Friday, September 7, 2018

Fake News, Fake Torah and Fake Moshiachs

In one of his videos, Rabbi Anava spoke about the war of  גיגים  [gigim - thoughts].   He said this is really what is meant by the war of Gog u Magog at the End of Days.  I can't remember which shiur it was, and I don't have time right now to locate it, but perhaps it will show itself [or someone else will remember] and I'll link to it in the comments. 

People are so confused, we don't know who to believe anymore. 

Sometimes it's very obvious to me that it's fake, and sometimes I still get sucked into believing nonsense, even after all my years of blogging about deception and abuse.

It's got to the point where we even doubt things we know for sure !  

That is why I try to stick to blogging from the older Rebbes, because their Torah is the Torah I trust.  

But even then, there is controversy, and this is because some of the followers of some of these great Rebbes have, in today's world, become over-whelmed and lost their minds.  They are worshipping Rebbes akin to idolatry, and inventing reasons why it is permissable to do so.  They twist the truth to suit their needs and actually believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. [It's an ego thing as well, in my opinion]  In other parts of the world innocent families are caught up in scandals and the worst forms of abuse, and continue to protect the abuser and even claim that he is the Moshiach.   

When we look at these things from far away, we wonder how it can happen: that intelligent and righteous people can be fooled this way.  You think you know who somebody is... and then you realize you don't know at all.... and everything is turned upside down.   It's incredibly difficult to come out of something like that, and many times it can break you.  That is the war of Gog u Magog. The war for your thoughts. I think it really is a war for the truth. 

Right now it is confusion and chaos, and I guess that is absolutely as it should be, before Moshiach. The world is pretty much incapable of handling the truth anyway, most peoples' minds are so distorted by the barrage of nonsense all around them, and they have no Torah learning to ground them.

In the meantime, I want to apologize if I have led anyone astray by anything I've put up or linked to on the blog.  Whenever I realize I've linked to something questionable, I do remove it as soon as possible.

I also want to apologize if I've offended or upset anyone, by anything written here.

Just remember one thing: it's not a crime to have been duped.  You may feel silly and embarrassed but you didn't do anything wrong. It's a process... you wake up to the truth. 


Shlomo ben Avraham said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing a few moments ago. It seems to be a test that leaves only one possible conclusion. You can only trust Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Well, we know that the era before the coming of Moshiach will be really crazy, confusing and full of lies. We see it for ourselves everyday just by opening the news, printed or electronic. So in a way, it's a good sign. Moshiach is, hopefully, around the corner. Everyone now gets caught up in the net of confusion but those who at least have Torah, wake up fast and realize they've been duped, even if just for a day or two. The sitra achra, the yetzer harah is extremely clever, even affecting the wisest, sometimes.

We pray that the New Year will bring us Moshiach and the greatest of joy for every real Jew and righteous person. You have nothing to ask forgiveness for, Devorah; you are truly a classy lady! May H' bless you and yours with a KETIVAH V'CHATIMAH TOVAH and to klalYisrael! Hope I've not offended you or anyone else, if so, I ask forgiveness too from all.

Praying for a Healthy, Happy and Geuladik Year!

Anonymous said...

May I as a non-Jew, say- i agree with Shlomo ben Avraham, in as he says, to only trust Hashem... Indeed that is the best and safest way to go.
The times we live in are really confusing...

Also when we have the Creator, whom we can approach, anytime, day or night, from where ever we be, without leaving the place where we are, in our house, in our bed, on the road, no matter where, we can turn to Hashem Creator of the world and seek Hashems help and guidance.

All peoples whoever they be can turn to the One Gd.. Hashem. B'H.

We do not have to make appointments to meet with anyone, or travel any distance. Hashem is there, always and ever, for all... yes, for all who seek Him. Amen. and thank You Hashem.

I wish you once again, (i did email you a greeting too Devorah) and all your family, and all who visit you here at your blog:

A Shana tova, May 5779, be good for all. Amen.

stella croning

angela said...

Ain Od Milvado...

Spr22 said...

This was a response Rav Shapiro gave to someone fooled

Gedolei Hador are recognized for their outstanding attributes. Most people don’t have them - that’s why you don’t consider your next door neighbor a Godol HaDol

As far as Daas Torah goes,

First, Daas Torah does NOT mean that someone cannot make a mistake.

The determination of how much a given individual's opinions are in this category is but one element of the question, How do we know how big someone is?

There are no options here. You have to decide. Not only that, but regardless of whatever answer you get to this question, you WILL BE deciding.

If I told you to accept the "accepted" Gedolim, the Q remains accepted by whom?

If I tell you that the Chazon Ish says that when in doubt you should follow the majority of Bnei Torah (he does say this), the Q still remains, who is considered a Ben Torah?

There are differing opinions on this as well.

If I told you to blindly follow the Gedolim you will still ask How do I decide who to blindly follow?

In the bottom line, you are going to have to decide who the Torah leaders are based on the same criteria you determine any Q in the world: Honesty and expertise. If you are not a maven on recognizing a Tzadik and Talmid Chacham, you’re at a very big disadvantage.

There was an old line going around in the name of Rav Shach, about 25 or 30 years ago. He said, "In America the Gedolim are made by Moshe Scherer and Trainer Studios" (the first photographer to make "Gedolim pictures").

