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The 10th Red Cow

Shabbat Parah, the Sabbath of the Red Heifer, occurs on the Shabbat prior to Shabbat Mevarkhim of the month of Nisan. The maftir reading, Numbers 19:1-22, deals with the red heifer whose ashes were combined with water to ritually purify anyone who had been in contact with a dead person. Because only people who were pure could eat from the Passover sacrifice, a public announcement right before Nisan reminded anyone who had become impure to purify themselves before making the Passover pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Source: My Jewish Learning

"They should take some of the ashes of the burnt purification offering [of the red cow] and place them in a vessel [filled] with spring water" [Chukat 19:17]

Rambam comments: "Nine red heifers were prepared from the time this mitzvah was given until the destruction of the Second Temple.  The first was prepared by Moshe, the second by Ezra, and there were seven from Ezra until the destruction of the Temple.  The tenth will be made by King Mashiach - May he be speedily revealed! Amen, may this be your Will!"

The fact that Rambam mentions the tenth red heifer that "will be made by King Mashiach" in his legal Code [the Mishneh Torah] is understood, since Rambam included in his Code many laws that will only be applicable in the future era.  What is difficult to comprehend is why he concluded this law with a prayer "May he be speedily revealed! Amen, may this be Your Will!"  Surely a legal Code is not the place for the author to record his personal emotions and feelings, or to lapse into prayerful wishes?

It could be argued, however, that with his "prayer", Rambam did teach us a point of Jewish Law - or, to be precise, three points:

Judaism requires a person:

1) Not merely to believe [intellectually] in Mashiach, but also to actively await and yearn [emotionally] for his coming [Laws of Kings 11:1]

2) Inevitably, feeling this void will lead a person to pray for Mashiach's coming, just as he prays for any other thing that is lacking in his life.

3) And being that the requirement to believe in Mashiach is in force at all times, it follows that likewise, a person must yearn and pray for Mashiach constantly.


1) Rambam included prayerful wishes here in his legal Code to indicate that awaiting Mashiach must not be only expressed intellectually, but emotionally too.

2) He stresses that Mashiach should come "speedily" to indicate Mashiach's coming should be a personal heartfelt desire.

3) He recorded the above principles, not in his codification of the laws concerning Mashiach, but here out of context, to indicate that one must express a yearning for Mashiach constantly, whatever the context of one's discusion happens to be.

Source: Likutei Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The [D]Evil at the End of Days

Warning: some of the information contained in this post may scare some people, that is not my intention.  I'm just putting things together and coming to a conclusion, which may or may not happen.... some of those facts refer to demonic entities and Egyptian gods.  It is speculation based on facts.  Don't read it if you are over-sensitive. 

Rabbi Mendel Kessin has been telling us for a long time now that the Satan is dying and he is not going quietly.  I feel that we need to be prepared for a level of evil to be released upon the world greater than ever before.  Here's why.

[1] CERN will be firing up the Hadron Collider on April 8The Hadron Collider has been accused of "opening portals" to demonic entities and it doesn't help that the CERN logo looks like a 666.  See for more.

[2] NASA will be firing THREE ROCKETS at the solar eclipse on April 8.

The space agency’s project, Atmospheric Perturbations Around The Eclipse Path, will investigate how that drop in sunlight and temperature affects Earth’s upper atmosphere. 

APEP is named after the SERPENT DEITY from ancient Egyptian mythology, nemesis of the sun deity Ra, according to NASA.  See: 

Apep, also spelled Apepi, Aapep, was the ancient Egyptian deity who EMBODIED DARKNESS AND DISORDER, and was thus the OPPONENT OF LIGHT and Ma'at (order/truth). 

[3] Aleister Crowley [1875-1947] was an English occultist. His mother, Emily Bertha Bishop had a strained relationship with her son; she described him as "the Beast", a name that he revelled in.

He founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus [an Egyptian god]. Crowley said that he wrote down everything a voice told him over the course of  three days: April 8, 9 and 10 in 1904 - that's exactly 120 years to the day of April 8 2024 -, and titled it Liber AL vel Legis or The Book of the Law. The book proclaimed that humanity was entering a new Aeon, and that Crowley would serve as its prophet. It stated that a supreme moral law was to be introduced in this Aeon, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law," and that people should learn to live in tune with their Will. This book, and the philosophy that it espoused, became the cornerstone of Crowley's religion, Thelema.  Source: Wikipedia  

[Crawley set himself up as an opposition to G-d, he used gematria, kabbalah, the Tree of Life, and the word AL is representing the name of G-d. He brought a level of evil down into the world which had not been here previously. These days many people still have Crawley as their idol... the guitarist Jimmy Page from the band Led Zeppelin is one of those people, at one stage even buying his former house]

[4] Comet 12P Pons-Brooks - the Devil's Comet

[5] National Guard being deployed.

[6] Schools closed.

[7] Cicada Apocalypse

[8] Red Heifer ritual taking place March 29 

[9] The plan to draft Hareidim into the IDF, removing essential Torah learning.

[10] Biblical prophecy of Jonah, eclipse crossing 7 cities named Nineveh. 

G‑d commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh, one of the largest cities of that time and foretell its destruction, because the evil of its inhabitants had reached the limit. [Click here for the story of Jonah]

[11] Advice to stock up on food and water.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Chinese Zodiac in Judaism

Rabbi Efraim Palvanov 

Why are the Chinese calendar and Jewish calendar nearly identical? What are the mysterious spiritual origins of Chinese and East Asian peoples according to the Torah? And what role might China and the Chinese Zodiac play in the End of Days? 

Find out in this class where we unravel what really happened with the Tower of Babel, explore the Kuzari and Khazarian conspiracy theories, and learn about the symbolic significance of Chinese Zodiac animals in Judaism.

For Part 1 of this series on the Dragon and the Snake, see here

More links at You Tube

You may also be interested in the story of the over 10,000 Jews saved by the "Chinese Schindler" - Dr Ho Feng Shan.  Feng-Shan Ho served as the Consul-General for the Republic of China in Vienna during WW2, where he risked his life and career to save possibly tens of thousands of Jews by issuing them visas in defiance of his superiors.

Francis Scott Key Bridge

"Curiouser and curiouser" said Alice.

For those of you that don't know.... the Francis Scott Key Bridge is the same bridge event that took place in the Netflix movie "Leave the World Behind" - the production company is owned by the Obamas.

See here for more on this:

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Tzav: The Conscious and the Sub-Conscious Mitzvot

Do we really have free choice? Most people tend to view this as a yes-or-no type of question, but the correct answer is in fact, yes and no.

a) The inner core of the soul is totally at one with G-d. At this subconscious level, the soul of every Jew wishes to observe all the mitzvot and to avoid transgressing any prohibitions. There is no desire for evil here; there simply is no other option than doing good.

b) At the conscious level however, where we interact with the more superficial layers of the soul's complex psyche, there is room for both good and evil. Here, the soul's inner desire to observe all the mitzvot is felt only as a weaker 'signal', which is susceptible to 'interference' from the opposing messages of our animalistic instincts. So at the conscious level, we do indeed possess free choice.

In general, the Torah speaks to our conscious mind. We are told to observe the mitzvot with the full awareness of what we are doing, and we are charged with bringing an awareness of spirituality into our normal, daily lives.

However, at this conscious level, we are susceptible to being drawn away from a life of holiness, or stifled by the limitations that the world appears to present. So while most of the mitzvot were given to the conscious part of the soul, G-d saw it necessary to give us some mitzvot which speak directly to the inner core of the soul, helping the soul's unlimited energy and total commitment to good to flow outwards to the conscious mind. These special mitzvot help us stay in tune with our subconscious commitment to Judaism, when our conscious observance becomes strained or limited.

