Monday, June 28, 2021

That Crushing Feeling

 Excerpts from a post by Rivky Wilansky

....why specifically this CRUSHING?!?! 
And then suddenly last night, it hit me- there is only one crushing that I know of in Torah – “Kasis La’maor” – crushed to illuminate! This is the theme of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s most recent maamer of “V’ata Tetzava”! The crushing of the olives in the Beis HaMikdash which is in order to ILLUMINATE – to reveal the essence of the Jew! 

This is the last maamer that the Rebbe handed out to us, telling us that we need to feel CRUSHED by the Galus! But NOT because it’s physically painful, Not because there are external pressures, Not because other nations are stopping us, Not because we have problems with health or wealth or relationships or children or success… 

But because our Neshama, the part of Hashem within us, must feel terribly crushed and pained by the great concealment of Hashem during Galus! Our Neshama cannot handle all of the lies! Our Neshama cannot rest or feel peace until the Truth is no longer hidden from even one tiny corner of this planet, from even one single human being on this earth!! 

While previous generations were crushed from the OUTSIDE, our generation was not meant to be! Our test was to feel crushed from the INSIDE, – even while we enjoy all the material and spiritual comforts in exile! We needed to feel completely crushed even during the BEST of times, even during our most golden years and days and moments! 

But it seems we were still a bit too comfortable… And Hashem chose to squeeze us – in order to wake us up from this bitter dream of Golus! Covid has already crushed us in such a crazy, mind-boggling way! But somehow it seems that we STILL didn’t connect the dots enough… and that Hashem has chosen to make the crushing of the olives even more obvious… But NOT to cause us pain chas v’shalom! NOT to make us suffer chv! But the exact opposite! It’s ONLY purpose is to get to the oil!

Hashem just so desperately wants us to reveal our essence – our spark of Moshiach within – So that HE can finally reveal HIS essence, So that He can finally send us Moshiach, So that He can finally gather us in to the Land of Israel, So that He can finally give us the greatest gift of the 3rd Beis hamikdash – which He has been longing to give us for SO many years already!! Because the Geulah just CANNOT be put on hold any longer! 

We were promised from Day 1 that “our generation is the final generation of Galus, and the first generation of Geulah”… and TIME IS UP! 70 years have passed! It NEEDS to happen! And it needs to happen NOW! And it needs to happen through US! 

Source: ColLive


Anonymous said...

The commonality in the last three disasters, Meron, bleacher collapse, Miami Beach, is death by crushing.

Devorah said...

Yes Anon that's the point.

Anonymous said...

I’ll be a little more specific. Crushing is removal of breath. And particularly in Miami Beach, a return to dust.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

But it IS causing pain..... unspeakable pain. Even in the event where no one died when all those cars in the Shaarei Tzedeq parking lot fell into a pit that opened up out of nowhere. Can you imagine visiting your dying family member at the hospital to find out that your car permanently went down to Sheol looking for Korach? This just makes the other enumerated events infinitely worse.

Devorah said...

It's meant to be causing pain, seems it just gets more and more horrific, and we've only just begun to see how much worse things can get. You think a crushing in Meron is bad... look at what more can happen when they can't even get to the bodies. Now we can start to understand why the Gedolim from the past said they didn't want to be around in the time we are living in, the time before Moshiach.

Devorah said...

And because of the internet, everyone gets to join in the pain.
And I fear this is just the start of the bigger nightmare to come, and we are sitting here now feeling pain, but what worse things can happen God forbid....

annie said...

Chilling Truth....

Ben said...

These small calamities are a warning to take shelter in the only safe place, which is HaShem's Torah and not to seek shelter in an imagination of truth.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, please ask Rivky Wilansky where i fit into her heartfelt picture? Instead of generalizing, why couldn't she also consider those who are exceptions to her rule? Rivky, FYI, I've always been crushed, internally and externally from the pain of my chronic unrelenting physical conditions (since childhood). And there's not ONE person in my entire life whom I could ever relate to, nor has anyone else understood where i'm at, which scarred me emotionally and spiritually, to the point that i'm a dry shell.

Did even one teacher or principal within the OJ school systems i attended, ever bother to come over to me privately and ask: "Are you physically able to tolerate school, or is school attendance wearing you out physically?" Had they done so, and acted to remove me permanently from school, perhaps arranging home-schooling, my entire life would have been different. I'd be healthier at this time, many decades later, due to having been saved from being a guinea pig of a regimented/competitive system.

So you see, to me it was always phony, there never was genuine rachamim, which is defined by the famous yiddish tale:
"Mushka, do you like me?" "Of course i like you, what a question!" "Well then, if you like me, then pray tell, what's hurting me?" "How should i know?" "Aha, if you don't know what's hurting me, then you don't like me".

