Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Olympic Hints to a Moshiach World Order?

After reading Countdown to 2012 Summer Olympics at Tomer Devorah, I was reminded of this image of the London Olympic Stadium: 

The picture above shows the lights at the Olympic Stadium in London: a triangle with the top third highlighted.
The same pyramid can be seen on the US dollar, and it relates to Thirty-third Degree Free Masonry -  ''above the 33rd level, the purpose for serving G-d is for its own sake''.

As the Olympics start on Erev Tisha B'Av, and many have noted that the very words ''Tisha B'Av'' hint to Moshiach this year: ''The words Av 5772 are the same letters as Tisha B'av, when Moshiach was bornאָב התשע"ב אוֹתִיּוֹת תִּשְׁעָה בְּאָב '' [see Rumors of Moshiach Av 5772].

Is this all a hint to us?  I agree with Devash when she writes ''....inclined to believe that Heaven had a hand in inspiring these images in order to warn us and to indicate the "why" behind it.....'' and I definitely hope so.  [See Countdown to 2012 Summer Olympics]


Anonymous said...

No offense but im inclined to believe that if one takes all these things seriously one is very likely to lose all grip with reality and see things that aren't there. Its nice to want Moshiach very strongly but it becomes silly and trivial when you start thinking that Hashem put some freemason baloney into the Olympic stadium (of all places) to send us some type of message. I think He would be a lot happier if we didnt even know that there is such a thing as Olympics and are too busy with real spiritual pursuits.

Leah said...

Possibly anonymous. Possibly. Coincidence is Hashem's way of staying anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so anon1, His messages can be everywhere, even in the lowest places like Olympics(He made it for goyim to make them busy) and for us to be busy with Torah and mitsvot. 345

Christopher Darren Horn said...

Cool! Triangles! LOL!

chalom Ben Simha said...

can someone find the part of Book Of Daniel prophecy when it talks about the last monster that comes from the sea : HE HAD A SMALL HORN WITH A HUMAN EYE ON IT, WHO WAS BOASTING ARROGANTLY, AND TREE OF OTHERS HORN WERE TORN BY THIS ONE ... ?
i don't remember exectly the text ... but i've heard in a torah course of Rav Dynovisz, that this horn was Persia ... which mean ?....

Moriah said...

There are no coincidences.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone discussed the deeper meaning of something so grand, so worldwide as this starting (of all dates) on eruv Tisha B'Av? There are so many public events, both planned by man and not that occur at unusual times. Remember Y2K falling on Shabbat. Nothing is by coincidence.

Anonymous said...

The 9 of Av in Jewish History:

The Meraglim returned to the people after 40 days of scouting out the land. The Generation of the Wilderness was condemned to die out in the course of 40 yrs. of wandering. Approx. 15,000 adult Jewish males died each year on Tish'a b'Av.

Both the first and the second Beit Hamikdash were destroyed. (423 BCE and 69 CE)

The Romans plowed up the site of the Mikdash to establish a Roman colony there, 71CE.

The City of Betar, last independent outpost under Bar Kochba, fell to the Romans, 135.

King Edward I of England ordered the expulsion of all Jews, 1290,CE.

The period of expulsion of the Jews from Spain began, 1492,CE.

3,000 Jews were killed in Konstantynow, in the Chmielnicki massacres, 1648, CE.

The Jews of Hungary were emancipated, 1849, CE.

Petach Tikvah was founded, 1878, CE.

World War I began, 1914, CE.

But also the Ninth of Av is also a day of hope. The Talmud relates that Moshiach ("anointed one"--the Messiah), was born at the very moment that the Temple was set aflame and the Galut began. [This is in keeping with the teachings of our sages that, "In every generation is born a descendent of Judah who is worthy to become Israel's Moshiach" (Bartinoro on Ruth); "When the time will come, G-d will reveal Himself to him and send him, and then the spirit of Moshiach, which is hidden and secreted on high, will be manifested in him" (Chattam Sofer).]

Anonymous said...

The dark side (sitra acher) is very clever and are using and manipulating everything. We know everything, the good and the bad, comes from H'. This is the spiritual battle of Gog U'Magog where they are trying to implement a new world under their control and making all these phony symbols, etc., (mock moshiach). This is really the war against our Heavenly Father, Who is allowing this combination of the dark side (eisav/edom, yishmael, erev rav) so that He will eventually (soon) bring down their evil and bring us the true Geulah. Looking for anything real in all these symbols and whatever is idolatry and silly. They sure know how to manipulate the masses.

chalom Ben Simha said...

i pray The Boss to avoid am israel to leave difficult geulah, i hope many do the same, please dear friends, do the same. Pray loud to let G.. save us in good conditions , so that we can welcome Moshiach. The good for the good.

Devorah said...

For those who are interested, here is a Torah code re Moshiach 9 Av 5772 from Rabbi Glazerson: Link to You Tube