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Moishela: ''very soon this has to be the end of the world as we know it''

Discussion with Moishe’la (and his family)
A handicapped child
2 Kislev 5773 (Nov 15’12)

The State of Israel is Now Being Targeted
Well, I Guess I can say I told you so.

Every place in the world is going to be dangerous, America, Europe, Israel, the Arab countries, Africa, Australia, Asia. Every place is going to be dangerous.

Israel is now being targeted. How it will develop exactly, I don’t know. I do know that there are many outside influences here causing this to happen, just like the storm Sandy was a result of planning. True the greatest and only planner is HaKodosh Boruch Hu and He is going to direct the Reshoim straight into oblivion and He is in control of everything even though the Reshoim are sure that they are in control. Soon the Reshoim will have a great surprise, but by the time they understand what’s happening they will be gone, gone from existence.

The American Jews think that they can get back to “business as usual” even though the storm Sandy destroyed so many Jewish Frum homes and caused so much damage. Even though things are sort of getting back to a kind of normalcy, still the marks are deep and very very painful. Still most Yidden want to get back to life the way it was. And for those who want to ignore the message Hashem is trying to send us, then I suggest you don’t get too happy too soon, because America is in for much more than Frankenstorm. The Yidden will be very much part of the tragedies that await the United States of America.

So I just want to tell Jews here in Eretz Yisroel and in the whole world that the suffering is only beginning. The outside suffering is only beginning. When I say outside suffering, I mean like what the Arabs are doing now, the wars. But the inside suffering all over the world has been going on for a long time and also here in Eretz Yisroel. The ill and the dying from so-called natural causes is a heartbreak to say the least. Also there are people who are under terrible pressure financially just to feed their children and this is a pain that’s hard to live with. There are children that have gone off the Derech and this is a tragedy for Jewish families that is hard to describe.

We have been living in the most wealthy society ever, with the most material toys that were ever in existence, but our suffering is no less than the former generations who had so much less of this Gashmiusdik world. So we are not really better off. In many instances worse off.

The suffering will continue, it will continue with a lot of force. Many people will be suffering for many different reasons but the outside suffering is starting now. The suffering that comes from outside incidents, whether it will be war, famine, drought, or storms etc. Whatever it might be it will be an outside suffering. Until now Hashem tried to bring us back with personal sufferings, but that does not seem to work because people are so involved in the Gashmius that even death they ignore, but now they will be frightened.

All over the world there will be a great fear. There are maniacs ruling, or think that they are ruling the world, so we can never know from where anything will come from. When unbalanced people try to rule, they have all kinds of crazy ideas and we can’t really follow crazy ideas, so we’re at the mercy of a group of mentally ill very intelligent people that have much control over the world. And we also think they are controlling the world but really they are also puppets, and Hashem has sent them to help Am Yisroel do complete and absolute Teshuva. However Am Yisroel is full of Erev Rav. Even the most Frum could be Erev Rav.

Again I will tell you an Erev Rav has no pity on a fellow Jew and that’s the greatest sign. He can do the most terrible things to another Jew with out any remorse. He could have a fellow Jew put in jail. He could have a Jew killed. He could beat up a Jew, no problem. However when he does it, he does it as if it’s LeShem Shomayim, but he has no feeling for Shomayim either or for HaKodosh Boruch Hu. He may pretend to have, but it doesn’t mean he does.

Erev Rav are also good actors. You just have to keep your eyes open and try to see the Simonim (the signs) of all of these characteristics. So what can I say? We’re in a very confused world. Many people are just crazed with the desire for power, wanting to compete with HaKodosh Boruch Hu, Chas VeSholom, for total control over the universe.

That can never be. He, HaKodosh Boruch Hu with a flick of His finger, so-to-speak can destroy them. With one little breath, so-to-speak. He can destroy them all. Here in Eretz Yisroel we’re on the verge of a war, on the threshold of war. Will it continue? Will there be a ceasefire or not, like all the other times? I don’t really know, but my feeling is that if there is a ceasefire it’s not going to last. We’re going into a time of war. The whole world is going into a time of upheavals and wars. The cruelty of peacetime is going to exchange itself for the cruelty of wartime, and therefore very soon this has to be the end of the world as we know it. If there is a ceasefire that only means that it will take a little longer, that only means that Hashem is giving us a warning and that soon the real thing will begin.

