Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Year of the Threes

We are in the year of 3's.  It is 3,333 years since the Torah was given to the Jewish people in the year 2,448  and Purim this  year [15 Adar] falls on Shabbat which means it is a three day festival... click here to understand why.  

According to Rabbi Berland, this year is the year of Redemption.  I mention this because Rabbi Berland spoke about it many years ago, and Rabbi Glazerson now has a Torah Codes video reminding people of what he said.

You can view the video here.

The Rav Berland site is down for maintenance but a cached version can be viewed here to see exactly what he said back in 5775.

Also, we have seen a great deal of snow this year... America, Israel just to mention two countries and the gematria of snow - שֶׁלֶג -is 333.


Glenn said...

Thank you for having the courage to post that.

Unknown said...

I've enjoyed your blog for a long time.

I'm curious what you (and they) will say if (khas v'shalom) this is not the year of redemption?

Moshe said...

Rosh Hashana , then Pesah , and then Purim Meshulash? When it will be?

Devorah said...

unknown, I've been blogging about hopeful Geula dates for a very long time and obviously none of them have happened yet. Something to bear in mind is this quote from The Maggid of Dubno : the Zohar even states that it is not God’s will to reveal the arrival date of the Moshiach, but when the date draws near, even children will be able to make the calculation (Bereishis 118a).

Until ''even children will be able to make the calculation".... so I guess we're not there yet. Nevertheless we remain hopeful, and there have been many dates throughout history that were ''auspicious'' times for Moshiach, but the generations did not deserve it yet.

But still we don't give up hope, because hope is what keeps us going. And going and going... and this year seems to be an auspicious time.

Basya said...

bs"d... I find a lot of these statements which "predict" redemption are teasers... the fact is that the world will be redeemed but we do not know when this will be... I find trying to pinpoint a time is more frustrating when that time comes and goes... so for now, I have to relinquish any predictions... and just hope and pray for the geula speedily!!

Roshni said...

To Basya's comment, I say.. Amen.

Just pray and do the best one can from day to day.


RivkieS said...

Guatemala says that three of its most active volcanoes are erupting at the same time.


BTW lots of volcanoes and earthquakes lately. Chag Sameach Purim

RivkieS said...

There are approx 40 volcanoes erupting (average is lately 20) and a lot of little earthquakes. The Etna volcano in Italy is really exploding!

This video shows the activity lately " Earthquakes spread around WHOLE PLANET in 7 days time -- Waiting on big event this week"


NOTE - he is not an 'expert' and I am not saying that everything he says is correct - use wisdom and caution.

Miriam said...

I'm in the middle of listening to this shiur titled "The triple Purim in the year of Three" by Rabbi Reuven Wolf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW-x7Gm3OA4