Monday, May 29, 2017

The Mysterious Aura Around Rav Berland

This is a video of Rav Eliezer Berland praying.  At around the 17:20 minute mark, you can see someone's finger in front of the camera and the light suddenly changing.  Rav Berland is now bathed in pure white light from the waist upwards, the floor and other areas of the room remain unchanged. Don't know what to think about this.  Any tech experts out there who would like to comment? These days .... everything is so confusing lately.

Original article can be seen here.


Neshama said...

Well, first of all, he is standing in front of a window. Next, this is what photogs do when taking a pic of the sun, to be able to see what is around the sun, i.e., planets, Nibiru etc. somehow it reveals other things nearby not seen by the naked eye because of the glare of the sun. What this means I do not know. I wouldn't make much of it until ELIYAHU comes to tell us who is who.

Miriam said...

The issue I see is with the man at the last few seconds who comes into the video. When he turns to leave, the white light lights up his face as well so it looks like a light was being projected onto the higher part of the room and therefore it might be fake. Either way, I don't question Rav Berland's tzaddik status, visual aura or not.

Devorah said...

Thanks Neshama and Miriam. I agree and I am not questioning his status, but I am questioning this video.

Esther said...

I am not questioning his status either, but from my own experience, if something in closer range (like a finger) suddenly comes into the camera range it triggers a shift in the the light sensor of the camera. It has happened to me many many times with both a phone camera and a regular video camera.

Genoism said...

Just looks like the sun started to shine into the room after the clouds broke....Unless it was dark outside i don't really see anything out of the ordinary here.

angela said...

Maybe the lights on the back wall behind the couches were lit up at that time ...

כנישתא חדא said...

OK. Thanks for sharing the video.

This was filmed by Y.N. a donor from Miami Florida who came to visit the Rav on Lag B’Omer. It was filmed using an iPhone 7 on Lag B’Omer night. So there was no sun coming in from outside.

I put it on YouTube not in order to make a big deal of the aura as we weren't sure ourselves as to the reason behind the aura. This was a shiur given on the phone (you see the Rav holding the phone) to the community who was celebrating lag b'omer in Meron at the to time. The shiur was broadcasted through loudspeakers to the thousands of participants in the celebrations.

While the shiur was being filmed YN noticed the upper part of our the video turning bright light until the Ravs was barely viewable. Knowing that the IPhone 7 has the best camera of any other phone he was confused and tried shaking the phone and changing angle. Eventually he handed the phone to someone and stepped into the frame to see if something changes. When nothing changed he stopped the video.

When I uploaded the shiur to YouTube as we do all that shiurim of the Rav we made a note about the "aura". Not trying to prove anything by the aura or to make a point, rather as an interesting note.

I thank you all for taking interest in this video.

Devorah said...

Thanks for the explanation, it's all good.

814 אורנה ניצבת said...

Guys, i never met rav Berland, but i read a lot of his works recently.
The one time when i saw a person lighting in this way, but much much less intense, was my husband after a while when putting tefilin.
On the other hand, this light (i think) is similar to the light when you are dying or are in come.
The place "up" there is full of this light.
In a place without klipot, like in certaim time in Gan Eden, this is the reality, where עור is אור!
Nice to see that there is nothing wrong with my eyes ;).
White fire...of prayer!
Thank you for reminding me!
Where are no klipot, the Chita shines true!
We have to desire this light to be part of our everyday life from now on.
Jews become half angels and B"H get rid of all the klipot, soon mashiah tzidkeinu, the Scorpio/ekrav, kill the ancient nahash.
May it be now. The smell of Gan Eden is so good, all of us should demand this...from the depth of our heart.

Devorah said...

Please read this article - Feeling the Truth about Rav Berland - after reading it, I believe that this aura is real. Thank you Rivka.