Monday, July 31, 2023

The Transformation of Reality in the Messianic Era

New shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Mashiach Facts


When Will the Mashiach Come?

There is a wide variety of opinions on the subject of when the Mashiach will come.  Some of the Jews' greatest minds have cursed those who try to predict the time of the Mashiach's coming, because errors in such predictions could cause people to lose faith in the messianic idea or in the Torah itself.  This actually happened in the 17th century, when Shabbtai Tzvi claimed to be the Mashiach; when Tzvi converted to Islam under threat of death, many Jews converted with him.  Nevertheless, this "prohibition" has not stopped anybody from speculating about the time when the Mashiach will come (including some who themselves spoke harshly of those who engaged in such vain efforts!).

Although some scholars believed that God has set aside a specific date for the coming of the Mashiach, most authorities suggest that the conduct of mankind will determine the time of the Mashiach's coming.  In general, it is believed that the Mashiach will come in a time when he is most needed (because the world is so evil), or in a time when he is most deserved (because the world is so good).  For example, each of the following has been suggested as the time when the Mashiach will come:

  • when all Israel repent a single day
  • when all Israel observe a single sabbath properly
  • when all Israel observe two sabbaths in a row properly
  • in a generation that is totally innocent, or totally guilty
  • in a generation that loses hope
  • in a generation where children are totally disrespectful towards their parents and elders (commonly thought to be "our generation", in every generation!)

What Will the Mashiach Do?

Before the time of the Mashiach, there will be war and great suffering (Ezekiel 38,16).  Then the Mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing all Jews outside Israel back to Israel, and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11,11-12Jeremiah 23,830,3Hosea 3,4-5).  He will establish a Torah government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and Gentiles (Isaiah 2,2-4; 11,1042,1).  He will rebuild the Temple and reestablish its worship (Jeremiah 33,18).  He will restore the religious court system of Israel, if it had not already been reestablished before him, and establish the Torah as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33,15).

Source and more at Mechon Mamre click here

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Global Boiling

It's interesting that we have now entered the stage of "Global Boiling" rather than "global warming". This is a term brought to us by the UN.

Just as the souls from the generation of the Flood have re-incarnated at the End of Days,  we also have the "boiling" aspect of things.

At the time of the Flood:   "The gates of heaven broke loose, and the depths of the earth opened to send forth streams of raging, boiling water..."

Our water is also heating up.  On July 25 water temperatures off Florida Keys measured 101 degrees.

None of this is surprising when you consider that we currently have two suns, one behind the other. And behind the second one is a gas giant, hence the appearance of the sunset photo below. 

Sunset Italy July 22

Friday, July 28, 2023

A Sign: Fox on Temple Mount


Last night [Tisha b'Av]  in Jerusalem, a fox was spotted wandering among the rocks. On the solemn day of Tishabav, which commemorates the destruction of the Temple, we recall a story from the Talmud of Makkos. In this tale, a group of Rabbis visited Jerusalem to witness the ruins of the Temple. As they stood on the Temple Mount, they saw a fox emerging from the very place where the Holy of Holies once stood. This sight intensified their sadness, but Rabbi Akiva responded with laughter. 

Confused by his reaction, the other Rabbis asked Rabbi Akiva why he was laughing amidst their grief. He explained that their tears were fulfilling two prophecies. Uriah had predicted the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, which led to the area being inhabited by foxes. On the other hand, Zechariah had prophesied a future where people would return to Jerusalem and live there peacefully. 

Rabbi Akiva believed that since Uriah's prophecy had come true (seeing the fox), it meant that Zechariah's prophecy would also come true (people living peacefully in Jerusalem). Therefore, their tears of sorrow were actually bringing hope for a better future. The other Rabbis found comfort in Rabbi Akiva's explanation and thanked him for his wise words.

Source: Sholom Rochela Rodal

Yellow Moon

This may appear to be two suns.  It's actually three different objects.  On the left is the yellow moon belonging to another planet.  Then we have our sun, and behind our sun is a much larger sun, which you can see from the reddish halo around our sun.

There are a lot of photos showing this yellow moon, and people think it is the second sun.  We can't even see the second sun, it's BEHIND our sun.  The other planets and their moons are orbiting around the second sun, which is why they are so close to earth right now.

Here is a photo taken yesterday in Hungary, where you can clearly see the red behind our sun.

Labor Pains of the Mashiach

HT: Sherry

Rabbi Shimon Kessin

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

"Amen Yehai Sh'mai Raba" - Yanuka - with transcription

 Transcription of first half

With regards to the answering of  "Amen, may His great name be blessed" - אמן יהא שמיה רבה

I have spoken about this - אמן יהא שמיה רבה -  it is an individual redemption and a general redemption.