With most mitzvot, G-d told Moshe to address the Jewish people with the term דבר "daber" [speak] or אמור "emor" [say]. While the mitzvot conveyed with these terms are of course obligatory, the more passive, indirect mood of the words "speak" and "say" indicate that these mitzvot are directed at the superficial layers of the soul which possess free choice.

Parshas Tzav, in contrast, uses the more direct imperative term צו "tsav" [command], alluding to a type of mitzvah which speaks to the soul's inner core that does not possess true free-choice; and is simply "commanded" to obey G-d's will. These special mitzvot which are included in this Parsha are aimed at helping our inner identity of unquestioning and uninhibited commitment to the Jewish faith surface in everyday life.

Based on Likutei Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Machloket and the [Current] Royal Family

Machloket, the Hebrew word for dispute or strife, is related to the word "piece" or "fragment" because a machloket shatters the Peace into pieces.  There is fall-out and bad things happen. That's why you should always stay away from arguments [unless they are for the sake of Heaven].

The machloket in the British Royal family, initiated by Harry and Meghan, caused a worldwide machloket. People were taking sides: for and against.   

Several years after it had begun, King Charles III and his daughter-in-law the Princess of Wales are both diagnosed with cancer, requiring them both to begin chemotherapy and cease Royal duties until their health has returned.

That's what a machloket does.  You're watching it play out now.  

Of course it's no accident that Harry married Meghan.  He's probably a gilgul of King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne in favour of marrying his lover Wallis Simpson.  Meghan is the new Wallis Simpson, very similar in personality and probably another gilgul.  No surprise that Prince Philip used to call her DOW [Duchess of Windsor]

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov explains "machloket":

At the end of his story “The Spider and The Fly” (Rabbi Nachman’s Stories, p. 151), Rebbe Nachman tells us that when the soul of a great tzaddik—him!—comes to this world, Satan protests. “If the tzaddik is allowed to come to the world, I will be unable to do my job! Do not let him be born!” God’s reply is that the tzaddik must be born. Satan must seek a solution to his problem. 

The tzaddik must come in order to teach and model for us how life is meant to be lived. If not, we could not know and we would have no chance to choose a proper way of life. On the other hand, as Satan correctly pointed out, the tzaddik would be so successful that he, Satan, could not do his job. There must be free will. That’s the point of living: having and using free will, preferably making right choices! So what is Satan’s solution? He befriends a stooped-over old man: machloket—argument, strife, dissension, politics. And the Satan laughs; he is no longer afraid of the great tzaddik and his teachings.

Let’s think for a moment. Satan goes from pleading and being distraught at the prospect of squaring off against the tzaddik, to laughing and being unconcerned. Why? He has found machloket. The implication is that the tzaddik needs and thrives on shalom. Shalom means more than “peace.” Just as machloket is related to the Hebrew word for “piece” and “fragment,” shalom is related to the words “whole” and “complete.” Everything in Rebbe Nachman’s teachings stresses—and sometimes screams—wholeness: in prayer, in Torah study, in caring and sharing (chessed and tzedakah).
Source: Breslov

This is Above Us Now: Between the Sun and the Earth

This video is 11 years old, and it is from a totally different source to the person I usually quote on these things.

This system has been here since 2010, and in this video you can see clearly all the planets, their colours and their names.  It is very interesting that the planet called "Nibiru" looks very similar to planet Earth. The translation of the title of the video is "Nibiru is planet number 6 in the brown dwarf Immaru's Solar System".

Note that the beginning of the video seems a bit strange, but that's just sound effects to get you in the mood for a journey to outer space....

Monday, March 25, 2024

How our Inner Thoughts have Power over our Destinies.

In an address the Lubavitcher Rebbe gave in 1963, he expanded on the philosophical and spiritual dynamic behind the principle “Think good, and it will be good.” 

He began by asking the obvious question: On the basis of what should one believe that in the face of any challenge, “it (the outcome) will be good”? Isn’t it presumptuous to assume that in every given situation we are always deserving of Divine grace, regardless of our state of religious and moral standing? 