If it continues, then I suggest to all of you to start doing Teshuva fast, because there is no time. We’re really coming to the end. If there is a peace treaty or ceasefire then use the time really to dig down deep into your lives and get rid of all the Aveiros that you have done. Look for forgiveness from HaKodosh Boruch Hu and from every Jew that you hurt, lied to, swindled etc. Come closer to Hashem. Hold on tight because it’s going to be a very, very rough ride and if you dare to loose your grip on the spiritual rope that connects us to HaKodosh Boruch Hu then you’ll fall into oblivion.

I only want to tell you these things because everyone is very nervous about what’s happening and very frightened. When the air raid warnings start to go off in Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim then people really get jittery. When people are killed in Kiryat Malachi, it’s scary but it’s still the South and it’s sad, but still we can continue our daily lives. However when there is an air raid warning in Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim that’s a different story, and then of course we still have the danger from the north and the danger from Egypt and the danger from every country in the world. No one loves us at all and everyone hates a Yid. All the Goyim hate us. All the Goyim are against us even if they pretend they are not.

The State of Israel has not been successful in changing the attitude of the Goyim against the Jews. The Goyim still look upon us as dirty Jews. No matter what we do we’ll always be dirty Jews, until the Geula. And then everything will be different and we’ll again be the royal sons and daughters of our king HaKodosh Boruch Hu. But until then to the world we’re only dirty Jews. Jews that have no right to anything and certainly not to believe in HaKodosh Boruch Hu.

The Goyim hate it. The Amolaikim hate it, and the Erev Rav despise it. They can not stand the love that Hashem has for His chosen people. The Goyim can not stand HaBen Yaker Li Efraim. They can’t tolerate it. They’re jealous and they hate us. Therefore anti-Semitism is blossoming all over the world and the worst anti-Semitism is the Jew’s hate of his fellow Jews, and that’s absolutely the worst sin. That’s the thing HaKodosh Boruch Hu can’t stand so-to-speak. And He will destroy anyone who continues this way of action, going against another Jew. Also there are Jews that despise other Jews because of their love of HaKodosh Boruch Hu, and because they are constantly trying to become closer to the Truth by trying to detach themselves from the plastic Yiddishkeit and trying to live as our forefathers who were great Tzaddikim once did.

Those Yidden Frum or not Frum that despise a fellow Jew because he tries to be close to HaKodosh Boruch Hu are obviously not Yiddishe Neshomahs. Therefore those people will disappear from the earth. We don’t have to help HaKodosh Boruch Hu to get rid of them. The only way we can help is by doing Teshuva, davening and begging Him to help us, and to hold on to that spiritual rope that connects us to Him.
Tatti: What do you have to say about the three people of Kiryat Malachi that where unfortunately killed today?

Moishe’la: Those Jews that were killed in Kiryat Malachi were a Korbon Tzibur. They where born for this. They were born to be an example. They where born in order to die Al Kiddush Hashem. The Yidden that were killed and the ones that have been injured up until now were injured and killed in order to make the Yidden afraid and make Yidden want to do Teshuva and make Yidden take notice, because without tragedies unfortunately the Yidden don’t take notice. They were Korbonos they are Tzaddikim.

I also want to tell you that America is in great danger, great great danger, and all the people in America are in great danger, no less then the people in Eretz Yisroel. The people in Europe are also in great danger no less the in Eretz Yisroel. But the Yidden in these countries all over the world are in the greatest danger from Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism will cause great loss of life and certainly of wealth.

I’m warning all the Yidden that if you don’t have the Kedusha and the Kesher with HaKodosh Boruch Hu to be a shield for you, then you’re going to be in big trouble. Since the Kedusha has been discarded by most of us and the world is full of Tumah and evil then we don’t have the same protection that we once had. And therefore we must come back to HaKodosh Boruch Hu. Come back even though we think we’re not far --- we are. Because the Gashmius has confused us and we don’t realize how far away we have have gotten from the Truth. We must come back, must, must come back. We must hold on to that spiritual rope that ties us to HaKodosh Boruch Hu and He will shake the rope very hard Kivyochol, and we’ll feel that we can barely hold on, but still we must hold on, Hashem Yaazor. After that Moshiach will come, and the third Bais HaMikdosh will be built and we’ll be Makriv Korbonos.

I have nothing more to say now; we have to wait till things develop.

