Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Middle East War & The True Task of a Non Jew: Part 1

Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Closer and Closer

Yesterday we had another gigantic storm, the afternoon turned pitch black [it was about 4 in the afternoon] and we had purple skies and purple lightning.  The blackness was because the sun was completely blocked out by the planet Napisiti, which you can see in the second video below.  I've shown you Napisiti many times before, click here for one of recent posts  and you'll be able to see it is the same.  

At this point, I don't really care if you believe in these planets passing us by.... or not... I just cannot ignore this stuff, and it needs to be documented.  Soon enough everyone will wake up to this and realize that these "clouds" are not just clouds.

They are getting closer and closer, and we are seeing them more frequently, things are really speeding up right now.  Believe it or not, big things are on the horizon, no doubt in my mind anyway.

Mamash - Angels !

"And Yaakov sent angels ahead of him to Eisav" [Vayishlach 32:4]

Rashi comments: "And Yaakov sent angels -  literally [mamash] angels".

R'Meir of Premishlan explained Rashi's words with the Mishnah in Pirkei Avos [4:13] : "He who fulfills one mitzvah gains one advocate for himself". When an individual performs a mitzvah, he creates an angel that speaks favorably on his behalf in Heaven.

The verse tells us that Yaakov sent angels as messengers to Eisav. Which angels did Yaakov send? Those angels that had been created through the mitzvos that he had performed.

This is what Rashi is alluding to when he says: "mamash angels".  For "mamash" is the acronym of the words "malachim me'mitzvos sheásah" ["angels from the mitzvos he performed"].

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Message for Eisav

by Rabbi David Hanania Pinto

"And he said, "If Eisav comes to one camp and strikes it down, the remaining camp will escape."
 וַיֹּ֕אמֶר אִם־יָב֥וֹא עֵשָׂ֛ו אֶל־הַמַּֽחֲנֶ֥ה הָאַחַ֖ת וְהִכָּ֑הוּ וְהָיָ֛ה הַמַּֽחֲנֶ֥ה הַנִּשְׁאָ֖ר לִפְלֵיטָֽה  [Vayishlach 32:9]

Take a look at the word in the Torah "והכהו" - ''strikes it down''.   Whether we read it forwards or backwards, it is the same word.

There is a great message here, as is found in the Sefer Da'at Chachamim. Every blow, every wound that the gentiles inflict on Am Yisroel, will eventually rebound and hit them back in the face.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Message of the Letter Nun

Did you read Tomer Devorah's post about the number 50?  The letter Nun is the number 50.
I remembered I did have a post about the letter Nun, although I hadn't published it, it was there waiting as a draft.   Here it is.  

The 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet: the letter Nun represents miracles.

"It is written in the Gemara [Berachot 57a] that one who sees Huna in a dream will have a miracle happen to him. If he sees Chanina, Chananya, Yochanan, or Nisi, many miracles will occur. However, this applies only if he sees these names in writing. Rashi explains that all these names contain the letter nun, the first letter of the word -- miracle." [Source]

By focusing on the letter Nun, it can bring you from a state of darkness to a state of joy, and to see miracles.

Perhaps we can explain this based on the Gemara in Berachot [57a] which says that one who sees the names "Chanina, Chananiah, or Yochanan" in a dream - "nisei nisim" (wondrous miracles) were done for him. 

Rashi explains that all of them have a double nun, alluding to "nisei nisim," many miracles. The Maharsha explains differently, however, that a name defines a person, and all of these names have either a yud-hey or yud-vav and the letters "chen." The base of these names, therefore, is that the person finds "chen" (grace) in the eyes of Hashem. 

All of these people recognize even in natural, mundane events the goodness of Hashem. The Ramban at the end of parshat Bo [Shemot 13:16] says that a person does not have a share in the Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu unless he believes that everything is a miracle. We say three times a day, "for your miracles that are with us every day." [Rabbi Y. M. Schachter]

The Real Meaning of Israel

Rabbi Efraim Palvanov


Who was the real Jacob and what was his true destiny? What is the link between Esau and King David? Why did Jacob buy Esau’s birthright, and trick him out of their father’s blessing? What was so special about Leah? With whom did Jacob wrestle, and why was he renamed “Israel”? Join us as we answer these and other enigmatic questions from the Book of Genesis.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Today's Random Items

Here are some photos which may convince you that something huge is occurring in the Heavens and I truly believe Hashem is preparing the world for major events.  Don't ask me technical questions, I have no answers, these are planets, halfway between the Sun and the Earth. Very close... if you believe NASA's measurements they are still 46 million miles away.