This is saying that if a person wishes to act before Hashem any sort of salvation, for what he needs from HaKodesh Baruch Hu, then he performs a salvation before HaKodesh Baruch Hu - individual and general.  

This is written in Zohar Noach 62b, in the Zohar Terumah 120b. In the Beit Yosef 56 he cites this. We mentioned yesterday Shabbat 119 in the name of  Tosafot that this helps for the salvation of the Jewish nation. In Massechet Sotah 49a and in Massechet Brachot 39a according to Tosafot we see that there is significance that a person says "Amen may His great Name be blessed", that his decree is torn up.

The Sefer Chareidim mentions that there is atonement... there are a few types of atonement for a person. One of the atonements that he mentions first is to say "Amen may his great Name be blessed". This is among the atonement that can atone for a person's soul.

When a person says אמן יהא שמיה רבה with kavana [concentration and meaning] this is atonement for him. When a person has atonement, HaKodesh Baruch Hu acts towards him with all good, from all good, in whatever he desires.

[He then goes on to explain what "kavanah" means.]

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Mad World

If you're reading this in the comfort of your home, consider yourself extremely fortunate... that you are not fleeing the wildfires in Greece, losing your home to massive flooding in India, China, Kenya, Afghanistan, the Philippines or Pakistan, living near an active volcano or being rain-bombed and dodging hail  in Europe.  

There's an all-seeing eye in the sky, watching everything we do... even when no-one else sees, Hashem sees.  We are living through the most incredible time, but most people go about their days as if nothing special is happening, and it's business as usual.   

What do these people think is going to happen next? Do they just close their eyes to it all? 

I think they do, I think it's too hard to even think about all this chaos and they just operate on automatic. They don't have the knowledge or belief in the coming of Moshiach, and even if they learnt about it once or twice they don't feel it or expect it. Or they have Moshiach burn out.  Fed up with waiting and given up.  

So whatever is coming has to be incredible enough to wake all these people up.  I can't even begin to imagine. 

Monday, July 24, 2023

Making Room for G-d

''You shall love Hashem,  your God'' [Va'etchanan 6:5]

Every individual, remarked the Dubno Maggid, is required to love Hashem with all his heart.  In order to do this, he must remove all negative and sinful thoughts from his heart.

To what can this be compared?  - to a farmer who arrived in a city on the market day and quickly sold all of his merchandise.

Now that he had a large sum of money in his possession, he decided to buy himself an elegant outfit, the type customarily worn by the city dwellers.  He entered a store that sold expensive silk garments and was given one to try on. The garment seemed too small, however, as the farmer was unable to get his arm into the sleeve.

''The garment that you have given me is too small'', said the farmer to the storeowner.

''The garment is exactly your size,'' laughed the storeowner, ''but before you try it on, you must first remove  your heavy farmer's coat.''

Only after a man removes all the wicked thoughts from his heart, explained the maggid, can there be room in his heart to love Hashem properly.

Source: Rabbi Yisroel Bronstein

Sunday, July 23, 2023

5 Av: Yarzheit Arizal

The Arizal [1534-1572] - Rabbi Isaac Luria was the most famous Kabbalist in the city of Safed, Israel who became known as the "Arizal" or ARI, an acronym for “The G-dly Rabbi Isaac of Blessed Memory.”

The Arizal passed away at the age of 38, and it was only during the last two years of his life that he met his foremost disciple, Rabbi Chaim Vital. The Arizal himself never wrote any books, however all his words were faithfully recorded by Rabbi Chaim Vital in what is known as Kitvei Ari, the “writings of the Arizal.” The Kitvei Ari is the key to the secrets of the Zohar, and it was the Arizal who formulated the Kabbalah into a comprehensive system. Rabbi Chaim Vital writes in the name of the Arizal that, “It is a Mitzvah to reveal this wisdom.” Until the time of the Arizal, knowledge of Kabbalah was not known outside of the tightly knit circle of the tzaddikim.

Planetary World Tour

Clouds do not clone themselves and go on a world tour. These are the base clouds of planet Napisiti, most recently causing widespread flooding from rain bombs,  purple lightning and giant hail in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy... 

Sarajevo July 19

Croatia, 20 July

CONTAINS MUSIC: Mitrovika, Kosovo

Belgrade, Serbia

Australia June 2023

Netherlands July 10

Omaha Nebraska

Edward's County, Texas July 20, 2023



Friday, July 21, 2023

Red Star Rising

Here's an alternate picture of the second binary system. It's very confusing having two different images... and in the absence of any real definition from people who should be telling knows who to believe anymore.  Everyone, however, is agreeing that we have a system passing very close by.