I want to reiterate that Jews all over the world should really start thinking about packing their bags and coming to Eretz Yisroel, because Jews from all over the world will soon be hated and assaulted. Eretz Yisroel will not be safe but it is Eretz Yisroel, and if we show Hashem that we are doing Teshuva and we are MeKabel Ol Malchus Shomayim, if we show Hashem that we are willing even to go one step further and come to Eretz Hakodesh and continue to hold on to that spiritual rope that connects us to Hashem, Hashem will save us all.

YOU WONT SEE THIS ON BBC OR CNN - Israeli soldiers SHIELDING Arab kids from Gaza rockets 


Anonymous said...

I want to reiterate that Jews all over the world should really start thinking about packing their bags and coming to Eretz Yisroel, because Jews from all over the world will soon be hated and assaulted....

I don't get it why are we trying to rebuild places like Sea-Gate? why not take the money that's being donated and move to Eretz Yisroel? how stubborn can we be? Hashem is begging us to leave the US can't we just get it once and for all?

Just to remind our Jewish family's that the FEMA Camps are ready to grab us they ARE equipped with all the frills that Hittler had installed like gas chambers etc.

You are invited to Google it hopefully it will help you run away before it's to late and save your self and your family.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Devorah,
I believe everything Moshe says to be emet. However to Jews like us who are fully awake, panic and fear is setting in, even thought we have full bitachon in H"B! The reason is that the very fact that we are awake and waiting or Mossiach for some years now but alas, do not have the resources to even dream of " packing our bags to move to Israel..." We are not rich, have reoccurring sickness and little hope for Aliya throught any agency, even if we sold our few belonging they would not be enought for one ticket to Israel, let alone 5... So we pray for H"B for help and for him to gather us all from diaspora. Many Jews in the U.S are in the same boats that we are in. Yet, we keep hearing Israeli Jews belittle us on being rich and spoil and just asleep and lazy. Some like Rav Be Artzi are speaking with no shame and no fear of H"B of us. He tells us to send our money to Israel and our Torahs and not to mess with H"B,, just leave your toys and go...never telling us who will help, takes us in, where shall we leave with our 3 children...even simple things. Others, who pretend to just be concern about us such as, Israeli bloggers who all they do is to critique us fellow Jews and even tell us we will not merit the same things they will since we are not in the land. , they keep saying, I'm just warning you, don't complain later because I told you so, leave now or... They live in Israel, yet they forget that we were placed in Diaspora and we are suffering, but, that doesn't matter to them. They are lucky to be there, they should be using their time doing tesuva for all the unkind words who are masked in i'm just concerned...while criticizing us over our supposed material wealth and greed every time something new happens in the world they say told you so but in different world. That is not Ahavat Yisrael, to talk to all of us as rich and just refusing to leave diaspora, don't judge another person until you are in his place....what money are they talking about?
I have decided to not read anymore blogs that are written by 2 of the bloggers from Israe, Devash and Bat Aliyal. Before anyone complains , I will say that I'm an Israeli American citizen so no, I'm not bias toward Israeli bloggers. We are worried but all we have is our faith and trust in H"B, they shouldn't count us all for dead yet :-(! Only H"B will decide who shall live in Israel and in the whole world.
Toda Raba,

Anonymous said...

My Hebrew is not very good. What does 'Kivyochol' mean?

Devorah said...

It means ''so to speak''.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who wrote that some bloggers think they know why things happen in USA like tomer devorah blogger who is enfatuated with the harsh weather in the US etc but now that Israel has being hit hard she should take it as a wake up call that because she lives there no one judges the people in Israel or try to interpret Hashems actions, and stop blogging exclusively and interpreting whats going on in the USA and the jews that live there.

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sister, here in israel we live under Hashem's wings, just check the statisik. You don't. I believe if all jews will come to israel, geulah will come b'rachamim. I love you all. elana

Anonymous said...

Dear M

I like your post and I feel your pain understanding where you are coming from, But I was in the same situation living abroad with a hefty income able to live comfortably with no accumulated savings that I could have relied on for the future.

One day we decided that the time has come to run away from all the luxurys and comforts that we where brought up with. Looking back the life style abroad is like bathing in diamonds, we don't get that same feeling in Israel.

We arrived in the Holy Land with many children, no job, not knowing what our future will bring us, we slept on the floor in our down coats "for many month" because we had no heat or hot water!!! till "Hashem" put things into place for us, at this point we're so happy to be in the Holy Land.

Once we showed Hashem that we're ready to sacrifice everything for him he answered our prayers in return, we see the Hasgucha the Yad Hashem how Hashem takes care of us day in and day out, after all it's the same g-d giving us an income abroad and in Israel!!!

