Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Harry and Meghan and the Parsha of Names


In the Parsha of the Names - Shemot - we are currently watching a fascinating story play out.

Prince Harry [real name Henry Charles ALBERT DAVID] has abdicated his position as Duke of Sussex and been dragged off to Canada by wife Meghan Markle.

A bit of research on the internet showed me that two of Harry's names are those which belonged to his great uncle, the former King Edward VIII, who was named Edward ALBERT Christian George Andrew Patrick DAVID.  The important names here are Albert and David..... which were the two names he used in his personal life.   

King Edward VIII was never actually crowned as King, he ran off with his lover Wallace Simpson before his coronation..... he abdicated the throne, in other words.  It was later discovered that both King Edward and Wallace Simpson were Nazi sympathisers and Edward had gone as far as betraying his country during WW2 and even making a deal with Hitler yemach shemo.

And then there was the time Harry dressed up as a Nazi....

So.... Harry, named after this despicable King, is merely doing the same thing over again.... running away from his responsibilities to the Royal Family to join his wife in another country.  

Be careful who you name your children after..... [wishing them all the best, and hoping that Harry can find some peace and eventually effect a tikkun for his namesake the ex-King Edward VIII]


Batya said...

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You're in good company for sure.

Anonymous said...

Actually i think it's commendable of them for breaking away from the elitist Royals and wishing to live a normal life to raise a family in.

Anonymous said...

MM, that's because either you have read misleading information, or you do not know how to read the news. They are keeping their HRH, but will not be using them, but considering they didn't follow the rules when they were a part of the BRF it's not very likely they will do so now, will still get over $3million dollars a year from Dad, which is really public money, still get to use their "cottage" aka mansion in the UK, as and when, don't have to do any royal duties, but do get to make millions off of their connection to the BRF and their titles and to set up dodgy foundations aka the Clintons, they remain Duke and Duchess of. Oh and taxpayers will be paying millions more for their now complicated international security detail. And they gave the BRF an ultimatum, pay or we talk. Hardly breaking away from elitism to live a normal life. Quite the oppposite. Amazing how many intelligent people are not able to understand current events.

Devorah said...

Yes they have behaved dreadfully, blackmailing the Queen, which is Harry's grandmother, showing zero respect for her, or their country. I believe this was always Meghan's plan... have a baby and then call the shots. Everyone could see this coming long ago. I just read something funny somewhere..... ''Meghan kissed a prince who turned into a frog''.

Devorah said...

Oh, they are also taking advice from Obama. That in itself should show you who they are.

Devorah said...

My blog post was five days before theirs :)

LondonMale said...


Yes your post was before the Daily Mail's...well done!

Anonymous at 10:46. They will no longer be HRH's in any respect. They will be a Duke and Duchess.
Their cottage is a large one, but some way short of a mansion.

As to what this whole thing is really about, we do not know. So many theories, from a Meghan who could not adapt to a royal life, to her missing her friends and family in North America, to a fall-out with Harry's brother William and his wife Kate, to a British public worried that Meghan planned this all along and will divorce Harry within five years, to a theory that their marriage was a sham with Meghan hired to play the role of wife. We simply do not really know.

LondonMale said...

Just to add a very "pedantic" clarification.
Anonymous at 10:46 is correct to say that they will be keeping their HRH's, but not using them.
It is not clear actually whether they are even allowed to use them.
But I guess it avoids the indignity of them being stripped of their titles completely, and allows the merest possibility of them returning to the fold in their later life.

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to say that I know far more about this than I ought to. Although, I don't know at what point a cottage becomes a mansion, 10 bedrooms sounds like much more than a simple cottage to me. The dormant HRH protects them from the "indignity" of having to curtsey/bow to the York sisters, and others will still treat them as royalty, not everyone is au fait with the ins and outs of royal protocol.

I agree that we do not know for sure about these shenanagins, although one does have one's gut feeling. And my gut feeling is that if anyone is going to end up as Diana 2.0 it is Prince Harry. I think that his life is in danger. I also think that there is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on hiding the unbecoming behaviour of the BRF and the grossly unequal power structures, including the fact that 1% of the UK population owns half of the land. Much better to focus the minds of the peons on this soap opera.

Devorah said...

I'm not so sure that Diana was murdered, as you seem to imply... and I doubt that Harry's life is in danger. My personal view is that Diana had to be removed from this world because she was dating a powerful Arab and Hashem did not want Yishmael meddling in the affairs of the Royal Family [who are Xtians] - that scenario was for future events.
I just read an article where as psychic has said that Harry and Meghan's exit spells the end for the Royals... and I agree with this.... after all, when there is only room for one King and that will be Moshiach. No need for any other ''royal'' family.