Some other exciting news is that the red star, which I call Kochav Yaakov, and other people call Nibiru [as above] is making itself visible in the night sky.

[Quoting] "Just about everybody's about to notice a different star in our Southern Hemisphere .. the tail of which will point straight down." I live on the east coast of USA in Maine . Last thursday shortly before sunrise i saw what appears to be exactly what this person described. It was rising above the eastern horizon just before the sun rose. Is it possible that what i see is what he is talking about? Its the fact that this thing i see is getting bigger all the time and that long tail pointing straight down has me a little bit mind blown. I have been watching this for a year now but just read this description of Niburu and it describes what i see in the sky.

I'll be looking up tonight, that's for sure.


Art Mike Worrall

The Gemara teaches us that three things come בהיסח הדעת - unexpectedly. 

One of these three is Moshiach.

“Three things come unexpectedly : Moshiach, a lost object and a scorpion.” – [Sanhedrin 97a]

The Lubavitcher Rebbe translates בהיסח הדעת not necessarily as "unexpectedly", rather as "with one’s reason set aside" [Likkutei Sichos, vol. 5, p. 171. Cited here]

This teaching does not mean that a person should not (G‑d forbid) think about the Redemption and anticipate its coming. It means that though his reason sees no possibility for Redemption, a Jew persists with an intense belief that transcends his reason. This meaning springs directly from the Hebrew idiom בהיסח הדעת (here translated “unawares”), which literally means “with one’s reason set aside.” [Likkutei Sichos vol. 5]

Rabbi Brod then cites the Rebbe in Toras Menachem and says: Distraction is the highest form of waiting for Moshiach [תורת מנחם כרך ט עמ' p. 111]

So, according to the Rebbe, Behesech Hadaas does mean unawareness (peshat reading). However, it should be read as "with one's reason set aside". That's the basis for the explanation of Rabbi Brod in sefer Yemos HaMoshiach.

The author ends with the explanation that when the situation is such that the mind and intellect see no place for redemption to come - this "distraction" is a sign of the coming redemption. This is בהיסח הדעת - Behesech Hadaas.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Birth of Moshiach and Preparation for TIsha b'Av

 Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

[don't listen to this and think he's going to tell you that Moshiach is coming Tisha b'Av.... that's not the content of this lecture, and no-one knows anyway]

Yanuka: Every Pain in the World

Every pain in the entire world is the pain of the Divine

Transcription below [he speaks like a poet!]

All of the troubles that we hear and all the pain that we see 
Is the pain of the Divine Presence 
Every person who has pain in his house 
Every pain in the entire world, is the pain of the Divine Presence 

There was the great R' Meir from Afta
At the end of his book Ohr Lashamayim 
He asks a question and he responds to the question 
He asks, what type of righteous person will be on a higher level 
Is it the righteous person who wants suffering
And will accept suffering upon himself to suffer for the sake of the Jewish nation ?
Or a righteous person who does not desire suffering? 

And there he concludes that the righteous person who does not want suffering is on a higher level
than the one who desires suffering.

There he explains the reason for this. 
He says that we know that every pain and affliction that any Jew has -
Regarding this it says: "in all their troubles He was troubled" 
Hakadosh Baruch Hu feels the pain of this affliction just as the Jew feels pain 
The pain of the family and the pain of the person 
This is pain that is drawn above 
And some of the pain of the Divine Presence descends down to us. 

The pain that we feel here is infinitely small to the extent that we cannot imagine compared to the pain of the Divine Presence 
The Divine Presence is crying 
And when a person leaves the world there is the sound of a cry that is heard from one end of the world until the other
We see that Hakadosh Baruch Hu, He is in pain and He is pained by the situation that we the Jewish people find ourselves in  

Hashem informs us of this pain so that we must understand that we cannot continue in this exile 
But today the exile has reached the situation that the majority of the world thinks that it is possible to remain and function like this.

The exile is comfortable.

If there is an illness then people go to the doctor 
If there is [difficulty] earning a living, they go to the parents 
Eyes are not turned towards Heaven 
The eyes are a great distance away 

And then they see the great destruction that exists in the world 
They see the pain and the suffering that our nation is experiencing
We all, all of us, each of us experiences what he experiences whether specifically or generally  Everyone has something to contend with.