The Torah teaches us that Nachshon jumped into the Red sea without pre-planning anything first, totally relying on G-D, and Hashem saved him and the rest of the Am, due to his Mesirat Nefesh, teaching us that we have to have complete Bituchon in Hashem.

We just have to believe in him, be ready to let go of our Gasmiut-comforts (bad habits of indulging into our desires) live a finer spiritual life in Israel.

May you and all of the Am be zocha to arrive in Israel "our land" before it's to late.

Toda Raba, Lhitraot Baretz.

P.S. :-(! Only H"B will decide who shall live in Israel and in the whole world.) to be honest, that's not so, at his point we still have a chance to save ourselves and get over to Israel the promist land before they lock the doors on us and put us into concentration camps C"V etc. Same thing happened in Nazi Germany thoes who fled in time where saved and the rest.... see what unfortunately happened to them.

The land of Milk and Honey in in still Eretz Yisroel and not abroad.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, M, when you make Aliyah, you do not pay for your own ticket; the Israeli government does. We also had very little money when we came (pre-Nefesh B'Nefesh), and we did not pay for our tickets. In terms of sickness, there is medical coverage for ALL, and no issue of pre=existing conditions. I have a friend who made Aliyah with late=stage cancer, and ALL her treatments were covered.
About the Jews in Eretz Yisrael who are trying to tell you to come, I can't speak for all of them, but many are simply concerned brothers and sisters who do not want you to suffer any further. We love you, and though maybe our language is too harsh, the words are from love. Please come home. We will help you once you are here. All of Am Yisrael is like one body, and when the pinky finger hurts, we all hurt.
With love of Hashem and of Am Yisrael, Judy S.

Anonymous said...

To "M"

You are very close to hitting the nail on its head...... but If you'll allow me to interject as to what I think the real reason is, for so many Jews not taking the opportunity to make Alyia I would appreciate it.

You're 100% right that it's difficult to arrive in Israel with out knowing where it will lead to, but it is the land that has the eyes of GD so we don't have to worry so much, some how everything falls into place. Your job is to make it a priority for you and your family to get to Israel.

You can get a nice sum of money form Nefesh BeNefesh the tickets get paid for you by the Israeli government search the web and you'll find making Aliah to be a relatively easy project.

Most important to search you heart and see if there is room in there to let go of Chutz LuAretz and move to Israel.

Looking forward to greet you in person at the Kotel.
Hatzlocha Rabah.

FYI said...

How about us, bnei noach? What to do?

Anonymous said...

This is Anon101. True, American Jews see what is going on but for whatever reason choose to be blinded. They think Obama will save them. Until they are unemployed themselves, they think the old joke: Depression is when your neighbor is unemployed, recession is when you work but do not get raises. Learn about Europe 70 years ago, people came with the clothes on their backs before the authorities closed the borders. You are going to have to decide what you want, comfort now and pain later. Or pain now and comfort later. Keep praying with tears and saying tehillim for Klal Yisroel and yourself. May we all merit to be in Eretz Yisroel.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the autistic messages before putting it on your blog?

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how crucial this mitzvah is right now - individually and collectively - and for the benefit of the entire world - it is the reason you were created -

*The commandment, or Mitzvah, to settle the Land of Israel is obligatory upon both the individual Jew and the Jewish nation as a whole. The Mitzvah requires that the nation conquer and settle all of the Land of Israel and that each individual Jew dwell in the Land. Regarding the nation's responsibility to take control of Israel and settle it, Rabbi Moshe ben Nahman, the Ramban, writes (in his commentary on Maimonides' Sefer HaMitzvoth): "We are commanded to inherit the land that the almighty God gave to our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and not to leave it in the hands of other nations or in desolation, as it says, 'Inherit the land and live in it, since it is to you that I am giving the land to occupy...'" (Numbers 33:53).*


Anonymous said...

I would like to just comment a little bit on what that sweet child says.
I want that little child to know that not all who are not Jews , like me, we do not hate Jews. There are may of us non Jews who have a deep love, you cannot look into our hearts and minds. Hashem knows my thyoughts, as He does,and many of us who are not Jews, we sincerely do love you. I pray and plead with Hashem that He keep His people safe.
And then I say also to Hashem, "and the rest of us too, please Hashem, bring us closer to You, and keep us safe.:
There are many who do love the Jews.


Devorah said...

They are emailed to quite a few bloggers.

Anonymous said...