And to all those who feel condescension toward those who "take things personally" - what ever happened to the idea of truth, whole truth, and nothing but? Think about it, and also think about how much you might be taking for granted.

Devorah said...

MM your comment gave me severe anxiety !
I'm hoping someone else responds to you, I'm a bit overloaded with anxiety already, with some of my friends buried in the rubble in Florida, so don't take it personally.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

These are difficult times and difficult topics. Everyone should be blessed with rachamim, yeshuot, refuot and what they need. There is one positive thing coming out from the "crush" in Miami. I've been watching news reports and listening to interviews with those waiting to hear something. Over and over you hear the name of HaShem, or G-d. Jews and nonJews, everyone is talking about HaShem, that His ways are not fathomable but that there is still hope for nissim. There's frustration with what seems like a slow process, perhaps ineptitude, but also an acceptance of the Will of HKBH. This perhaps is bringing some light into the world, even in what appears to be a dark place.

Unknown said...

To M.M. at 12:29,

I have no idea who you are or what you have been through or going through but I pray that Hashem gives you chizuk. Just like Hashem restored the dry bones and will do Techias Hameisim, so to may Hashem revitalise your feelings of being a dry shell. I am sure in Hashem's eyes you are far from being a dry shell but rather are his beloved child.

Bracha VeHatzlacha Bechol Maase Yadecha

Gershon, RBS

Anonymous said...

To M.M.

Send us your name so we can daven for you.

May Hashem send refuot v'yeshuot.


Leah said...

To all who are suffering, I beg You, Hashem, please restore health, whether physical or mental- or both to Your children!
Please bring the Geulah Now!!! We are at the End. The entire world is experiencing so much right now.
We need to hold on tight right now especially.
We need to see each other as our brother and sister and not as individual strangers.
Try to put ourselves in the other's show and ask if someone needs help.
May we strengthen our emunah and see the Geulah speedily and soon!!...and, yes Devorah and MM anonymous, I hear you on the anxiety.
Mine has increased over this past year(and the past few years.) I attribute it to the overall everything that I must experience at the End.....Hang on.... We are almost there!!!

Basya said...

Dear MM .. Your post really touched me. I am so sorry that those in your life did not have the sensitivity to even ask about your situation, and more, what you needed and how they could help. You have been very strong, inspite of the lack of awareness on the part of others. Hoping you there are more caring people in your life today, and that you are able to show others what it means to care for those who are facing difficulties and hardships.. wishing you blessings of health...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much to all those of you who expressed your understanding and kind wishes. Much appreciated.

Devorah, I'm sorry for having added more anxiety to your load, I didn't mean it toward you, rather toward any/all well-meaning people who over-generalize. (Which BTW happens all the time, whenever public speakers address a wide-ranging audience.)

As for prayers for cholim, here's what I suggest:

For so many years, there's been lots of prayers, but how many people truly understand it? From what I gather, when there's comprehension, there's more focus. And when there's focus, it's like a laser-beam which is very powerful.

So perhaps the following can help propel healing stem-cells to finally "see the light of day" and become the rule, rather than the exception to the rule:

In the brochot, state:

"Boruch Ata H' etc. Pokeach ivrim."

[then think: "when will blind eyes regain eyesight?"

Boruch Ata H' etc. Malbish Arumim.
(when depleted retinal cells of eyes get "malbished", by converting patients' stem-cells into retinal cells and injecting them into the eye)

[then think: "when will depleted retinal cells get malbished?" when:

Boruch Ata H' etc. Matir Asurim.
(when stem-cell therapies get released from the stranglehold of the FDA)

[at which time, finally:

Boruch Ata H' etc. Zokef Kefufim. (finally, genuine scientists and practitioners will figuratively "straighten their backs" free of the yoke of the FDA, free to get on with genuine repair of ill people.

Had there been that type of laser-beam focus in past decades when people would pray, who knows if genuine repaircare clinics wouldn't have become standard practice long ago, rather than millions of people suffering the "tender mercies" of ultra-primitive "wellness" centers?

Just imagine if the above would have been illustrated by, say, ArtScroll, in siddurim. And minyanim of daveners would collectively focus on such a scenario every day. Don't you think stem-cell repaircare might have happened by now? Somehow, though, I can't see this happening. Most people just aren't in the mode of thinking that way, since they lack the imagination to envision potentialities. They're also quick to compare unconventional thinking to "Shabbetai Tzvi".

Devorah said...

No worries MM, you can see people here care about you.