And this pain, this trouble, experienced by every man, by every woman this is literally the pain of the Divine Presence 
And a person who feels this pain must understand that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is hinting to him 
Pray for the Divine Presence 

Rabenu Yosef Chaim wrote a responsa called Rav Pe'alim 
In chapter 1,  He writes at the beginning 
Whoever wishes to delve into this – this is fascinating 
In order to understand what is the Divine Presence, in order to understand what is Tikkun Chatzot 
What is it that we say: "For the sake of the unification of the Holy One, Blessed is He, and His Divine Presence" 

To understand these concepts well, it is worthwhile to study them 
In order to understand the depths of these things 
But what we must ask from Hashem
Every time, every day – is to pray for the Divine Presence 
To understand the pain that it has 
It does not come from wherever it is in the world
It is from the Divine Presence 
The Divine Presence informs us of this pain 
And asks of us – a request of mercy 
Ask for mercy for Me 
Ask that I  will not have this trouble 
Ask that there be a unification of the Holy One, Blessed is He, and His Divine Presence
Because I always recommend that everyone say A blessing before 

Before every thing to say: "for the sake of the unification of the Holy One, Blessed is He and His Divine Presence"

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

They Call It a Spinning 'Mothership' Supercell

For those who prefer to get their news from mainstream media, here is a new clip from Fox News, showing the base clouds of one of the planets which I think is Napisiti. They don't have a real name for it, because that kind of thing has not been seen here previously, so they called it a spinning 'mothership' supercell.

Why the World is Heating Up


.....the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of the seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the bruise of His people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. [Isaiah 30:26]

Ohio: Photo D Mason

Western Massachusetts, Photo C Hanley

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Words From the Heart

"These are the words that Moshe spoke to all Israel" [Devarim1:1]

Rabbi David Hanania Pinto offers the following explanation:

The word 'אלה' (these are), has the same numerical value (adding one for the actual word) as 'הלב' (the heart). This implies that Moshe Rabbeinu a"h guided the Bnei Yisrael in the way of Torah and mitzot and led them with words of rebuke and mussar, yet all his words flowed from a warm and loving heart. He behaved like a merciful father who guides his only son with great love. Chazal tell us that "Words that flow from the heart enter the heart". Since this was his approach, the Bnei Yisrael listened to his words and took them to heart.

The Gaon Rabbi Yechezkel Sarna zt"l told one of the distinguished melamdim of Bnei Brak: "One who sincerely loves his students, is promised that they will achieve the ultimate success." For words that flow from a pure and loving heart will eventually enter the heart.


Moses began reciting the book of Deuteronomy on the first day of the month of Shvat and according to tradition he died on the seventh of Adar. Therefore, he transmitted the entire book to the children of Israel in just thirty seven days. 

Alluding to the fact that these words come straight from Moses’ heart, the numerical value of the Hebrew phrase “the heart” (halev) is thirty-seven. 

 As Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh has noted, permuting the letters of “halev” may produce the following idiom: “hevel halev lahav,” which means “the vapor of the heart is enflamed.” When the heart is enflamed and inspired, the “vapor” or energy it produces fulfill the dictum that “words that emanate from the heart – enter the heart.” We are taught that the Torah was given in fire, as Mount Sinai was on fire “until the heart of heaven” [Devarim 4:11]. 

[Ohr Chadash]

So too, when we speak words of Torah they should reflect this level of passionate intensity, which in turn enters the hearts of those listening and awakens their souls.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Angels: Their Purpose

For a Refuah Shleimah Chaya Shaina Chana bas Itcha 

New shiur from Rabbi Shimon Kessin

Truth Will Out

The latest news worthy item that they are frantically trying to block us from seeing is SOUND OF FREEDOM, which is a movie about child-trafficking.  Hollywood has been protecting child-trafficking since the beginning, and this film  sets out to show the world. 

In the first video is Ben Shapiro who is a well-known talk show host, second video is the producer being interviewed and third is a clip from the movie. They don't want you to watch this movie and are doing their best to stop screenings.... but that has just had the reverse effect. 

The epilogue of the movie claims that there are more people enslaved today than in any other time in history, including when slavery was legal.  

Sunday, July 16, 2023

The Amazing Link Between the Biblical Judges and the Prime Ministers of Israel

Rabbi Efraim Palvanov 

How do we make sense of the modern State of Israel and its elected leaders from a spiritual perspective? Are we witnessing the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy? And is history repeating itself as we replay the Biblical era of Judges?

Friday, July 14, 2023

Two Weeks?????

First video: "What people will see with their own eyes... we've never had something like that... in our living times....not in written history.. and they're gonna realize that we live in a very different time, different world......everybody's gonna see."

