Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Poppy Seeds, Sefer Daniel and Purim

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

Now that the month of Adar has arrived, people will have started to make their Hamantaschen. Traditionally, hamantaschen have been made out of poppy seeds, although, of late, there are all sorts of other fillers that have popped up. Why poppy seeds?

The minhag was based upon a Ramah in Shulchan Aruch, where hecites the Kol Bo and writes [OC 695:2], “Some say that it is a custom to eat zironim – seeds on Purim, as a commemoration of the seeds that Daniel and his friends ate in Babylonia.”
Click here for recipe Poppy Seed Hamantaschen

Both the Pri Chadash and the Aruch haShulchan [OC 695:9] pose the following question:

Daniel? This is Purim – about Esther, not Daniel! Also, the Gemorah [Megillah 13a] tells us that Esther also ate seeds when she first came to the palace – Haigai fed it to her. Why then does the Ramah only quote Daniel?

Also, the Mishna Brurah mentions the Gemorah too, but does not address the question of the Pri Chadash and the Aruch haShulchan. I would like to propose the following answer.

Esther knew that there was rhyme and reason to her being taken into the palace. She knew that she was in need of a miracle. And now, those in charge of the women who were brought to the palace were offering them anything. She could have had her choice of any kosher food. Why then did she pick seeds?

Esther most certainly was aware of the miracle that happened to Daniel and his friends in the very beginning of Sefer Daniel. After ten days they were healthier and finer than all the others solely on a diet of seeds. This was the beginning of the help that Daniel rendered to his people. Perhaps she should take the same avenue.

With this answer we have greater insight into the minhag of eating poppy seed hamantaschen. Just as there was a miracle that occurred to Klal Yisroel regarding the seeds that Daniel and his friends ate, wherein they adhered strictly to the Kosher dietary laws through seeds and just like Esther tried to follow in those footsteps, so too should we merit miracles by virtue of our adhering carefully to the Torah’s dietary laws as symbolized by the poppy seeds.

There is another message about Purim that everyone could gain from. Daniel merited a miracle by keeping kosher. Esther did too. This is the reason behind our custom of eating poppy hamantaschen. Isn’t it time that every Jew who eats a Hamantashchen look into keeping kosher too?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kever Rachel and Its Relationship to Purim

In honour of Rosh Chodesh Adar.....This may just be the most interesting shiur I have ever heard!

Rabbi Mendel Kessin is explaining everything in a way I have never heard before.  

A complete overview of how things works in the spiritual realm, the role of the Jews and the roles of the two Moshiachs. Listen to this and you will finally understand exactly how the world operates on a spiritual level.  So many questions that you didn't even know how to ask, are answered here.  I was totally blown away by this shiur.   

Did You Ever......

...... see anything like this ??

Friday, February 24, 2017

Threat on Purim

''Fire will consume Amalek / Gog.  Fire will burn them.''

Gog - Amalek - Iran - Purim - 5777 - 5778 - and the word Moshiach appears twice !

Rabbi Glazerson's latest code - and Purim is just two weeks away.

Trappist 1 - Nibiru - Kochav Yaakov

Yesterday NASA disclosed their discovery of  ''7 Earth Sized Planets Orbiting a Dwarf Star'' .

The planets orbit a dwarf star named Trappist-1, about 40 light-years, or 235 trillion miles, from Earth. That is quite close in cosmic terms, and by happy accident, the orientation of the orbits of the seven planets allows them to be studied in great detail.

I believe that is semi-fake news.  Those seven planets are pretty much identical to the orbs that we have been seeing in the sky for a long time now, which would make them a lot closer than 40 light years.

As far as I'm concerned, those seven planets are the ''seven moons'' orbiting Nibiru - the Kochav Yaakov - as described by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero.  

I'm not the only one who thinks this is actually the Nibiru system. ''And, strangely enough, they look like planets we have been photographing close to earth!''  See video below.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Geula: So Much Closer Now

For those of you who were a bit upset with Rabbi Kessin when he theorized, in one of his 21st Century videos, that we may have up to 15 years to wait for the Moshiach, now you can all take a deep breath and relax because in the second part of The Perception of the Divine Prophecy and the Messianic Process, he tell us to expect Him in 5778.