I don’t know if Rav Shach really said this (though pretty much the whole world says he did) but the point is true regardless - we tend to accept Torah leaders based on who is written up most in the paper or who certain lay leaders say to follow.

Obviously both criteria are wrong. (And even if they were right, how would you know which papers to listen to, or which lay people to obey?)

Daas Torah is not an absolute thing, where it’s all or nothing. To the extent that a person's thoughts are free form outside influences and vested interests, and impacted by Torah thinking as the result of his greatness in Torah learning and personal piety, to that extent you may consider his opinions valuable.

To recognize this, you have to be a maven yourself. Lo Am Haaretz Chosid.

Why is this so? Can’t an ignoramus ask all his questions to someone who knows? The answer is, he has no idea who to ask!

When Rav Meir Shapiro ZTL created Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin, he set it up for 1,000 students. He was asked, "It says in the Gemora that out of 1,000 students, only ONE becomes a Rav. So what's the point of the other 999 being there?"

Rav Meir answered, "True, only one will earn well enough to become a Rav, but the other 999 will at least learn well enough to recognize who that one is!"

If we can’t be a maven on that one, at the very least, we must try to be a maven on the 999 who can recognize the one!

The more you are a maven on Torah, the more you will be able to determine where Daas Torah is.

Neshama said...

My husband had a question for his Rav, and this is what he told him.
"Maybe BECAUSE the Vilna Gaon was so against the early chasidim, that they were careful, and why they are so successful today"

Debbie Rubinstein said...

Shavua Tov, Devorah!

Thank you for your beautiful blog full of insightful and inspiring messages!
May you and yours have a Shana Tova U'Mitukah and a gamar chatimah tova!
Love from Israel, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Dunno..... just wondering if you're basing this conclusion, and ultimately writeup, on some anti religious news reports....

Although I have no connection with the 'Rabbi' that you seem to be referring to, I can tell you that I heard from 2 very very reputable and highly respected mystical 'Chachamim' from Yerushalayim, that he is holy, holy.....

So confusing. But honestly, I really regretted reading all that in the news. News IS fake most of the time. They have an agenda, and we are never allowed to beleive them.


Rachel said...

If you are referring to Rav Anava, he is the real deal. I have had the zchus to meet him several times and he is genuine, sweet, funny, and a true mentsch and his love for Hashem and integrity with true Torah is palpable. Watch anything you can from him online.

Anonymous said...

Which Rebbes are you referring to? Please be specific and provide sources. Thanks. A Gut Yar!

Devorah said...

Rachel I'm definitely not speaking about Rabbi Anava!
Anonymous: No names, I just want to forget I ever knew anything about all this and move on.

DS said...

Your loss!

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time a few rabbis/‘holy men’ got together to save the world/bring Moshiach. The Gemora speaks about them. They all did not survive (in addition to but not the same as those who entered with Rabbi Akiva).

The whole situation is a shanda on the stature of Great Rabbinical figures in our present history. The Rabbis of today did not want to touch the “shanda” for fear of contamination.

Just think for a moment about our recent great Rabbis: The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Elyashiv, Rabbi Shteinman, Rabbi Avigdor Miller, and many more who are not with us. Then we have Rabbi Kanievsky (and Rebbetzen Kanievsky), Rabbi Mizrachi, and others that Rabbi Mizrachi has spoken about who are holy and tzadikim. Did we ever hear such a “shanda” about any of these great caring Rabbis? NO!

One must use the gift that HaShem gave us to discern between Emes and Sheker. If it sounds fantastic and other worldly, maybe it isn’t? I still say that the “shanda” is a cult, and reminiscent of Shabsi Tzvi, who got rabbis and lay people to believe awful things.

I have felt this way from the very beginning, when I happened to view a video taken by a chassid from outside the ‘rabbis’ window, of a scene inside of the ‘rabbi’ and a woman. It cannot be anything other than what it was. Plus in the article in timesofisrael it was written that one of the ‘rabbi’s’ followers walked in on a terrible scene. To me this is a cult, and some have always been a bit off.

Look at it this way, one needs to cleave to HaShem, as we just did on Rosh Hashanah, to trust in HaShem, and to put aside strange thoughts as coming from the Yetzer.

Rabbi Mizrachi has spoken about ‘skeptical’ rabbis and their misleading statements; and has warned us.

The purer we keep our minds, thoughts and emotions, the more we will be guided by HKB”H. Innocence is actually greater Emunah, knowing that HaShem runs the world and He will expose liars, cheats, and unscrupulous members for who they are. If one waits long enough the Emes will become apparent..

Pull yourself away from anyone connected with this “shanda”, return to a pure uncompromised belief, and state allegiance to HaShem, and in time He will open your eyes.

Wishing you a Shana Tova and that HaShem sends you hatzlacha, bracha, parnassa tova, briut, and clarity of mind and heart.

Anonymous said...

If I may say once more, what bothers me about all this is that we seem to be making conclusions just from what 'TimesofIsrael' writes..... They have absolutely no proof. Are we ALLOWED to believe them???

Maybe just maybe, it's all fake news....
Isn't it very very scary if it is indeed fake??

Just really wondering....


Devorah said...

That article brought a lot of things to our attention which we did not know previously. I also did several hours of my own research on the internet after reading that article. Unfortunately there was no way I could come to any other conclusion.

Anonymous said...

One thing that always bothered me was that the defence was ''this is a test'' - if you don't support him then you have failed the ''Moshiach'' test. I never bought that idea.