Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Obama Codes

Way back in 2008, Joel Gallis a"h and Dr Robert Wolf presented an article outlining the events that would occur via Obama during the ''End of Days''. [See Obama and the Evil at the End of Days]

Today, R'Dov bar Leib has shown us some more on this subject, with the coded name of Obama appearing in the Torah where it discusses the Kings of Edom:  וְאֵלֶּה הַמְּלָכִים אֲשֶׁר מָלְכוּ בְּאֶרֶץ אֱדוֹם  .... ''And these are the kings who reigned in the land of Edom''...  [Vayishlach 36:31]
The red letters, re-arranged, spell אובאמה - Obama.

You can read Dov bar Leib's post here: The Last King of Edom


  1. Menachem from the Absolute TruthDecember 5, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    Thank you Dov and Devorah -- that is an excellent find.

  2. Nobody knows exactly what will be, but we feel that something big will be soon. The main think to make Teshuva Shelema and When Mashiah comes EY will expand and the whole world will be EY, and EY will be Yerushalaim. No need to worry for evil people and evel neigbors, those who hold on to our Torah will be saved. Every man should get up at Hatsot to pray Tikkun Hatsot and learn Torah after that (if it is hard then you can wake up like 30 min before alot hashachar). It is great tikkun for the Neshama and segula for good things in this life too(especially in our days). We have to be ready spiritually and physically, because it can happen any moment. The safest place will be shul, because chazal says that when Mashiah comes all shuls will transport to EY, and the status of a shul now is the minituare of Beith Hamikdash.

    --Tsaddik Nistar



  4. We live in dangerous world today and here some segulot for protection from Heaven.
    Rav Chaim Volojin brings from Gaon of Vilna that if someone in a danger he has to think 3 words: “Eyin Od Milevado”, he has to think that Hashem runs the world, G-d will make zillion other options to save me. Hashem is everywhere and when Hakadosh Baruch hears that He saves this person.
    There was Rabbi in Tunisia walking with talmidim and then arab came to him and said I am going to kill you and rabbi said to students run away, don’t worry I can protect myself. When his students run away, arab said to rabbi: “What is your last wish before I kill you”,
    rabbi replied: “ I want to drink glass of water”, and after he drink that water another arab came and says”don’t kill this holy rabbi” and he did not kill him. When students asked him later about glass of water as the last wish he said:”Do you think I wanted to drink that water, I water to say bracha Shehakol Nih’ya Bidvaro” , which means ” everything is in a world of G-d”, “everything in world comes by your will ” means G-d runs the world not this arab.
    Another story, there was couple and woman after her birth started to bleeding. Doctors were in panic that they could stop the bleeding. So, husband started to repeat “Eiyn Od Milevado”,“Eiyn Od Milevado”, please G-d stop the bleeding, “Eiyn Od Milevado” and suddenly doctors came and said how this miracle happened, they don’t understand how it stoped.
    Tehilim, chapter 91 also is the segula for saving from danger.
    Ben Ishai, Rav Chaim Palaggi said that When you light your Menora, you have to say Yeshev Beseter Elyon 7 times, and before saying it you should say Vihi Noam Ado- nai Elokeinu Umaase Yadeinu Konenehu., and that is segula for protection for whole year.
    Our weapons is our Bitahon and Emuna.

    --Tsaddik Nistar

  5. Shalom to all. TN you did not bring down the source of your topic. Baruch Hashem the information is on the net. Here is the link of what TN is saying. However, the Chofetz Chaim (Rabbi Yisroel Meir HaKohain Kagan of Radin, Poland; 1838-1933)said in his generation that only Gd fearing Shuls and Jews, not people who drive on Shabbat or Yom tov, do not eat kosher, etc will be burned with the wicked. Save your soul with practical steps. Go immediately to Rabbi Mizrachi, watch the movie, Torah and Science on the website. If you have 1% doubt about the existence of Gd or that the Torah is divine. This is a MUST step. Once you have your doubts cleared away can you do what TN is talking about. First you need to know 100% that the Torah is divine. Torah, the written part, 5 books of Moses, Chumash and the oral Torah. Example: It says to put up a Mezuzah in the 5 books of Moses but it does not say where. That is where the Oral Torah comes in. You cannot be a kosher Jew with knowing the Jewish law. Next time TN bring in the sources, not everyone is on a high a level as you are. In any event, time is running out. Click on the movie Torah and Science and see the FULL movie. Then email Rabbi Mizrachi on concrete steps to come back to the path of Gd. May you be successful in your return to Gd. May Gd have mercy on all of us.

  6. It's interesting how we refer to Obama as a 'King', when he is supposedly a 'President'.
    The man has more arrogance than any president of the US in my memory, too much for a king also. He took office in spite of the suspicious origin of his birth.
    He unleashed the 'Arab Spring'. And he dictates domestic policy on health care etc.