This makes perfect sense to me.   5777 would be the year that we are prepared for His arrival, and 5778 - the eight being the number of Moshiach - is when He finally reveals Himself.

I understand that many of you will not have the time or the patience to sit and listen to a two-hour long shiur, so I have summarized some it, but I really encourage you to listen, because I personally think that Rabbi Kessin is absolutely amazing and I could listen for days.

He spoke about the ''love fest'' of Trump and Bibi  with their arms around each other - @ 1:47 in the video below - and explained that what this really represents is Yaakov and Esav returning to each other. We are witnessing the prophecy of the Torah from 3300 years ago - that they will be brothers again.  This was like a re-union of the brothers for which there has been no precedent in the USA.   Trump is the tov sh'be Eisav - the good part of Eisav.  Hashem has groomed Trump for this role.  

The task of America now is to:

1.   Assist the Jews both in military and trade
2.   Allow Israel to build up for the kibbutz galius - [we are getting very close to Moshiach] - more on this on the video
3.   Protect Israel from Iran [or anyone else including the UN and Europe].
4.   Neutralize the two state solution.

Trump is highly instrumental in getting the world to a state of consciousness in which it can receive the Moshiach - even though Trump is unaware of this, he is just doing the will of Hashem.  Hashem has groomed Trump for this role.

Rabbi Kessin also told us that Moshiach is paralyzed and ''in jail'' - His power is necessarily imprisoned inside Him, He cannot expose this power until the world is ready.   If Moshiach were to be revealed now, most of the world would die as they could not survive the holiness and spirituality.

Netanyahu at the Central Synagogue, Sydney

Yesterday's visit by Benjamin Netanyahu to Sydney's Central Synagogue reminded me of a family reunion.  There is an obviously mutual admiration between Netanyahu and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, and the audience at the shul yesterday was enraptured by the presence of both of them. There were standing ovations, yiddish words being tossed about by Mr Turnbull and jokes made about the Central Synagogue being Turnbull's ''local shul''.  See video below.

Rabbi Levi Wolff presented a photo of Bibi with the Lubavitcher Rebbe dating from 1984 when he was Israel's Ambassador at the United Nations. Netanyahu then explained the photo to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - "This is the Grand Rebbe of Chabad and He told me "you are going to a place of deep darkness and lies, and if you will light one candle of truth, you will dispel the darkness.''

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Australian PM Blasts UN over Israel

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has strongly condemned the UN, accusing it of a prejudiced attack against Israel over a Security Council resolution that accused the Israeli ­government of violating inter­national law with its settlement activity.

On the eve of a historic visit by Benjamin Netanyahu, who ­arrives in Sydney today as the first sitting Israeli leader to visit Australia, the Prime Minister also charged those who promoted or supported a boycott campaign with a deplorable attempt to ­­­de-legitimise the Jewish state.

In an exclusive commentary article published in The Australian today, Mr Turnbull denounces the UN for what he claims is bias, citing 20 resolutions ­between 2014 and 2015 that are critical of Israel when only a ­single resolution had been issued on the Syrian war.

Read the article here.

Also see Israeli Prime Minister lands in Sydney amid controversy

Monday, February 20, 2017

Australia Welcomes Bibi

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull meets with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is set to become the first sitting Israeli Prime Minister to visit Australia when he arrives for a four-day state visit on Wednesday morning.

Statement from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull:

"I am looking forward, with Lucy, to welcoming the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his wife, Mrs Sara Netanyahu, to Australia.

"This is a historic visit - the first by an Israeli Prime Minister - and it demonstrates the strength of our relationship and its importance to both countries.

"The friendship between Israel and Australia dates back to the establishment of Israel in 1948. It is anchored in our shared values, commitment to democracy and mutual interest in a rules-based international system and an open, global economy. "Later this year we will jointly commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba, a foundation stone of the relationship. "The Prime Minister’s visit is an opportunity to not only reflect on our shared past, but to invigorate and further deepen the relationship for the benefit of our people. We will discuss expanding cooperation in cyber-security, innovation and science, agritech, energy and resources, and the environment.

"During the visit, our countries will sign an agreement on Technological Innovation and Research and Development, providing a framework for our scientists, engineers and businesses to create the jobs and industries of the future. We will also sign an agreement on Air Services, expanding our commercial and people-to-people links.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu and Mrs Netanyahu will spend 22-25 February in Australia. They will be accompanied by a delegation of business leaders from Israel. I look forward to working with them to further strengthen ties between our countries."