And what of the basic Jewish belief that there is a Divine order of reward and punishment that governs our world, making salvation dependent on righteous behavior?

The Rebbe’s answer was: When a Jew decides to place his trust in G‑d, believing that his current crisis will be resolved favorably despite facing a bleak reality that suggests otherwise, he has, in effect, risen above his own nature, which in turn elicits, reciprocally, “measure for measure” the suspension of the Divine order, where only the righteous are deserving of salvation.   In fact, according to Nachmanides [Bechukotai 26:11]: “When the majority of the Jewish people are complete [in their faith in G‑d], their affairs are not run by the natural order…to the extent that there is no need for a physician or to follow the ways of medicine, as it says, ‘I am the L‑rd your healer….’” Obviously, those times of spiritual perfection are all too rare, and under the current circumstances, we are encouraged to follow the natural order of things.

G‑d, the creator of Man, understands how difficult and even “supernatural” it is for a human being to truly believe—to the degree that he or she no longer experiences fear and anxiety—that an unpromising and even seemingly hopeless situation will have a positive outcome. And, thus, as a result and even reward for the extraordinary act of worship of “tracht gut,” G‑d deems the believer, who is otherwise undeserving of a positive outcome, to be deserving in this instance of an extra measure of Divine generosity.

This was extracted from an essay at Chabad, to see the original plus footnotes, click here

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Holy Cow

The battle for Moshiach continues on many fronts.  Here is one of them: the preparations for the Third Temple/Red Heifers, as reported on CBS News recently.

Esther's Secret Prophetic Vision

Hidden in the Megillah is a strange code.  3 min video showing Esther's secret prophetic vision.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Is History About to Repeat?

213 years ago, on September 17, 1811 at 6.43pm which means it was evening and therefore the beginning of Rosh Hashanah of 5572  .... there was a annular solar eclipse [preceded two weeks earlier by a partial lunar eclipse], there was also the appearance of a comet at the same time, and following on from that there were over 2,000 earthquakes across America.  This was known as The New Madrid Earthquakes.  The Mississippi River ran backwards for hours, cracks appeared in the ground, seismic tar balls formed, and the skies turned dark.  You should click the link to the New Madrid Earthquakes and read all about it.

So..... on April 8 we have a total solar eclipse [preceded two weeks earlier by a partial lunar eclipse] and a rare appearance of a comet.....this is a repeat of the events that occurred in 1811 .....and the National Guard is being deployed, children being sent home from school so they "don't damage their eyes" and various other warnings have been given.  

What are they expecting?  A repeat of what happened in 1811?

Image Credit & Copyright: Jan Erik Vallestad

This is what the Comet 12P Pons Brooks looks like now.  See the red spiral....  The featured image is a composite of three very specific colors, showing the comet's ever-changing ion tail in light blue, its outer coma in green, and highlights some red-glowing gas around the coma in a spiral. The spiral is thought to be caused by gas being expelled by the slowly rotating nucleus of the giant iceberg comet.

Rabbi Cordovero said it was red and shaped like a jack.

You'll Like This

 This was posted by Rabbi Ginsburgh at

Celestial Events from Purim Onwards

Did you know there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Purim ?   Penumbral means that it will be "shadowy" - not clearly visible.

We all know about the total Solar Eclipse on April 8 but apparently a solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse.  

So Purim is the hard-to-see lunar eclipse and Rosh Chodesh Nissan is the total solar eclipse.  Between those two things, we have the date of 25 Adar II where we hope to see the "devil comet" which may be the Kochav Yaakov.    Then, on first night Pesach [two weeks after the solar eclipse] we have the devil comet at perihelion [closest point to the sun].  

I am wondering what else is going to happen during all of this.  

We know there is a second sun behind our sun, and I've heard from Sam Hofman that we are going to have "separation" of the two suns at some point.  In other words, the second sun is going to emerge from behind our sun.   It would be perfect timing to have this occur while everyone's eyes are looking up at the all these events.  Wouldn't that confuse people..... a second sun emerging .... wishful thinking maybe.