Next first and third videos contain music

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Temporary World

Aliyas Neshama Michoel ben Mordechai a''h

We are sent down to this world for a short period of time.  This world is temporary, it is just the entry hall to the World of Truth, Olam HaBa.  All our personal journeys are individually designed to ensure we find our way to the ultimate destination.  The tougher the journey, the greater the reward will be at the end.

"They journeyed from Kivros-hata'avah and camped in Chatzeros" [Masei 33:17]

From this verse, remarked R' Yitzchak of Vorka, we learn that for an individual to break the yetzer hara within him, he must constantly recall the fact that this world is but a temporary one intended to be utilized in preparation for the World to Come.

This is hinted in the verse: "They left Kivros-hata'avah" - how will one be able to bury [likvor] his lust [ta'avah] and subdue his yetzer hara?  By remembering that this world is no more than "Chatzeros", a yard [chatzer] in front of a house, a hallway leading to a palace."

A person who ingrains this thought in his heart, said the Rebbe, will triumph in his war against the yetzer hara.

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

The Yanuka: What to do During Difficult Times

Someone just sent me this. English subtitles.

Planet Lightning Sets Off Volcanoes

Back in May the Guatemalan volcano erupted. It erupted again this week on July 10  but mainstream media did not report it, and suddenly I'm getting a lot of videos of a planet over the volcano and lightning shooting out of the planet, and the volcano goes off.  This is what I mean... the planets are causing the volcanic eruptions.

Here in these short clips you can see the lightning coming from the planet, on top of the volcanos.

In the first video, the first thing on top of the volcano is a cloud, behind that is a gray line of solid clouds, that is the planet, the sky below it is a different colour.,

In the next one, you need to wait a bit

In this next photo you can clearly see the planet on top

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Hang on to Your Hats !

This is one photo I can share of an early map of the binary solar system very close to us now. It is just one opinion, there are others who say Nibiru is red. Napisiti, the rain bomber, is definitely green because you can see the green clouds at its base from many photos.  Atu is definitely purple. That's what gives us the amazing purple sunsets.

The positions of the planets change and a new drawing is made on the 15th of every month by Sam, but I can't share those drawings-  I think they are copyrighted.

Some say it is just one planet with seven moons and others say it is eight planets, two of which are technically moons of other planets. They are all revolving eliptically around their own sun, which is behind our sun, and behind them both is a gas giant which some call Herculbus /Immaru.  Atu has a moon and Isatum has a a yellow moon which people often see in the sky and think it is the second sun.  

There's a lot of asteroids, and weird shaped objects such as triangles, cubes and rectangles which we see as square or triangle clouds. We've never seen square or triangle clouds before. 

Photos below show how close they are.   The person who took the first photos thought it was maybe just clouds.  It is actually a couple of planets/moons.  Each planet or moon has a different colour and different cloud shapes. You can see that the browner coloured sphere has different shaped clouds to the purple sphere overlapping and above it.  We can identify them all by their colour, the shape of the clouds inside, and their location to the Sun [as per the diagrams drawn by Sam - his diagrams include the cloud shapes and colours and positions, however they are not my pictures to share on a blog, I don't have permission to do that.  They are his drawings and his story.] I know it looks surreal and unbelievable, you don't have to tell me.  I've seen a lot of photos like this, but these two are incredible.

If you look closely [or maybe don't look closely, look from further away] you can see that the area where the three dots are is a deeper blue coloured sphere and is actually separate from the others, this is the moon of one of the planets- I think - and in Sam's diagram it does have dots on it. If you look at the area about an inch-and-a-half below the three dots, it's a different colour....there is a paler more purple sphere in the base is the brownish/orange sphere.  I don't know what the dots are, that's just the way it is.  

It does take a trained eye to see these things, and some people can't see it at all.... because straight off you would just see one sphere, but actually there are three, overlapping each other, and each one has differently shaped clouds.  I'm not an expert, at first I thought this was just one planet, but then I saw someone's explanation and I realized it was more than one.  It's easier to see that in the second photo.

I think I've shown this one before: it's two planets/moons... a darker grey sphere in front of a paler grey sphere,  and underneath you can see pink lightning.

Planet cutting into our Sun

Any questions I'll do my best to answer, but I don't have too many answers, I'm just enjoying the show!

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Flooding the World

Here are some videos of the floods around the globe.... at least the ones that I could find, I'm sure there's more. The mainstream media does not report a lot of this, especially all at once, for obvious reasons. This is all caused by the incoming binary system.

Amsterdam [contains music]


Casper, Wyoming

Puglia, Italy


Torbole Trento, Italy


India [contains music]

Ubud, Bali Indonesia

and I have already blogged Spain here

and then there's the earthquakes, heatwaves and volcanoes .... 

and the ocean in Florida is the hottest it's ever been

Are They Preparing Us ?