Source: The Australian Jewish News

The World of Eight

We live in a world of sevens:  seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven musical notes, seven continents, seven wonders of the world.....   but when Moshiach comes it will be a world of eight.  Eight is the number of Moshiach.

We will have an extra colour added to the rainbow, an extra note added to music - “the harp of the era of Mashiach will be of eight strands” -  and the world will be far more vibrant and alive.

And now we have eight continents!

Recently, it was announced that New Zealand is not an island, it is actually a continent.  The island that we know as New Zealand is just a section of exposed land, which actually is just a section of a much greater part hidden under water. The land mass of 4.5 million square kilometers [1.74 million square miles] is 94 percent underwater and only its highest points - New Zealand and New Caldeonia - poke above the surface. “If we could pull the plug on the oceans it would be clear to everyone we have mountain chains and a big high-standing continent above the ocean crust.” [More at Washington Post]

Photo shows the eight continents: note that here they have joined up Europe and Asia, making ''Eurasia''. By most standards, however, these two are separate: North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Zealandia. 

Why Is This Exile So Long?

Photo Tim Wolverson

by Rabbi David Pinto Shlita

One day the maggid of Radin, Rabbi Binyamin HaTzaddik, went to see the gadol of the generation, the Chafetz Chaim Zatzal.

The Chafetz Chaim said to him, “Alas, Rabbi Binyamin, what will happen? Such a long exile, such a dark night!”

Rabbi Binyamin responded with a vivid explanation:

“Rabbi, I will give you an analogy: During a rough winter, several ba’alei batim undertook a long journey from Petersburg to Odessa, which was to last several days. Since it was the middle of winter, the journey took place in a special sled that was harnessed to two strong and healthy horses. 

The travelers in the sled were well-prepared for the cold, and they wore heavy coats. The journey began at night, and they traveled for a long time. To occupy themselves, they recited a few psalms and talked among themselves, during which time several hours passed. At that point they took out some wine, and everyone drank to warm their bones. Then they slept. 

In the meantime, morning had come. However in the Russian winter, there were very few hours of daylight, and our travelers slept deeply for more than 12 hours. In fact when they awoke, they noticed that it was still dark out, and they again recited a few psalms, chatted among themselves for a few hours, and took out some more wine. Then they drank and slept once again for another day. This repeated itself, for whenever they awoke, it was dark.

“The travelers started complaining to the driver, ‘Hey, what’s going on here? The night can’t be so long!’ The driver replied, ‘What long night? Day has already come, several times in fact, but you were sleeping!’

“The lesson to draw from this,” said Rabbi Binyamin HaTzaddik to the Chafetz Chaim, “is the following: The prophet Isaiah said, ‘ “Watchman, what of the night?” The watchman said, “Morning has come, and also the night. If you will request, request. Return and come” ’ [Isaiah 21:11-12]. We ask the Holy One, blessed be He, Who is the Watchman of Israel: ‘What of the night?’ Why is this night – this exile – so long? The Watchman replies, ‘Morning has come.’ It was already morning – there was already an end to the exile, several ends to it – ‘but also night.’ You delayed the morning and night came again. Rabbi, what can we do? The only answer is to pray!”

This is how the verse ends: “If you will request” – this represents prayer, as Rashi explains: If you present your requests to hasten the end (“If you will request”), then you must do teshuvah (“Return and come”)!

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Perception of the Divine Prophecy and the Messianic Process

For everyone who couldn't hear the Rabbi Kessin video I posted the other day, here it is again, this time in a professional format.

Part Two can be found here.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

''A Lot of Love''

If you haven't already seen this, here's President Trump telling Israeli Prime Minister  Netanyahu that ''you're going to see a lot of a love, a lot of love...''

The Power of Hashem

Rashi says that after Yitro saw Hashem punish the Egyptians Midda K'Neged Midda he then declared, "Ata Yadati Ki Gadol Hashem MiKol HaElokim" -  I now know that Hashem is greater than any other power. 

What is it about Midda K'Neged Midda that makes Hashem so unique, is it the ingenuity?