Just to tie all this together, we have a timeline given by Ari Goldwag for a Nissan Geula.  

All of this is "wait and see" because there's not much more we can do at this stage.  

In the meantime, I'll show you some photos and videos that I meant to put up yesterday, but too many things were going on in my life and I didn't have time.

Images: Red Asteroid over Spencer, Tennessee last Friday night [no-one knew what they were looking at - it's so nice to be able to tell you what it actually is]

Atu's Moon

This is a video of Atu's moon which is made up of mammatus clouds.  It's being seen everywhere lately, I saw it not too long ago, it was much fainter at that time, very pale lilac colour and very beautiful.

Atu's moon on top the sun 

Atu's moon over Arizona desert

And here it is in Israel     

Atu's moon over Mumbai

And a short video of various world weather disasters, most of which we don't hear about

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The Dragon, The Snake and The Messiah

Rabbi Efraim Palvanov

Kundalini, Kukulkan, Leviathan, and Nachash: Why do cultures and religions from all over the world use similar serpentine imagery? What is so special about the snake symbol and how does it tie into spiritual elevation and enlightenment? And what does it have to do with Mashiach and the End of Days? 

Find out in this class where we explore the origins of the mystical snake from the first verses of Genesis, and see how it manifests in the cosmos, the constellations, and the current war in Gaza.

More links at You Tube

Monday, March 18, 2024

Closer and Closer

Just getting back to those storms that I was talking about yesterday, when I said it was the planets cutting a swathe across the US....  here is a video of the main offending planet, called Napisiti, as it sends giant hail down on Texas.  In the video, you are looking at the base clouds of the back side of Napisiti.  The pale blue on the left is our actual sky, the deep grey is not ours. It is a close passing visitor, and about to get closer.  Storms will be getting worse.

And this is the size of the hail.

Planets Atu and Napisiti side by side

Achieving Great Heights

by Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

וַיִּקְרָא  "Vayikra - He called" [Vayikra 1:1]

Why is the word "Vayikra" written with a small alef? asked R' Simchah Bunim of P'shischa.

The verse comes to teach us, answered the Rebbe, about the extraordinary humility of Moshe Rabbeinu. Even when he was engaged in conversation with Hashem, the King of the entire world, Moshe remained the most humble of men.

To what can this be compared? asked the Rebbe.  To a man who had scaled an enormous mountain and looking about, he could get the impression that he towers over all those around him.  However, if he is a wise man, he will realize that he is not tall at all, nor does his elevated position point to any personal greatness.  For it is the mountain upon which he is standing that is tall. He knows that he has not grown any taller and that he is still small compared to all the mountains around him.

This is the secret to Moshe Rabbeinu's humility, explained the Rebbe. For even though he had achieved great heights, so much so that Hashem was calling him in order to speak with him, he nonetheless remained humble, as he did not attribute any of his greatness to his own personal strengths.

There is a commonly asked question regarding the word וַיִּקְרָא in this parshah: Why is it spelled with a small alef?

The word Vayikra begins the sefer that deals with sacrificial offerings. The main purpose of bringing sacrifices is to bring atonement to a person who sinned. But that is only accomplished if the person regrets his previous misdeeds and repents wholeheartedly for what he has done.

The mussar masters have taught us that the trait of haughtiness lies at the root of all sin. A humble and subdued person does not sin easily, but one whose heart is filled with pride and arrogance pays little heed to rebuke, so he will inevitably succumb to sin.

The letter alef stands for the word ani - I. "Vayikra" is spelled here with a small alef to teach us that if we make our ani small - if we make ourselves small and act with humility - then we will avoid sins and we will have no need to bring sacrificial offerings.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Never Seen Anything Like It ?

Well I have seen storms just like this. About six months ago when the planets were coming in over Sydney.