This is M. Thank you for all of you who commented good or bad you are all my people. I want you to know that I don't qualify for Aliya through Nefesh B'Nefesh as many other former citizen of Israel. We are not new Olim therefor we don't qualify for any assistance not even from the Jewish Agency, I know because I check every year... I have not been able to find work for over a year now, only my husband works and we are living pay check to Paycheck with no savings and only debt. The reason I am sharing this with you is to show you that you still don't understand what many of us diaspora Jews are going through. We don't live in luxury nor are we blind to the situation, on the opposite, we are trapped here with no way out, no help for plane tickets for all of you who made Aliya good for you and Barouch HaShem! How do you suppose we are to leave? As a returning citizen I would owe money to the state of Israel as soon as I land for Bituach Leumi and will not qualify for health care for the first 6 months in Israel with a family of 5 with no one there to even great us when we land even if we sold everything as I mentioned before, it will only be enough for 1 ticket...where do we sleep, what to we feed the kids? And so on... I hear the same thing, "get out now, it's like Nazi Germany before the holocaust..." Don't you think we know that? Even knowing that with only debt and NO money what are we suppose to do other then trust H"B? What would you do if someone told you to leave it all and just come and you barley had anything at all as it is, what comfort and luxury are you talking about? Everyone assumes that we are all the same and in the same situations, many families are like mine. Do you understand what no money mean? Or do you just keep telling us that we don't have to pay for tickets? We do not qualify for any help, I repeat. So, now dear brothers and sisters who love us, what do we do? It's not as if we can walk to Israel or that we have relatives there...without Aliya help there are no options for Jews who love H"B and and wait for Mossiach, all we can do is wait for H"B to help and hope that we will be saved. The problem is that we are often generalized as rich, lazy, spoiled and you think that we all qualify for Aliya services. What about the elderly who are alone and sick they can barley walk, shall we leave them here to die to and just give up or at least knowing that there is no current way out, help our community. We know Israel is our home, just because we are in diaspora and can't get out on our own does it make us less of a Jew then you, who take living in Israel for granted when people like my community only dreams of making Aliya?
Don't give up on us so soon, is what I'm asking and don't stereotype all of us either. We are all Jews of the same Neshama, you are not more Jews then us just because you live in Eretz Israel, be happy that you do and stop passing judgment on us. We know you love us but the moment you hear that we can't leave diaspora you start judging us...please think about what I said, my words come from pain and worry of a Jewish mother and not your enemies. May H"B does Chesed with all of you no matter what you choose to tell us.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I will be making a pilot trip to Eretz Yisrael, soon. It will not be easy and we do not have massive amounts of money. We fell, however that the time is getting tight and we should start to get there.
It is true that is not easy and that it may be too difficult for many jews to get there. Some have elderly parents or someone other reason that hinders them . Each jew is an individual and we cannot slam invalidating words casually in there faces by saying that they are lazy and just want riches etc... It is with mesiras nefesh (sacrifice) of comfort in the familiar that is difficult for me. For my husband it may be parnassoh (livlihood.)

Each person has his or her reasons and at the very least, Rabbi Winston says that if a person cannot get to Israel, they should long to be there.
I do think and feel, that while we do not know when Moshiach will arrive, it will be sooner rather than later.
I feel that our souls belong there and I do long to be there.... MAy all the IDF and the yiddishe citizens be protected from those who are intent upon committing evil acts.
MAy we see Moshiach THIS year when klal Yisroel will hear Hashem's voice say, "Ani Hashem."

Anonymous said...

Dear "M" & family

I'm heartbroken about your stress-full situation and I feel for you with all my heart.

I don't mean to be mean to you, but if may I would like to point out one important point. If you believed Moishelah 100% that the Jews are facing a holocaust world wide and in the USA too, you'd find a way, by hook or by crook how to get to Israel.Where there is a will there a way, pray and ask for it.

I bless you and the rest of the "M" family that Hashem should open up the gates in heaven and answer all of your prayers.

May you be Zocha to greet Moshiach in Israel BeKarov.

Anonymous said...

Dear M,

I found this site, with information about bituach leumi for returning citizens. It may be of help to you. Also, according to this site, you are entitled to income support on your return.

I found this also, Courier Network
Phone 212-691-9860 for flights from New York to Tel Aviv
It is for courier flights. I know people who have done this, and had very cheap flights. I don't know all the details, but worth a phone call.