Rav Shimshon Pincus explains that every Koach [strength] in the world only has its own power to use. Fire can fight water with fire only, and not water. Aside from the fact that this is its only capability, it also wants to show its opponent what makes it unique. It cannot use power that it doesn't have.

Hashem works the opposite way. To show fire who is boss, Hashem uses fire to fight fire. He uses water to fight water. This unique fighting strategy shows that Hashem is more powerful than any other force. Moreover it shows that He is the only force, and the force behind all forces. 

In a way this doesn't counter the above logic, it works with it. Hashem fights each element with His unique force. He is Echad Yachid U'Miyuchad and every possible force is His. And He shows it to everybody as needed.

Source: Revach.net

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nibiru's Role at the End of Days

As most of us are aware by now, Nibiru is causing severe weather disruptions on our planet.  In Australia we have just experienced our hottest day EVER, whilst on the other side of the world, there has been an extremely cold winter.   The term ''global warming'' is not applicable at all, as obviously there is also a global cooling, depending on your season.

All of these climate issues have come about because of the dwarf star known as Nibiru, and it's accompanying moons.  I believe it has seven moons, but whatever the case, it is here and visible.

But it's not just about the climate changes: comets and other bodies in the solar system actually cause massive spiritual changes to the earth, and we are currently in the midst of the seventh and last one of those changes. ''God will ‘change’ planet earth seven times before Moshiach comes [according to the Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer 18] - and we have one big ‘change’ left to come before the End of Days.''

To understand all this, please go to Emunaroma and read the excellently researched:  How comets really work, and what that means for Nibiru and the End of Days  a remarkable post which also explains those   weird trumpet sounds.

After reading that, you may want to listen to Rabbi Mizrachi's latest shiur: ''Good Advice Before The End Arrives.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Can one really control their thoughts?

Parashat Yitro - Can one really control their thoughts? - Rabbi Alon Anava

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Question

This was received by email, and I do not know the answer.  Please comment.

Hi I wonder if you can help me. Every Friday night our family gets together for Shabbat, even though we are not ultra orthodox we keep a traditional Friday night dinner.  For the past few weeks my divorced niece has started dating a nonJew and she brings him to the dinner. She has two children from her previous husband and I think she is setting a very bad example to them.  The family is not so thrilled about this turn of events but we can't rock the boat, so to speak, and she has spent the past ten years dating Jewish men to no avail and now she has found a very nice nonJew and she does not want to be alone.  What is the ruling with something like this?  Do we tell her she can't bring him to dinner? That will mean she won't come and her kids will not be able to have Shabbat dinner. It is a very difficult situation.  Is there something that says nonJews cannot spend Friday nights with a Jewish Shabbat? Would really appreciate advice as I have no-one else to ask.

The Seven Names of Yitro

People’s names in the Torah all have a special meaning. 

In the case of Jethro – in Hebrew Yitro – there are seven names and seven meanings, according to rabbinic midrash. 

His two main names are connected with a root that means “additional” – he was “Yitro” because he performed extra good deeds and “Yeter” because he caused extra texts to enter the Torah. 

He was “Chovav” because he was beloved of God, “Re’u’el” because he was God’s friend, “Chever” because he was a close associate of the Almighty, “Puti’el” because he abandoned idolatry, and “Keni” because he was zealous for God.

For more kabbalistic learning on Yitro's name go to Chief of the Converts

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Full Moon

The moon was so beautiful last night and on Friday night.  Here it is over Bondi Beach.

Photo Bondi Harvest

Are We On The Right Spiritual Path?

Rav Dov Ber Pinson

How do we know that what we are doing is being accepted Above? How do we know if we are on the right spiritual path?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trees and the Hidden Channels of Communication

In honour of Tu b'Shvat [which falls on Shabbat this week]  - the new year for trees.  To learn more about the customs of eating fruits go to The Seven Species of Israel

 from the writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov; translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Many types of fruit do not grow in some lands, only because people do not understand.

The world has a foundation stone. Channels emanate from this stone, reaching every land. The Midrash teaches us that the wise King Solomon knew the details of these channels and was therefore able to plant all types of trees.

If people knew the exact location of these subterranean channels, they would be able to grow fruit trees even in these lands. They could grow many that never grow there now.

Each channel has the power to stimulate a particular species. Even if a particular channel does not pass through one land, all channels are intertwined and flow into each other. If one knew the exact place, he could plant any type of tree.