Multiple dead after strong storms in Ohio [and across the US]

Skies full of multiple blinking lights, lightning and giant hail which spanned well over 1,000 miles across America.  That's the planets travelling in a swathe over the US.  

If you've experienced this kind of storm/lightning you won't forget it.  I have sat and watched similar lightning go on for HOURS [literally] - non-stop flashing, as though someone up in Heaven is warning us that the show is about to start [or end].  If you watch the video you will see how at one point the lightning and the skies turn into that beautiful purple colour.  That of course means the planet Atu is overhead.

The strobe-like lightning, which resembles a TV on the blink, is caused by the extremely close-passing planets, but they are not as close as they will be, in a few days time they will be even closer.

You'll know when the planets are above you.... first the wind picks up, and it's like a devil wind, unlike normal wind it's much more powerful. Then the rain comes, like someone tipped Niagara Falls on top of you. That's what we call a rain bomb. Courtesy of planets Napisiti and Atu.  Purple lightning and never ending flashing.

Here's the video, which you can watch in it's entirety or just from the 2 min. mark to see what I'm talking about.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Latest Eclipse Alerts

I didn't intend to put any of this on the blog, but there seem to be some skeptical people leaving comments, and this video just randomly came up.   Obviously I do not live in America, I'm on the other side of the world, but this guy usually knows what he's talking about.  

You're asking me why I'm talking about the eclipse.... well first of all it's on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and we do have a timeline that brings us to Nissan for Geula.   Secondly, there are so many unanswered questions at the moment, such as all the things he's talking about in this video.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

As Moshiach Draws Closer Nisyaonos [Challenges] Become More Complicated and Subtle

H/t CS

Rabbi Daniel Travis

Excellent advice on how to avoid feeling anxious as the world descends into madness.

Strange Skies

 This is the new normal.  Just getting started ok.... we're just getting started. 

New Mexico March 13 2024 - blue asteroid lighting up the sun

Snowtown, South Australia - Photo Charlie Lane

this is something extremely strange - Photo Charlie Lane
Minnesota March 12 2024 - Something behind the moon

Two suns?  This is our sun with the giant red halo which is the gas giant Hercolobus, and at the 1 o'clock position is something from the passing solar system

Gaza is Falling... Moshiach is Coming

H/T Sherry

I really want to publicly thank Sherry for all her support and contributions via email - may Hashem grant her a Refuah Sheimah in the merit of her full emunah and devotion to the coming of Moshiach, may it be speedily in our days.

Video: Shmuel from the Torah Channel

Wednesday, March 13, 2024


מִשְׁכַּן הָעֵדֻת "The Dwelling of the Testimony" [Pekudei 38:21]

Why, asked the Malbim {R' Meir Leibush Malbim} is the Mishkan referred to as the "Dwelling of Testimony?"

In the pesukim that follow, answered the Malbim, the Torah gives us an accounting of the vast amounts of gold, silver and other materials that were used in the construction of the Mishkan.  It records how much was donated toward the Mishkan's construction and how much was put to use.

The Mishkan itself was the best evidence that there was absolutely no dishonesty in relation to the Mishkan's construction, and that every last donation was accounted for and put to use.  For it is inconceivable that the Divine Presence would ever dwell in a place that was tainted with corruption.  If any of the donations had been misappropriated, the Divine Presence would never have rested there.

[Source: Rabbi Y. Bronstein]

Fundraising and Fraud
"It is not proper to collect money in Israel for institutions that are outside of Israel. The money is needed in Israel. Additionally, every tzedaka fund should have separate people as its fundraiser and director. When it comes to peoples' money given to tzedaka, one needs to be extremely careful to make sure that people will not be suspicious of fraud. This concern is in addition to bearing in mind what G-d says about the use of tzedaka funds." [Igros Kodesh Lubavitcher Rebbe vol. 21 letter 8165]

Two signatures required
"I was satisfied to hear that your tzedaka institution requires two signatures on any cheque written. This is in accordance with the instruction of our holy sages." [Igros Kodesh Lubavitcher Rebbe vol. 21 letter 7978]

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

How Big Is It Going To Get?