The first two photos are from today's batch... the remainder are some I have kept on hand from weeks or months ago.  These are all planets, each has unique clouds and colours.

Photo: Science & Astronony - FB

Photo: Nathan Erikson, Sioux Falls South Dakota
overlapping planets

This is the planet Atu, which has a base they are calling a "snail's foot"

Albion Park NSW Australia Oct 16 2023

This is the reason why we have weather conditions like this:

And these are just a couple of videos I thought worth sharing:

The first one is author  Douglas Murray speaking, and the second one is native New Zealanders [Maoris] doing a Haka for the Israeli hostages.. we need these guys on the front line.... thank you to the Maori [pronounced Mow-ri] people for supporting Israel.

Friday, November 24, 2023

End of Days Zohar Predictions

Rabbi Alon Anava

Last Night

The moon last night, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

Photo: Cloud Appreciation Society

Monday, November 20, 2023

Rachel and Leah

This week's Parsha Vayeitze is the Parsha of the week I was born.

Is there any personal significance to the Parsha of the week you were born? Find out here.

Vision of Rachel and Leah: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Lavan had two daughters, the older was was called Leah, and the younger one was called Rachel.
[Vayeitze 29:16]

Rachel represents the approach of tzadikim whose lives are totally holy; and Leah represents the approach of ba'alei teshuvah (penitents) who elevate the secular world to holiness.

Thus, Rachel was naturally attractive: "Rachel had beautiful features and a beautiful complexion" like the tzaddik whose character is flawless; whereas Leah cried profusely, alluding to the process of teshuvah. She was also naturally outgoing, a talent which helps a person to bring the outside world to the realm of holiness.

"Yaakov was an honest person, dwelling in tents" [Toldos 25:27]-  i.e. he busied himself only with matters of holiness - the approach of tzaddikim.  Therefore, people said that Yaakov was destined for Rachel, since their characters matched.  Eisav, on the other hand, was an outgoing "man of the field". Therefore people said that he would be a good match for Leah, for only the talented, outgoing Leah would have the ability to make Eisav do teshuvah.

Source: Based on Likutei Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe: Gutnick Chumash

Sunday, November 19, 2023

G-d Floods Gaza Tunnels

H/T Joe

Now we can see the passing binary solar system in action, over Gaza.  Hashem has used it to flood the tunnels, which the IDF were planning to do anyway.  Hashem did it for them.  I just hope the Israeli hostages are not caught up in the flooding.  As we are in the month of Kislev, which is a month of miracles, let us pray that they come home safely.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, all my posts on the passing solar system can be found by clicking on the Label Wonders underneath this post.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

"The Spiritual War" Podcast with Rabbi Shimon Kessin

 "G-d is bringing the Redemption much faster, and there are some people who think that Moshiach will come this year" - Rabbi Shimon Kessin

Rabbi Kessin gives advice on how we can accelerate the Redemption.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Message to Am Yisrael

H/T Rivka

HaGaon haYanuka

First he meets the soldiers, shiur starts at the 3min mark.  Hebrew with English subtitles.

To see the English subtitles, click on the cog at the bottom right hand corner of the video, click Subtitles and navigate to translate to English.

Right at the beginning he talks about Gog u Magog and says "it is an entirely different matter"....

For all the Noahides, approx 11.30 mark he speaks about the righteous of the nations.

Friday, November 10, 2023

An Enemy of the Jewish People

Following Obama's recent comments on Israel [which I couldn't even listen to because just looking at this man makes me feel ill], Alan Dershowitz calls him despicable and "an enemy of the Jewish people".  I told you this back in 2008 and again in 2011, 2014, and most recently 2023.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Yishmael vs Edom - Iran vs USA

Who Will Win?

"We're close to the end. We want to know: how close are we? "

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

How to be Saved !

 Rabbi Yuval Ovadia spells it out in this video.

From the Zohar [from around 12:30 in the video] - note, I'm mostly quoting Rabbi Ovadia, but have changed some words and added a couple of things to clarify.  Please listen to the shiur to hear his exact words.

"A star with seven moons - a mini solar system in fact - will appear."   [To see all the posts I've done on this "mini solar system" click here]

This is the Kochav Yaakov, although Rabbi Ovadia calls it the Star of David.
Some people call it Nibiru, but there's a whole other theory that Nibiru is just a blue planet, so let's just call it the Kochav Yaakov.
The appearance of this star will be parallel to the revelation of Moshiach.