If one knew the location of all channels, he could dig a well and know where to plant trees around it. He could then make any type of tree grow.

The foundation stone of the world constantly rises and descends. If one knows its position, then he knows what to plant at a particular time.

All these things are concealed from the world for some things may not be revealed.

People say that the world is gaining knowledge, but earlier generations made the primary discoveries, and this took the greatest wisdom.

Later generations make discoveries only because earlier ones prepared the way. One generation makes the basic discoveries, and later generations apply them, but the latter contribution is really the smaller.

The Talmud says "If you would not have removed the piece of clay, you would not have found the jewel under it."

There are things that may not be revealed, for if they were revealed, later generations would make an idol of them. There is knowledge that may not be revealed, for later generations would use the basic knowledge and continually add to it, often irresponsibly. They could then develop concepts leading to cataclysmic discoveries.

It is written [Lev. 19:23] "When you enter your land and plant any tree... three years shall its fruit be forbidden to you". The Zohar teaches us that the evil forces of klipah dwell in trees duirng these first three years.

Earlier generations misunderstood this and thought that they were obliged to worship a tree during the three years that it was under the influence of the klipah. According to their error it was a logical necessity to make such a tree an object of worship.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Kabbalistic Reason Why Women Cover Their Hair

Rav Dov Ber Pinson - you might need to turn up the volume for this two minute lesson

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


R' Dov Bar Leib has told us several times that it will start in Yemen: [see comments here]

The War between Edom and Persia will commence in Yemen. As the pasuk about the Final Shofar blast that welcomes the Messianic Era tells us: יד וַיהוָה עֲלֵיהֶם יֵרָאֶה, וְיָצָא כַבָּרָק חִצּוֹ; וַאדֹנָי יְהוִה בַּשּׁוֹפָר יִתְקָע, וְהָלַךְ בְּסַעֲרוֹת תֵּימָן. And the LORD shall be seen over them, and His arrow shall go forth as the lightning; and the Lord GOD will blow the shofar, and will go with stormwinds of Teiman (Yemen).

HaShem is hovering over us and sees us here in Israel in our pain, some of it "self-imposed" from the Erev Rav. He then shoots an arrow in the direction of where the final war to destroy the World of Lies is going to commence. And with the blast of the Shofar, He will direct the judgement on the nations of the world from Teiman.

Today, as I checked for Nibiru news, I was surprised to see this video from them about Yemen launching missiles at Saudi Arabia.

Sit and Pause

''Speak to the Children of Israel and let them turn back and encamp before Pi-hachiros'' [Beshalach 14:2]

This verse, said the Ohev Yisrael [R'Avraham Yehoshua of Apta], hints at an important lesson.  

It teaches us just how cautious one has to be not to violate the grave sin of lashon hora.

וְיָשֻׁבוּ וְיַחֲנוּ לִפְנֵי פִּי הַחִירֹת - A person is required to sit [lasheves] and pause for a moment [výachanu] - before [lifnei] he lets his mouth loose [pi hachiros].

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Yud Shevat

The sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, arrived on the shores of America in March 1940, after a miraculous escape from Nazi-occupied Poland. Arriving in New York, he set for himself the task of building a Jewish infrastructure to replace the one going up in flames in Eastern Europe. In fact, he established his first yeshivah in the Western Hemisphere on the very night that he arrived. In the decade that followed, many more Torah schools and other religious institutions were founded by his devoted emissaries across the United States and Canada.
The Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneersohn and his
predecessor R' Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn  in 1949

Though the Rebbe’s spirit and resolve were indomitable, his body was battered and broken due to beatings and abuse at the hands of the KGB, as well as multiple health issues, including debilitating multiple sclerosis. The Rebbe’s speech was also impacted; after a few years, only those in his closest circle, such as his family and secretariat, were able to comprehend his slurred words. As a result, the Rebbe stopped orally delivering chassidic discourses in honor of special dates on the Jewish and chassidic calendar, as was his custom. Instead, in advance of these propitious dates, he would submit written discourses for publication, to be studied by his chassidim when that day arrived.

The tenth of Shevat was the yahrtzeit of the Rebbe’s grandmother, Rebbetzin Rivkah. In the year 5710 [1950], the tenth of Shevat would fall on Shabbat. In honor of the occasion, the Rebbe submitted for publication a discourse entitled Basi L'Gani [“I have come to My Garden”].

