin. You know what happened to the spies. Everything that happens to us is a test, a challenge and a lesson. Everything is good whether it seems so or not.There is so much that is good in Israel and it is a big zchus to go to Israel when it is dark, when there are troubles than when everything is apparently good. You must get yourself to the Emunah station and fill up your tank and squelch your oppositional, negative tendencies. G-d is waiting to give you everything you need. You just need to want it, open your mouth and ask for it, believe Hashem will take care of you. Shabbat Shalom

jewishendofdays said...

Report From A Spy
June 6, 2010
On Friday I returned from E”Y. Interestingly, my return to the States coincides with the parsha of the spies.

My report: With HaShem’s help, surely we are capable of going up and inheriting E”Y. The land is very very good.

Thank G-d, my mission went amazingly, hopefully yet another step towards realizing my goal of returning home to our holy land.

Regrettably, the spies’ error continues to resonate and reassert itself in our generation. As demonstrated in some third meal discussions with young Yeshiva bachurim learning at a “top” institution in America, the Torah world appears to have uncritically and unthinkingly accepted the rationale that residing outside of E”Y is more conducive to one’s spiritual growth and Torah learning than living and residing in E”Y.

Please, don’t get me wrong. As I’ve stated on this blog previously, I understand there are many legitimate reasons – as analyzed in consultation with the g’dolei Yisrael – for not moving to and residing in E”Y (e.g. lack of reasonable parnassah plan, serious medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment, unstable family/marriage situations, etc.).

The problem however is not the not moving to E”Y for legitimate reasons, but rather the lack of a strong, active, conscious, constant, and expressed desire (tshukah) to reside in E”Y if those legitimate reasons did not exist.

HaShem should bless all of the Jews to have a deep yearning to live in and connect with the land and its people, and HaShem should help all who yearn to live and learn in the land realize their dream, speedily and in our days.

(Note also, with respect to Torah learning, I do recognize that it is true that the Gemara states that one may leave the land if unable to find a proper Torah teacher. But this, in my opinion, would only apply after attempting an exhaustive search for, and failure to locate, a suitable teacher in the land. And clearly, one should regret and lament this situation and still yearn deeply for the land in this case.)

Howard said...

Aliyah is commendable but must only be done with a well thought out plan, otherwise it can cause chaos!
I speak from tough experience.

1.) There must be a means of making a living in Israel.

This is the absolute key issue of Aliyah, except for retired people.
Prior to Aliyah, one must research the Israeli job market and know that there is an available job.
If not, then one should re train in a skill in demand in Israel.
Typically for an English speaker this would be Technical Writing or Internet Marketing.
That said there are no guarantees.

2.) Prior to Aliyah, save as much as possible, and sell everything that you do not need.

3.) Know that from the point of Aliyah to finding employment could be 12 to 15 months, so have enough money to support yourself through this period, plus money to ship out your possessions from your country.

For example if one wanted to be an English speaking tour guide in Israel the training is two years long, and might only start one year after your arrive.

4.) You are entitled to five months free Ulpan (Hebrew Language Tuition) upon arrival.

To be honest, I would not worry too much about Hebrew learning before you go. Far better to focus on employment readiness, because you will learn Hebrew when you arrive. It would be advantageous to at least be able to read Hebrew, both in Capital and Script alphabets.
But be aware, the five months will give you basic Hebrew only, not advanced Hebrew that you could work with in an office job.
Organise the Ulpan prior to Aliyah, because there is no guarantee classes will start when you arrive otherwise you may have to wait around for a month doing nothing.

5.) There are many organisations that help people who make Aliyah.

The Jewish Agency are the essential one because they act as the overseas arm of the Israeli Interior Ministry.
Nefesh B Nefesh and UJIA or other main ones.
The important thing to remember is that none of these organisations are a magic wand. They can supply only a small amount of financial help, certainly not enough to tip the balance between making Aliyah or not.
Nefesh B Nefesh may give you $US1000 three months after arrival, but that is all.
The Jewish Agency will give you a small monthly allowance for six months, about $US400.

6.) If you can, stay with family or friends for as long as possible after arrival, to save money.

If not possible, then stay in an Immigration Absorption Centre (Merkaz Klita). This will greatly help you save money for five months whilst you are studying Hebrew and not working.

In conclusion, it is not enough to make Aliyah with faith alone.
You need a realistic plan otherwise you will have to leave Israel when your money runs out.
For all the stories you will hear about people who have great luck after Aliyah, there are other stories of people who had a tough time and had to leave.
I pray that Moschiach comes right now and we can all make Aliayh and be home, but until then the world is not perfect.