The brand new Las Vegas Sphere... a giant sphere with projected images turns it into planets, the moon, and other symbols.  Turn off the sound if you don't want music.

Every Day We Create Our Own Judgment

In the merit of  Chaya Shaina Chana bas Itcha, may she may a Refuah Shleimah

by Rav Ephraim Kenig shlit'a

Reprinted with permission from Tzaddik Magazine  [October 2011]

He [Rabbi Akiva] used to say "Everything is given on pledge and a net is spread out over all the living. The shop is open, the merchant extends credit, the ledger is open and the hand records therein. All who wish to borrow may come and borrow. But the collectors make their regular daily rounds, and take payment from a person with or without their knowledge...." [Pirkei Avot 3:20]

A person usually goes about their daily life thinking that whatever they do is basically okay.  Even if this is not the case, they figure if no one knows, then it's not the end of the world; they'll just fix it afterwards.  They may even realize that G-d knows about their indiscretions, but since the person considers them to be only temporary, everything will somehow straighten out in the end.  These are the type of thoughts that Rabbi Akiva is addressing in his statement in Pirkei Avot.  He reminds us that whatever we take from this world must be left behind when we leave; nothing can be taken with us when we die.

Paying Back What You Eat
One way to understand this is found in the book ''Chesed L'Avraham'' written by the grandfather of the Chida, Rabbi Chaim David Azulai a"h.  He writes that when a person dies, the chevra kadisha comes to attend to the body before the levaya [funeral].  They cover the body in the place where it was when the soul departed, and everyone returns home.  The deceased remains alone with himself. When the body is put into the grave, if the person enjoyed a lot from this world, the first thing that happens is that the worms come to demand their portion.  In other words, they must now return whatever they took from this world, whatever they ate simply to fill their stomach.  Yet if they ate only in holiness and purity, i.e. only kosher food and only in quantities necessary to sustain a healthy and strong body to serve G-d, then there is nothing to take back.  This is one understanding of  "they take payment''.

With or Without His Knowledge
Since there are specific times during the year conducive to repentance and forgiveness, a person may think that everything automatically works out.  For example, there is the month of Elul - the Hebrew month set aside for teshuvah, intensive introspection and repentance - which is followed by Rosh Hashanah and the atonement of Yom Kippur.  But the reality is that G-d is not obligated to wait until these specific times and can send messengers to collect what is due at any point.  Sometimes, one may even be aware of their situation and upon a little soul searching, may even realize they might need to go through something unpleasant.  But usually, this level of self-awareness is rare and one has no realization that anything is amiss or in need of change.  But G-d operates in His ways. It is here the idea "with or without his knowledge" comes into play.

You Are Your Own Judge
Rebbe Nachman transmits the following idea in the name of the holy Baal Shem Tov.  Before any decree is issued in the world, G-d forbid, the entire world is assembled to give their agreement.  In this instance, the 'entire world' encompasses the inanimate, plant, animal, and human levels.  They are all notified and asked if there is any opposition to the decree.  This even includes the person who has the negative decree hanging over them.  When everyone reaches agreement, the judgment is passed.

Who in the world would agree to a negative decree against oneself?  Obviously, if you were to ask the person directly, they would defend themselves and oppose the judgment.  For this reason, a similar situation is presented to them, and their opinion is asked without realizing it has anything to do with their own case.  Someone will ask them: "What do you think about what so-and-so did?"  They respond. "Whoo whoo, they deserve this or that..."   In heaven they say: "Is that right?" You just passed judgment on yourself..."  The case is closed and the person doesn't comprehend what just transpired.  According to Rebbe Nachman, this is an example of "taking payment with or without his knowledge".

The whole concept of how a person is asked each time about their own judgment is profoundly deep.  Each word of every story we hear has lofty and exalted significance.   For example, we may hear a story about two people involved in an argument that has nothing to do with us.  In the rare case it does, we need to be even more careful.  But most of the time, it is simply a seemingly random story where everyone takes the liberty of jumping into the fray, taking a stand on who is right or wrong, and who deserves what.  The very words a person utters are then taken and applied to his own case and he will be compelled to bring his own words to fruition.  This is why Rebbe Nachman advises us to be very careful about what we say.  Don't let an inadvertent word slip out in the wrong way or pass judgment on another's behavior.  If you do, you are agreeing to your own verdict, since no judgment can materialize without your agreement.