Talking about Comet 12P Pons Brooks, which is rumoured to be the Kochav Yaakov.  I don't know... I'm expecting it to be, but part of me is also expecting the Kochav Yaakov on 25 Elul.  

Or maybe there's two stars/comets, one in Adar II and one in Elul which is why it says "the sixth month" - because the "sixth" month could be either Adar II or Elul, or perhaps both !

Here's the video - it's only 3 minutes, and he's got some pictures of some of the planets at the end.... 

The Oscars 2024 - "An Overt Display of Jew Hatred"


Tonight’s Oscars was a subtle and overt display of Jew-hatred. Hollywood stars including Billie Eilish, Finneas, Mark Ruffalo, Ava DuVernay, Ramy Youssef and Quannah Chasinghorse wore red pins that represent the group Artists4Ceasefire. 

Ramy Youssef explained that the pin symbolized “justice for the people of Palestine,” adding, “it’s a universal message of just let’s stop killing kids.” 

Notably absent were the yellow pins representing the hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th. And that’s the point: if you’re calling for a ceasefire without calling for the release of the hostages, you are promoting Hamas’s agenda by questioning Israel’s right to self-defense. 

It was Hamas who barbarically attacked Israel, breaking the ceasefire on October 7th. Since then, Hamas has consistently rejected numerous ceasefire proposals. Hamas is not interested in a ceasefire, it is interested in murdering Jews and sacrificing Palestinians. If these artists cared so much about a ceasefire, they’d be applying pressure on Hamas rather than attacking Israel. 

At its mildest, this is subconscious antisemitism; at its worst, deliberate attacks against Jews. Either way, it’s appalling and needs to be addressed. We cannot allow Hollywood celebrities to be manipulated into furthering Hamas’s hateful agenda around the world.

That was Noa Tishby's IG post today.  She forgot to mention that....

.... not even Jonathan Glazer, the writer/director of 'The Zone of Interest', a masterpiece about the Holocaust — would stand up for Israel. Glazer, in a supreme act of self-loathing, went so far as to renounce his Judaism. Thanking his partners, he said: 'Right now, we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation which has led to conflict for so many innocent people.'

Monday, March 11, 2024

Secrets of Purim

Rabbi Efraim Palvanov

What is the deeper mystical meaning of the Purim festival? Is a Jew really required to get drunk on the holiday? And why does the Tanakh describe Mashiach as being able to judge by “smelling”? Find out in this class where we take a plunge into the science and Kabbalah of Purim. 

Also: what really happened when the Talmudic sage Rava “killed” Rabbi Zeira on Purim? What is the deeper reason for dressing up in costumes? And what was the real name of Mordechai?

More links and info at You Tube click here

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Into the Caves of the Rocks


19 And men shall go into the caves of the rocks, and into the holes of the earth, from before the terror of the LORD, and from the glory of His majesty, when He ariseth to shake mightily the earth.

Many of the world’s elite, including hedge fund managers, sports stars and tech executives (Bill Gates is rumored to have caves bunkers at all his properties) have chosen to design their own caves secret shelters to house their families and staff.

“The plans show that the two central mansions will be joined by a tunnel that branches off into a 5,000 square foot [464 square metres] underground shelter, featuring living space, a mechanical room, and an escape hatch that can be accessed via a ladder.” The incredible size of the bunker, which has a blast-proof door, is double that of the average Australian home. It will be entirely self-sustainable, producing its own food and water. 

The Obama Foundation in New Zealand is busy building Obama "an armoured fortress as an escape". 

They all believe that Earth is about to be hit by a rogue red planet [or something].  

The first half of this video is very interesting as he explains how the US government has funded their bunkers, and shows a map of where they are situated.  [Just rewind it if you want to watch it, I don't know how to stop it playing from the halfway mark.]  Anything in italics below is quoting from the video.