I hope this helps, and in any case wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

When Israel's enemies fired at Jerusalem Israel, all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

I just googled the meanings of the names of the last 3 storms
Katrine: pure
Irene: peaceful
Sandy: (from Alexander ; unisex) protector of mankind

any thoughts on that anyone?

Anonymous said...

watch the damage of hurricane Sandy

Anonymous said...

Dear M

Try to make it your business to talk to our Creator in your own words for an hour a day, go directly to the source with non stop Tfilla for your yeshuot, BH you should be masliach that they are soon coming.

Two good books about the how to of personal prayer are "where heaven and earth kiss" and "in Forest fields" which is also available in Ivrit. They should both be available at the Breslev wrbsite.

Anonymous said...

Contact the Israeli consulate, there are aliyah like benefits for those who return after something like seven years. If you are disabled include your information in your tik so that you will get your betuach leumi assistance for you and your children, of course medical is socialized too under kupot cholim. I am disabled, I had nothing in the US but I was able to come home, contact your Jewish federation,local rabaim, or even employ a skilled schnorer to get the funds,they keep 50% but for you it is free $$ for your return just like they buy houses for girls for hakanasses kalah so they can get married.
R' Winston says that even the yearning is a protection but how much sweeter is living in the land.

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Amen ve-Amen! May Hashem protect you and yours and may you find your place to put down roots in Eretz Yisrael with a smooth Aliyah.

Devorah said...

Someone will answer your question soon. Sorry for the delay.

Anonymous said...

FYI as a fellow Ben seems that they forgot all about us.
I waited to see if anybody Jewish would reply besides Devorah, but alas they argue from either side of the Atlantic.
This is not the time or the place considering the serious events that are happening all over the world and especially in Israel.This will ramifications for all humanity. We all have One G-d and Creator and as the Jewish prophets reiterate time and time again that many will join G-d's chosen people in the end of days.

The most important thing is to be closer to HaShem. We must all strive to do G-d's will irrespective who or where we are. Destiny is staring all of us in the face.

Dear Jewish brothers and sisters live up to your divine mission of being "ohr l'goyim - a light unto the nations." Forget your petty differences and concentrate of what allowed you to survive as a nation for 3,300 years. Sinat Chinam must be transformed into ahavat chinam on every square inch of this planet. No one has a monopoly on Geulah except HaKadosh Baruchu because it is His Creation and His Planet.

Let us all be of the business of doing the best we can wherever we may be. Encourage, support, give hope, build up, show kindness, restrain from criticism, love unconditionally. For this is the core issue of Torah coupled with our love and obedient service of the Almighty.

Let us all connect and unite with Israel in her time of need rather than concentrate on our needs. There are many ways of doing this without the need of listing them. Open your hearts and wallets and just get involved. Change your attitude and those around you and make your own little micro world a better place and watch HaShem then change the the bigger macro He promised to do....will we however,keep our side of the commitment ledger?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wanting to help. I have checked for years with all the agencies that you are referring too. For returning citizens, there is only a discount in taxes, customs and tickets. If you have no money for one ticket what good is a discount? if you have no where to go even if by some miracle you get to Israel, where does your family sleep/ eat... We are looking at basically being homeless in Israel. No money means that you can't even think of sending your car (which is not paid for yet) or belonging let alone pay the $12,000 fee for the container. That is not realistic without anything and that price I quoted is the discounted price... The bituach leumi we will have to pay back almost 9000 shekels and there is penalty for health services for every year that I loved here. so you see, we only have out Emuna to rely on, we rely on H"B in our situations. Many Jews in my community live the same way. We live in an apartment, a little over a year ago we were forced to leave our tiny town-home of only 3 years, because of our anti Semites neighbors, it is now in foreclosure proceeding. I know what's it like to lose a lot and to suffer for years, but I'm happy with my lot as I know that everything H"B does is for the good. no, no basement or diamonds or 401K as some bloggers have said. Our belongings are few but our debts are high and we have children, we are not spoiled or afraid of hard work.
Our reality is such that no one wants to help as we don't have money for anything let alone a single ticket. We want to leave but can't we have tried everything so at the moment I resort to the fact that we are exactly where H"B wants us to be and just trust him to gather us from the four corners of the world as he promised in the Torah -:). I''m just sad to always read of how much we love our material world and our big homes and money and that is why we want o stay here. I want the Emet to be known that many of us are barley surviving here but we are equally good and love HaShem just like the Jews who live in Israel do, we just have different circumstances in life. Make no mistake we are all one. Thank you again for all your kind thoughts, we are such special people us Jews and I love each and everyone of you, I'm sharing my story to let you see that we are not all the same that Jews are suffering here in diaspora, I don't even get into the elderly issues and many poor families who can't even have meals for Chagim/ Shabbos...