Controlling Your Thoughts
King David says Zamoti bal yalavar pi - "My thoughts dare not pass through my mouth." [Psalms 17:3]  There are two important ways to understand this verse.  Firstly, the word zamoti is related to the Hebrew word for "muzzle" - z'mam.  King David alludes to this as if to say "G-d! Since I don't weigh my words seriously enough, put a muzzle on my mouth to prevent me from saying anything irresponsible or improper."

The second explanation of how to understand this verse concerns controlling our thoughts.  Sometimes a person blurts out an empty phrase, without even knowing why they said it.  But the reality is that there are custodial forces appointed over a person from heaven; sometimes they are good and sometimes not. They seize upon these same words and turn them around on the one who uttered them.  These ramifications ought to give each of us serious pause for thought.

It is not necessary to express every thought that comes to mind.  Thus King David refers here to the need for an even deeper level of restraint.  He would like G-d to place a muzzle on his mouth to stop him from verbalizing anything that enters his head.  Since according to Rebbe Nachman, it is through these very words that they "take the payment from a person with or without his knowledge".

We witness how people suffer from a bundle of woes that they carry, whether external problems or personal health issues G-d forbid. Yet the reality is that they agreed and signed off on everything.  Without their agreement, these difficulties could not have materialized.  One may say "I never agreed to such a thing!"  The recording is then played back for them and they are asked "You don't remember what you said in such and such year when someone told you a certain story? Was it any of your business to comment? You gave your commentary anyway and here are the consequences."  G-d should guard us.

This spiritual dynamic accompanies us every single day, hour by hour.  It is written "Whoever sits in the refuge of the Most High.." [Psalms 91].  The Talmud calls this particular chapter of Psalms "a song against evil forces" since it is recited by those who want to be saved from misfortune and accidents.

For instance, when mourners attend a funeral they recite these verses since they possess tremendous protective power against negative spiritual forces seeking to harm a person.  It is further written: "His angels he will charge for you, to protect you on all your paths."  This refers to the fact that there are angels who constantly accompany a person to safeguard him from harm.  According to our sages, these protective angels are more accurately called the yetzer tov and the yetzer hara - the good inclination and the evil inclination.  In contrast to what most people think, they are both responsible for protecting a person from disaster, since the fundamental role of the yetzer hara is to serve a person.  However, if one comes too close and is drawn after him, the yetzer hara is no longer obligated to fulfill his protective duty.  One then becomes enslaved to him, and the yetzer hara does whatever he wants with the person.

Forces Created From Our Own Actions
Along with the yetzer tov and yetzer hara, come all sorts of other forces, G-d forbid, which are created when a person stumbles, for example, in eating non-kosher food or is involved with any kind of negative thoughts, speech, or actions.  In this case, damaging forces are created in the world that are bound to the person who created them.  These forces are called mezekei alma - "destroyers of the world".  Their whole purpose is to cause damage and they don't even realize this is their role.

To illustrate, it is like a child who plays with matches because he thinks it is fun.  An adult comes along and admonishes him, but when he sees that the child doesn't understand, he takes the matches away by force.  This is because the adult understands very well that the child is doing something dangerous.  The child though, doesn't comprehend this fact.  He screams and cries "Why did you take them away from me?"  Likewise, these "destroyers of the world" don't even understand they are destructive. Their actions are not intentional, but since they were created from damage, this is their fundamental essence.

It is these forces that accompany us wherever we go. They catch our every word in an attempt to interpret it according to their crooked way of thinking, because after all, they are a creation based on crookedness and damage.  Since they are an undesirable creation, everything about them is undesirable. They even have the ability to compel a person to undergo judgments from the upper worlds. They facilitate a person's undoing to such an extent that life is endangered, and the individual has no idea what is actually going on.

We don't know.  We don't actually see these forces or perceive them with our senses, but what do we know? We know that there are tzaddikim on the highest of spiritual levels, who know about these matters with such clarity that they simply advise us to have compassion on ourselves and acknowledge we don't know what goes on around us on a spiritual plane.  For this reason, they caution us to guard ourselves from undesirable speech, thoughts, or deeds since they bring detrimental consequences.

One may take note of the many criminals at large in the world, who say and do terrible things, but seem to have it good without any suffering.  So where do these ideas fit in?  The answer is that something much worse is actually going on for them.  The criminal doesn't pay for his actions in this world. It simply waits for him in the next world, where everything comes back to him in a much more penetrating way.  This is what the Talmud refers to when it states "Afflictions atone for a person".  Whatever difficulties one goes through in this world serve as a huge atonement for him.  It is preferable and worthwhile to undergo it here, since in the next world, one contends with not only afflictions, but humiliation along with much more unpleasantness.