Although nothing is for sure until it happens, the rise of the jihadists around the world could lead to a war between them and the gentile nations - between Yishmael and Eisav.  Maybe Korea or China will wage war against a xtian country.  During this war, the Star shows up, causing the destruction of many places on earth.

How can we be saved?  The Prophet says anyone who will call out for salvation from the Almighty will be saved.  So many were saved during the massacre of October 7 because they called out to Hashem. These were secular Jews, not religious, and they called Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad - they just said this "Jewish Password", the first line of the Shema, and were literally saved!

He tells an amazing story of how a Jewish family were saved by this Jewish password, around the 15 minute mark, but I do suggest you listen to the entire shiur.

Details of this War: The Start and The End

 HT: Dov bar Leib 

This is Rabbi Eliyahu and Rabbi Shalom, it's in Hebrew but there is a transcript underneath which I deciphered thanks to Google translate.  As it turns out, Ari Goldwag is right !

"Welcome.. Welcome..." You may sit down, Your Honor! 

Rabbi Shalom asks: So, the rabbi said: On the day of Pesach, I showed the rabbi - the rabbi said that after Sukkot - the end of the world. 

So Rabbi Shalom asks: What is going to happen? How much longer is this going to last? 

The rabbi: The matter is like this: the sages said about the Haftar that we read on the holiday of Sukkot: "On the day Gog comes upon the land of Israel"... [In the prophet Ezekiel, in chapter 37, it appears and is written] "The Vision of the Dry Bones", it is written (ibid.): "Did these bones cry out"? 

And he continues and answers his question: that there is a war that will begin in Sukkot and end on Passover Eve! - 

And where is it written: Elijah the prophet said about the well-known verse: "And he said that there is a hand on the throne for the Lord to fight against Amalek from generation to generation." what day is it - On the eve of Passover, in the middle of the day The first half of the month is 14 days, the eve of Passover. "...because there is a hand on the throne...." - God will sit on his throne and this will happen on Passover Eve! In this second the world will end and there is a war that will continue from the evening of Sukkot until the eve of Passover. 

Her name will end, the light will go down. There will be a war, the nations of the world will intervene, there will be an atom (atomic bomb)! 

The Gra says: There will be three minutes (of a bomb) atomized and God will do the war... 

A question to the rabbi: So what should we do about sweetening these decrees? 
The rabbi's answer: By righteousness, by the mercy, by mercy...! 

What will be with the captives? 

Rabbi Eliyahu Abutbol: BA will be released soon. The problem is that it will take time, what the sages said - and this is also who said... Rabbi Yonatan Eivshitz, zt'l. Have you seen his letter? 
Those present ask Rabbi Eliyahu, Shalita: What does he say? 

Rabbi Shalom, Shalita, reads the words of Rabbi Yonathan Eybshitz, zt'l: "And truly, in our many sins, the advice of Balaam happened, who said to Balak: "What will this nation do to your people in the end of days. Namely: "Acharit Yamim", which is the joy of the Torah, when in our many iniquities the devil rules, and Balaam's counsel is almost fulfilled in our many iniquities, in which the mixture of women and young men and virgins will dance like stags and foxes will dance there and a great breach will be made in our many iniquities..."! "That's what happened!!! The boys and girls went ... prohibitions on celibacy and there was also a statue (as everyone who saw the videos from that 'nature party / the Nova party' knows, God save us!!!!!! (And it happened) on Simchat Torah!!! here!!! 

The rabbis agree with Rabbi Shalom and Rabbi Eliyahu, Shalita: Yes, exactly like that!!! Rabbi Eliyahu continues and tells them: "And the owner of the 'honey forests' wrote these things about 300 years ago!!! The honorable rabbis say to Rabbi Eliyahu, Shalita: "This is the Holy Spirit, Rabbi, huh...? It's the Holy Spirit"!!! 

Rabbi Eliyahu, Shalita continues and says: This time has come! Here! Rabbi Zadok HaCohen of Lublin, zt'l, he says that the Messiah will come on the first day of Nissan! "In Nisan they will be redeemed and in Ha Nigal (in the month of Nisan)!" That's what everyone said!!! About the war of Gog and Magog - and redemption will be in Nisan in Israel! This is all proven!!! 

Rabbi Shalom and Rabbi Avraham Asulin say to Rabbi Abitbol: The soldiers walk with dedication.... Rabbi Eliyahu: "Sure, sure... they are great tzaddik!!! The Almighty will save them and they will not touch them! May they go healthy and unscathed in their war and so be it willed and we say Amen"

The Test at the End of Days

I don't remember when or where, but I clearly remember learning that at the End of Days we would be tested.  You may think the test is whether we support Israel or not.... but I think the test is far greater than that.  