In 1983 a new infrared telescope was introduced which enabled them to confirm what they had already known, that a second solar system was heading towards us, along with a second sun around which the planets orbit, and a giant body named Hercolobus which holds the entire system together.

The second half of the video is probably not worth watching as he's talking about the destruction of the earth from Nibiru, which he believes to be the gas giant Hercolobus behind the Suns.

Make no mistake, the governments of the world are expecting something, which is why they have been building bunkers since the time of Reagan's Presidency.  One of the bunkers they have built can hold 30-40,000 people.

Where did they get the money?  From the Federal Reserve.  Donald Rumsfeld calmly told Congress that $2.3 trillion could not be accounted for.  The story disappeared into the smoke of the Twin Towers collapse.   

Hercolubus is the gas giant behind our sun, it is the binding agent between our Sun and the second [red] Sun.  

Hercolobus is the reason why our Sun has this halo around it all the time, seen all over the world constantly these days. That halo is the size of Hercolobus. 

From what I have learnt, no-one seems to have the complete picture, everyone's got a piece of the puzzle but they're not getting it 100% right. 

I don't know what the complete picture is either, that's Hashem's secret.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Recent Photos

Some very recent photos of what's going on around the world.

This shows the orbit of the second solar system [sorry about the poor quality of the picture] - we are orbiting Sol and the other planets are orbiting the red Binary star/sun, and are visible from Earth as they pass...[a wheel within a wheel?]

In this image you can see the green asteroid bottom left, and the rainbow effect is caused by colourful asteroids flying by

Rainbow around the sun, caused by asteroids

This is an asteroid in front of the sun

Red sunset caused by planet Isatum

The "Texas Cube" - so called because it was first sighted over Texas. It is a massive cube shape flying around with the planets in the passing solar system

A Passing Planet
Blue= sky / orange =planet
[and if you think Gee that's close... just wait a week or two...
they'll be on top of us]

If you want to go back and re-look at other photos of this passing solar system, click on the Wonders Label below this post.

This is why they keep drawing lines in the sky everywhere. They don't want the people to know about this.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Coming Solar Eclipse

Rabbi Efraim Palvanov

What might the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 mean for the world? What is the spiritual significance of solar and lunar eclipses? And how do we reconcile the notion that eclipses are signs from Heaven with the scientific understanding that eclipses are natural and easily predictable long in advance? 

Find out in this class, where we also explore the symbolism of sun and moon in Judaism, the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, the numerological meaning of the number 30, and conclude with the little-known prophecies of the Biblical Joel - and what they might have to do with what’s going in in Israel and the world today.

More links at You Tube

Monday, March 4, 2024

Fact Check: Asteroids

Do you remember that red cloud over Turkey before the 7.8 quake in February 2023?

They have gone to a lot of trouble to DENY that this cloud was caused by HAARP or that clouds in any way cause earthquakes.  It wasn't HAARP, but they'd prefer you to think it was rather than know the truth.  Just have a look at this article on Fact Check:

Click on the first link which will take you to Instagram and you will see that the photo has been removed from IG and replaced with a notice saying "False Information: Reviewed by Independent Fact-Checkers".    So now you know that anything "reviewed by independent fact-checkers" may well be UNTRUE.

This cloud is from the Red Asteroid.  The Red Asteroid is just one of many flying around with all the planets.  When they fly by us, they leave the red clouds with a circle, like the photos below. And yes, the closeness of the planets [and asteroids] passing close-by us can cause earthquakes.  

Asteroid trail over Scotland
OCG stands for Object Cluster Group, there's a lot flying around up there, some of it is un-identifiable.

There is a skull-shaped asteroid, and a cube and a long box shape, all flying around with the planets.

Asteroid at base of planet

There are different coloured asteroids: red, blue, green, tan....  they give us rainbow-like patterns in the sky as the fly by.  

This is what it can look like as it's passing.

This is the red asteroid, captured in the middle of the night.

Asteroid trail under Atu's Moon