The only advice is to say to oneself "Stop".  Just as we need to be careful about what we put into our mouth, i.e. kosher and healthy food, likewise we must be careful about what comes out of it by guarding our speech.  The same caution applies to our actions. We should do nothing that the Torah, or our sages, forbid.  Similarly with thought; we shouldn't think that just because our thoughts are only between us and G-d they can be easily fixed.  It doesn't exactly work like this, since many holy books describe the power of thought as greater than the power of deed.  It is possible to do teshuvah or repair an action, but it is much more difficult to do the same with a thought.  You can nullify or gain control over an action, but once you think it, a thought is out of our control and possession.

Thus Rebbe Nachman's advice to everyone is to weigh our deeds in a way that will be truly positive in this world and the next, and to live good and thoughtful lives, with proper consideration for our every thought, word, and action.  Since there will be no-one to pass a bad judgment, every negative decree will be opposed.

Remember that you are never asked directly about your own situation, rather only about someone else's story.  Thus don't rush to pass judgment either verbally or even in your thoughts as to who is right or wrong.  Unless it concerns you directly and practically, just leave it without comment. You will feel profoundly satisfied, and it will be so very beneficial not only to you but to the entire Jewish people.

May G-d enlighten us with higher levels of self-awareness to improve our lives, as well as the entire world, every day and every moment.

Rabbi Ephraim Kenig shlit'a, is CEO and Rosh Yeshiva of the Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma institutions as well as the head administrator at Talmud Torah Magen Avot, in the Old City of Tsfat.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Asteroid Clouds

Yesterday I saw two asteroid clouds.  This is what they look like.  [The ones I saw were white, but sometimes they can be coloured, like the one above Turkey before the quake]

The cloud over Turkey before the quake. Not a lenticular cloud as they said, this is
from an asteroid. The quake was caused by the second solar system.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

The End of Death and Pain: The Messianic Age Revealed

For a Refuah Shleimah for S.G. my "sister" who I hope to meet one day, and Yaakov Avraham ben Devorah

Tears bring a person to repent thereby uprooting the source of death and subsequently uprooting all mourning and tears. The Arizal writes that the numerical value of ‘Dimah–Tears’ is 120, which in Torah signifies full life. In truth, the letters only add up to 119, but when the word ‘Dimah’ as a whole is counted, it equals 120. The Shomer Emunim explains that for certain concepts the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In such cases, you also factor in the entire word to indicate a higher purpose that brings meaning to all the details. Maimonides explains in his Laws of Mourning that the purpose of mourning and tears is repentance. Death only came into this world through sin, and it is through repentance that the world will be restored to its original state of eternal life, when “G-d will wipe away the tears from every face.” Maimonides concludes his Laws of Fasts: “With the Redemption, all these days of mourning will be transformed into days of rejoicing, into days of good Moed.” Dimah plus 1, equals 120, which is the exact numerical value of Moed! 

Lubavitcher Rebbe: Monday, Av 20, 5742 - August 9, 1982

Rain Bomb from Planet Napisiti hits Spain

It's not just the souls of the generation of the Flood that have come back prior to Moshiach.... it's also the weather.  We are getting a small part of the great Mabul, and Hashem is using the passing binary solar system and it's planets to bring the floods.

Yesterday the city of Zaragoza in Spain was the latest victim of Planet Napisiti and its rain bomb. Cars were swept away and residents trapped as flash floods hit.

This is a photo of the base clouds of planet Napisiti. I know there are skeptical people out there, that's why I have uploaded all these videos to show you it's real and it's happening now.

Now you're going to see it in action. 

The next two contain music, so turn the sound off if you don't listen to music during the 3 weeks.
In this video they think it's a UFO. It's just the base clouds of Napisiti.

The next one contains music.

No music in the last two.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The True Meaning of Tragedy and Its Relationship to Current Events

New shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Why Did Muslims Rule the Holy Land for 1300 Years?

 New 10 min shiur from Rabbi Efraim Palvanov

Colours and Wonders

Yesterday I decided to take my own photo of the sun, to see if it looked like the ones I'm seeing from other people.  Whilst my own photo is not publish-worthy, it looked just like this one below..... all sorts of colours radiating outwards from a giant sun... and it appeared as though there was something much bigger behind it.  Everything I've been showing you is definitely real, 

The orange "clouds" are asteroid trails. Taken in Scotland.

This photo of a rainbow is too good not to share.  There are so many colours in the skies lately, all captured by photos from all over the world.  It's going to be a very colourful Geula from the looks of things.

Yesterday, Yellowstone Lake Colorado