On that Shabbat morning, the Rebbe passed away at the age of 69.

The year that followed was one of apprehension for Chabad-Lubavitch chassidim. Many immediately recognized that the Rebbe’s son-in-law, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, was eminently suited to succeed his father-in-law, due to his outstanding scholarship and piety. But Rabbi Menachem Mendel humbly refused to accept the mantle of leadership.

After a full year of pleading and cajoling on the part of chassidim, Rabbi Menachem Mendel relented. On the first anniversary of his predecessor’s passing, Rabbi Menachem Mendel accepted upon himself the leadership of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. In traditional Chabad chassidic form, he did so by delivering a chassidic discourse during a farbrengen [chassidic gathering] on that historic day.

The new Rebbe’s discourse was also entitled Basi Legani. In fact, it was based upon the very discourse that his father-in-law had submitted a year earlier. He started off where his predecessor left off . . .

In the decades that followed, every year on the 10th of Shevat, the Rebbe would host a grand farbrengen, in keeping with chassidic tradition that designates the yahrtzeit of a righteous person as a highly auspicious day. For the chassidim, the day had additional import—it was the anniversary of the date when the Rebbe assumed leadership.

And every year at the 10 Shevat farbrengen, the Rebbe would say a chassidic discourse that started with the words Basi L'Gani, always based on a different chapter of the original discourse penned by his predecessor. It became increasingly clear that the themes addressed in this discourse defined the Rebbe’s leadership.

What does this special discourse discuss? Which garden? Who’s coming to the garden? And why is this arrival in the garden such an important message for our generation?

The Garden
The words “basi legani” are taken from Solomon’s Song of Songs.

The garden is our world. Announcing His arrival here in this garden is G‑d Himself—who refers to it not as “a garden,” but as “My garden.” All that He created belongs to Him, but of all the myriad spiritual emanations and worlds, there is only one to which He refers as “My,” because it is only here—the very lowest realm—that He wants to call home. The divine light shines ever brightly in the supernal worlds, but only in this physical world does G‑d wish to manifest His very essence.

His shechinah [presence] was here when He created this world. But it was driven away by a series of sins, starting with Adam and Eve’s eating the fruit of the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. Subsequent sinful generations drove the shechinah further away, as it ascended from one heaven to the next.

This was no glitch in the plan; it was anything but.

Just as G‑d created the world with the vision that it would serve as His domicile, He also had a clear vision as to how this domicile would be created. He envisioned a world characterized by frightful spiritual blackness, wherein creations—possessors of free choice, capable of embracing the darkness or rejecting it—would repress the darkness, and ultimately transform it into light.

There must be a world which [on the surface] is inhospitable to its Creator. And through the difficult work of banishing and transforming the darkness, it becomes a beautiful “garden.” A place that G‑d is delighted to inhabit.

Over the years, the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, elaborated on the many concepts discussed above.  The Rebbe’s inaugural discourse in 1951,  explains the special relevance of these ideas to our generation.


“We are now very near the approaching footsteps of Moshiach; indeed, we are at the conclusion of this period. Our spiritual task is to complete the process of drawing down the shechinah—the essence of the shechinah—specifically within our lowly world.”

Source and full article at: Chabad

No Fish Before Moshiach

Experts are saying that an extinction level event is happening in Japan as the Fukushima No.1 power plant records its highest level radiation reading since the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami.

Talmud Sanhedrin 98a

Above is the relevant page of the Talmud: translation - "Mashiach ben Dovid will not arrive until someone seeks a fish for a sick person and cannot find one."

Rashi: When the waters will be congealed and fish cannot swim in such waters.

Who needs oil to congeal the waters when you have a radiation level of 530 sieverts per hour. The searing radiation level, described by some experts as “unimaginable,” far exceeds the previous high of 73 sieverts per hour at the reactor.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gog U'Magog Will Not Affect the Jews !

The following is part of a Sicha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe delivered on 14 Iyar 5740 regarding the war of Gog u Magog.