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is highly offensive the way some people accuse all Jews in the diaspora of being addicted to their gashmius and basements filled with gold. What a load of nonsense. Reality check! As the blogger who writes this stuff has got every date wrong so far, I guess he just says whatever he feels like, without worrying about the effect it has on people. At least this Shirat Devorah blog is open minded.

Anonymous said...

"I agree that it is highly offensive the way some people accuse all Jews in the diaspora of being addicted to their gashmius and basements filled with gold"

YOU did not read it properly
no one said it's filled with gold, what was said is that people are attached to the gashmius, and on that point you can not argue.

Anonymous said...

You miss interpreted the point.

Look here We all agree that we have strayed in the worst way turning our Yiddishkeit into plastic, turning it away from Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Holding on to the tail of the Egel Hazahav and letting ourselves be dragged into the world of Gashmius (materialistic world).

The average frum Jew in America learns Torah, works, wears a beard and payos, davens more or less 3 times a day, eats what is stamped kosher and on the outside at least looks more or less like an observant Jew. However, the truth is that the modern American frum Jew, the so-called frum Jew, is very taken up with gashmius. Many (at least up to just before 2008) lived in opulence; fancy houses, large cars, spectacular vacations etc., discarding important details like Tznius and Teshuva. Now times are much harder. People are suffering more generally and therefore their hearts are more open for change. However, even with all the financial difficulties and all the unusual tragedies the frum community continues moving along in the direction of oblivion; in the direction that the Egel Hazahav is pulling us.

Life of a Jew in America has become superficial and the opposite direction of Yiddeshkeit. We dress our aveiros in tzidkus, but when you scratch the surface of the mitzvos you see that they are really aveiros, and therefore little Leiby was a shock to the frum community. Little Leiby wasn’t killed by an anti-semitic goy, not an Arab, not a Christian, not a Negro not a white, but he was killed by a so called Yid. Our communities are being slaughtered by so called frum Yidden and their lies. We are being taught some kind of twisted version of Yiddishkeit and educating our children in the same Yiddishkeit that is non Jewish. We educate them to be selfish even though we give much tzedokah. We educate them in lack of tznius, even though supposedly Am Yisroel is more tzniusdik then any other Am. We educate them in truth but we really pull them to the lie; the lie being that the gashmius dressed up in Yidishkeit is the truth. But gashmius is the lie and Yiddishkeit is the truth and we must go back to the Yiddishkeit that once was, to the Yiddishekeit of out forefathers the greatest Tzadikim who lived on very little gashmius but on great amounts of Torah and truth and closeness to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They were pure and modest with true modesty and true purity.

Anonymous said...

Dear M
I am the anonymous who posted about speaking to Hashem in your own words. By the way you write you seem very special. I hope you get your yeshuot in the very near future, that you and your family will be blessed
Never give up, because yes, we are ONE people, and we need you and your family. ;)

Devorah said...

To M and others: If you listen to Rabbi Mizrachi's shiur The War and More
you will learn that moving to Israel is not necessarily the right thing to do. Argue with him if you want to, but he is just teaching halacha. Listen to it before you yell at me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you last Anonymous :-). I believe and follow the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Nachman of Barslov, hey are my rabbis. I will never give up, I don't believe in giving up. It's rather, me as a mom not knowing how will I'll be able to protect my family when time comes. I speak to HaShem everyday and love him and live everyday by his side, it's just that sometimes even a Jew with all his Emuna feels temporary fear, sometimes this fear is good as it pushes a person to change things and right now my case since there is nothing I can do by myself to change after I examined all options, I will have to do what I have always done - not fear anyone or anything but H"B and know that H"B will help all who are close to him and love him with their essence as I do, I live for being near him always and in Israel, that, no one can take away from my family and I. Geshmiut is nothing to me, I always gave everything I had to people who needed it more then me and always give Tzadaka no matter how little I have and this is how my mom lived before me. I had many dreams about Geula and life and always received Guinness and help as well as experienced many miracle and help from Shamaiim throughout my life, it's just that it is sad for me knowing that we should unite as one and hen to read and hear all the time about how we in the diaspora are being characterized by our fellow Jews in Israel who found a way to make it there. I feel that just as we support them all those years with our heart full of prayers when they are in need or money that at least they should just be kind to us with their words, ofer us comforting words and not judge us as what many goys see us, rich and so on.... I shared my story in order to open their eyes to our plight and so that will know that we are servants and children of H"B no less then try are with the exception of our location we are the same. I know many scenarios about what will be at the end are dire for us in Galut and also for Jews that are in Israel and I know that Yisrael is where we belong but what we need is help above nature- from H"B himself, he says to help ourself first and wen we can't to hand over the controls to him. This is what I am doing now, praying for his Devine assistance and having complete Emuna. My small family lives the same way, my parents have both past away in Israel and we are alone, but with H"B by our side. I wish to see more kindness without restrictions or conditions offered from one Jew to his brother.H"B loves us all so much and has hope or each of us so we never give up.
Toda Raba,