Someone very close to me, who didn't know Yiddish but had picked up a few words here and there [and managed to mis-pronounce all of them] used to often say she was "fedummeled".  Fedummeled is not actually a Yiddish word, it isn't any word at all, but she would use it when she was confused and couldn't focus on anything due to stress.   That's how I feel right now.. I feel fedummeled.  

I have gone back and forth, not understanding how the G-d that I have believed and trusted in for all my life could allow such terrible things to happen to innocent babies, children and parents.  It's not something I can deal with on any level.  Hence, I am fedummeled.

But I decided that this must be the actual test.... do we abandon G-d, as many did during the Holocaust, because G-d had obviously abandoned those who awaited their death in the concentration camps?  Or do we carry on and understand that this is happening for a reason?  How can we believe in Hashem's kindness in the face of such horror that we witnessed on October 7 ?

I think this is the test at the End of Days.  It's a very difficult test, because we cannot understand why Hashem would allow any of it.  I have gone back and forth with this issue, I have no answers and no comprehension of Hashem's ways.  I thought I knew who G-d was, obviously I was under a false impression because the G-d I know would not have allowed the events of October 7.

I don't know what to make of anything right now.  What do I do with the innocent people in Gaza with no food or water, or shelter?  What do I with my heartache for all the suffering of my own people? 

I remain fedummeled. I'm not sure I'm even passing the test at the End of Days right now.  Even if I pray to G-d, I'm still shell-shocked and operating on less than 50% of my usual power. 

I know as a blogger I'm supposed to present an outward sense of strength and pass that on to my readers. I admire those bloggers [and commenters] who can do that, I admire their strength, especially if they are living in Israel. Although lately I've been thinking it's a lot harder to be a Jew in the diaspora, and I haven't gone out very much since October 7 which is already one month ago.  I've been dazed for a month, I'm confused and yes I am fedummeled.

Monday, November 6, 2023

The Simchat Torah End of Days Prophecy

Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeschutz in his book Yaarot Devash haShalem [Honeycombs] 

Book 1, Chapter 5   [translation by Reuven]

"...there happened the advice of Bilaam, who said to Balak, "Your counsel, which this nation will do to your people in the End of Days" [Balak 24:14], and we were the end which is Yud Tet which is yomtov, which is Simchat Torah and like in the past when the evil inclination – Yetzer Hara- Satan happened like Bilaam's counsel in the past in which there are mixtures of men and women, men and women, single men and single women who are virgins and they will dance there and they will dance inappropriately with illicit dancing, and a great and big loophole – breach is made, and all the good that they merited from the High Holy days – Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur they will lose all the favors that they have gained and this will be such terrible days, and woe is Bilaam's advice to do in the last days, and bitter and evil is the matter for me to do."

Now you see the clear prophecy of Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeschutz, please go to Tomer Devorah and read her post Tzeva Adom!

The 10 minute video below explains it all very clearly.

  "because of our sins, the satan is in charge"

Now, that's pretty much the same thing Rabbi Anava said.... "who is running the show?"  [see comments here]

Information on Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeschutz  -click here

Round the Clock Prayers Needed

Please click here to read this post 

Wherever you are in the world, calculate your time difference at the World Clock and time your Tehillim and other prayers to coincide with the Israeli time of 2am - 5am.  You can save the lives of the IDF and really make a contribution to this battle.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Flag of Palestine 1939


Hidden Blessings

“A blessing rests only on something that is hidden from the eye.” [Taanit 5b]

"And they gave their father wine to drink on that night....."[Vayeira 19:33 ]

According to the Zohar, the dot on the word - וּבְקוּמָהּ - alludes to the fact that God was secretly assisting this event, because Moshiach was to materialize from it, since Ruth, King David's great-grandmother, was a convert from the Moabites.

The latter event between Lot and his younger daughter [19:35] is written without the letter vav, to indicate that the union did not produce such great offspring.  Rabbi  Shimon said "When the verses states that Lot wasn't aware, it means he wasn't aware that Moshiach was destined to come from this union."

Why should the beginnings of Moshiach occur in such an undignified manner?

Ramak explains that when a very lofty soul is about to descend into the world, the forces of kelipah [evil] oppose the soul's descent vehemently.  Sometimes, however, kelipah will consent to the soul's descent if it occurs amidst a particularly sinful act.  Thus we find that from this undesirable act the ancestor of Moshiach was born.

Source: Lubavitcher Rebbe