Rabbi Yochanan quotes Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai regarding Gog u Magog.  It seems like it is a terrible tragedy for the Jews, but as it says in Sanhedrin and other sources:  ''Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said:  ''When King David ran from his son Avshalom, he exclaimed  Ma raba tzorei  - How big are my problems?"  whereas on the passuk Lama ragshu goyim uleumim yehegu rik - Why do nations gather and people speak futility?'' he doesn't say ''how big are my problems?''  but the opposite.

On yehegu rik - speaking futility : Rashi and other commentaries explain that it's not tzorei - tragedy, but rik vahevel - speaking futility.  It has no meaning for the Jews.

Goyim are fighting between themselves, gathering and talking, but it's all ineffective.  Why? Because He who sits in Heaven laughs and mocks them.
Lubavitcher Rebbe painted by Robert Kremnizer

Hashem is instigating Egyptians amongst themselves and different nations between them.  Then comes the question: How should a Jew view this?

We have the decree from Torah that even though nations are gathering and talking negatively, still for the Jews it has absolutely no meaning.  But not because of our own strength, G-d forbid, but because He who sits in Heaven laughs and mocks them.

And that's why it's not affecting the Jews.  They call it tragedy? G-d forbid!  The nations come up with different ideas but it's all Hevel Larik - futility.  Why?  Because Hashem is with us.

The fact that they are gathering, Jewish people know that it's all pointless. because He who sits in Heaven laughs and mocks them.  He is not just notifying, but He is mocking and laughing at them.  As it says ''He who touches them, is touching the Apple of my Eye''.  That is what Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is saying about the seventh year.  He is talking about the year of the Coming of Moshiach.

Right at the end of the seven years of wars, Moshiach comes.  Which wars?  The ones where the nations gather and speak futility.  The story of Egypt, the story of Afghanistan, another story, that fight, another fight, but in relation to Jews ''the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps''.

Why? Because Jews are connected with the Guardian of the Jews.  Then he sees in a revealed way that Hashem in Heaven laughs and mocks them.  And the war of Gog U'Magog is not affecting the Jewish people.

Gog is fighting with Magog and it says in Tanach that it will be in Jerusalem, but that has nothing to do with the Jewishness in Jerusalem, and not in the city of Jerusalem, rather it's around Jerusalem.  The Jews are standing strong because Jerusalem is a city where King David lived and the name ''Yerushalayim'' comes from the words ''yiras Hashem shleima'' which means ''complete fear of G-d''.  And Jews who are complete G-d fearing people bring it into actuality and the city of Jerusalem will stay untouched.

And the nations are Utzu Eitza - contriving a scheme - but when the Jewish people behave in a manner of ki imanu Kel - G-d is with us - then dabru davar velo yakum - their conspired plot will not be materialized.


The settlement of Amona was evacuated and destroyed yesterday Israeli time.   Seems no-one learned the lessons of Gush Katif.

Here is a link to an informative article at the Washington Post.

These videos may upset some readers.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the former residents of Amona.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Messianic Process: Trump, The U.N. Gog & Magog

Tamar Yonah interviews Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

We are seeing so many things happen today at a quick pace. Obama, the Muslim US president – OUT, Trump, a more Judeo-Christian oriented man – IN. 

The United Nations is relabeling the Land of Israel as Islamic. Vladmir Putin has forces in Syria, PM Netanyahu is attacked on all sides inside and out of Israel, and the Jewish community of Amona is being destroyed. There is talk of the new U.S. President, Donald Trump (with his Jewish daughter and grandkids) being good for Israel, and then there is the dangerous and controversial Islamic emigration to the West. So — what do we make of all this? Is the stage being set for the Messianic age? 

Rabbi Mendel Kessin joins Tamar Yonah to talk about ‘The Messianic Process: Trump, The United Nations, and Gog and Magog’.

it's a Mad Mad World

Art: Mike Worrall

"A king was informed by his chief minister that there had been blight on the crops that year. They were affected so greatly that anyone eating the grain would become insane. "But" said the minister, "there is no need for us to worry. I have set aside enough grain from last year's harvest for the both of us that will last until the harvest of the following year."

The king shook his head. "No," he said. "I will not allow myself any privileges other than those shared by my subjects.  "We shall eat of the same grain," the king continued, "and we shall both go insane together with the rest of the population. But here is what we shall do. You and I will mark our foreheads with an indelible imprint, so that when we go insane, I will look at you and you will look at me and we will know we are insane."
[Rebbe Nachman of Breslov]