Sunday, June 28, 2015

London: ''Summer of Hate''

This was posted on a friend's Facebook page, and it's very disturbing.  The author requested that it be shared, so here we go:

An open letter and Request to all of my non Jewish Friends and Jewish friends outside of the UK.

July 4th, whilst essentially an American holiday, has long been associated with Independence, Freedom, celebrated in the USA by all regardless of religion, class, creed or race. However, 4th July 2015, here, in London, and indeed more specifically my neighborhood, just a 10 minute walk from my front door. We will play host to probably the most deeply distressing event in recent times to specifically target Jews living in the UK, and yes that includes me. As most of you know, I never play the minority card and rarely do talk about my specific religious beliefs, they are after all my own, and I respect everybody else’s choices. I’m truly humbled by how accommodating many of you have been when it has come to my odd dietary requirements or missed social events due to clashes with Jewish holidays. However, to say I’m troubled by what’s coming, is a huge understatement.

A far right group is planning a rally in the heartland of the London Jewish community against what it calls "Jewification of Britain", they will march through my neighborhood, and intend to burn copies of the Talmud (Jewish holy book) because of its anti-white teaching, ironic as Ashkenazi Jews like myself are white. Believe it or not despite 1000s of requests the Home Office and Metropolitan Police can do nothing to stop the 4 July protest from happening. The rally is not about free speech but a deliberate attempt to provoke tension and anti-Semitism. Indeed, July 4th is a Saturday, and it’s been specifically chosen as Saturday is the Jewish day of rest, when most Jews will be walking to synagogues in the very same area.

I kid you not this is the agenda for the rally in two weeks’ time:

1) The illegality of the Shomrim Police
2) What is Jewification?
3) International Jewry, the devils own hand
4) Why the holocaust didn’t happen
5) George Galloways 30 minute slot on Israel
6) A recorded audio speech by Joshua Bonehill

You can see the link on their website, outlining their intentions, and attached are couple of flyers for the event, to give you an idea of the seriousness of the situation.

This is not some random Facebook post or chain email, it’s a personal message from me. Can I please urge you to share the email / post with your friends and family to raise awareness of the dark situation that is developing on my doorstep. This isn’t Berlin 1938, its London 2015!! I end by quoting JFK, who was actually quoting Edmund Burke: for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.

Love Aryeh Feingold 
24th June 2015, London, England


Dassie said...

Thank you for this "heads-up," Devorah; as disturbing as it is, it is for our own good.
This kind of thing is a real wake-up call, and not just because of the innate Jew-hatred, but because England has been progessively suffering from Islamization and yet these Brownshirts insist on seeing things in a completely irrational manner.
It seems it's yet another of many messages to strengthen our emuna and really dig deep into ourselves about what we're really here for -- and to daven for our fellow Jews everywhere.
May Hashem sweeten the Geula process for us all.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Aryeh,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is unbelievable that Britain is allowing this to happen. I will indeed share and am praying for the protection of all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!

Aryeh - (original poster)

Leah said...

Yes, Dassie. It's crazy. I was thinking the same thing: Islamization of Europe is taking place at unprecedented rates and they go after a civilized people who make up less than 1 % of the world's population.

Devorah said...

Man arrested in London ahead of Nazi demonstration: see The Yeshiva World

Elliot said...

Such a 'witty' comment 'promises to be an absolute gas!' I prefer this for them 'Get yourself blasted just like your hero did', or what about 'you too can join your leader on permanent vacation in a very hot place!'