Anonymous said...

The halacha was the same during the Holocaust. The issue is not what is the halacha, but what is the sensible thing to do right now. It is obvious that the world is changing. I have been following events in the US for a while, and there has been an ongoing, largely unchallenged, erosion of civil rights, a dumbing down of the population and disastrous fiscal policies. Now one does not need to be a big rav nor a great genius to see the writing on the wall. Even regular US gentiles are freaking out about the situation, and are either looking to leave now or plan their survival strategy for when the worst happens.

I was shocked by what Rabbi Mizrachi said, especially as he is an Israeli, and thus less a part of the American Jewish establishment, and as it stands in stark contrast to what he has said in previous shiurim. I almost had the impression that he had been "spoken to", in order not to upset people. Furthermore he says that a person should live wherever they feel closest to Hashem (without giving any source for this). But in the gemara it says that a person should live in Eretz Yisrael even if it means living in a town of idolworshippers.

In short, anyone who can should start making plans whilst they can still do so at their leisure.

I also refer you to this excellent analysis:
and to this: (in particular there are good suggestions from Neshama).

Anonymous said...

Hi M,

I was wondering if you noticed my comment below, and if you were able to check it out at all. That at least would take care of the bituach leumi and the flights.

"I found this site, with information about bituach leumi for returning citizens. It may be of help to you. Also, according to this site, you are entitled to income support on your return.

I found this also, Courier Network
Phone 212-691-9860 for flights from New York to Tel Aviv
It is for courier flights. I know people who have done this, and had very cheap flights. I don't know all the details, but worth a phone call."

As for sending a car and a lift, is it really that important? I know people who made aliya without a lift, or not a very big one. Also now in Israel one can find many items of furniture for cheap or for free. (see for example). And lots of people don't have a car.

Also I saw this good comment from "Neshama" on End of Days:
"I wish you guys will address concerns other than Aliya with NBN....Think of what you would do if you couldn't open up a ticket with any agency or Aliya...what would you do? "

Sounds like there is an eventual new category of ALIYAH is being necessitated, perhaps like in Europe when transports were arranged. However the US is surrounded by water and only plane or boat can handle groups.

Open a file with NBN ANYWAY! You never know, if emerg escape plans include calling all Jews that opened a file and telling them to report to the ELAL counter for a flight to Israel!! One never knows. But you must do some hishtadlus!

There is alot of great advice here. One must think and plan for "getting out." Combine a move with friends or relatives, sharing an apt in the beginning. One can rent from the US on Janglo, Craigs List, Jlem Post (they adv all over country). Join the Nefesh blog, also there are local blogs like 'HarNof', "GivatShaul", found on YahooGroups.

Connect yourself with other people who live in Israel. This is "work" and does not come without effort. Write/contact NBN and tell them your story, your situation, perhaps they will be motivated to "create" an eventual solution for those financially strapped. A kibbutz is not a bad option, just choose one appropriate for your level of relig observance.

Try to contact/email Natan Sharansky directly. He should understand the dire straits some people are in. Doesn't hurt. No effort is useless. The JA is still operating under so-called 'normal' situations, I don't think it has dawned on them the soon to be situation of 'fleeing Jews from No America" (or trapped Jews in the UN name for the US, the 'Republic').

Sorry to sound in an 'emergency mode' but it takes a little time to gather yourselves for such a move, and it must be begun 'today'. Contact Zeev Bielski who says "My door will always be open to every Jew, wherever he is." There are also non-Jewish groups that will finance a Jew's return to Israel. I know someone who did it this way, but don't know the name of the group. Maybe one can Google to find out."

I really hope that this helps you. Behatzlacha.