Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ani Yosef

"I am Yosef!" [Vayigash 45:3]

The Chofetz Chaim offered the following explanation of this verse: 

When the brothers had initially arrived in Egypt, they were treated harshly by Yosef, who accused them of being spies.  The brothers were startled by what was happening to them, and they asked one another: "Why is this happening to us?  Who among us is guilty of a sin that would have brought this upon us?"

On the brothers' second trip to Egypt, they once again asked one another: "What is this that Hashem has done to us?"

However, continued the Chofetz Chaim, when the brothers heard but two words: "Ani Yosef" - I am Yosef - all of their questions were answered.  Suddenly, everything was clear - all of their misfortune had occurred as a result of having sold Yosef.

Today, as well, concluded the Chofetz Chaim, there are many people who question the way that Hashem runs His world.  "Why do the righteous suffer?" they ask.  "Why can the wicked prosper?"

However, at the End of Days, when the entire world hears Hashem utter but two words: "Ani Hashem" - I am Hashem - all of the questions will vanish.

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein


rabbi david katz said...

isn't ani yosef the same as devorah, 217?

Joe said...

Todah rabbah Devorah.......great and uplifting article.

This is sublime Hashgachah Pratit in motion and could not be more apt considering the times we are in.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

May we all hear "Ani HaShem" speedily in our day.

Shavua tov

Devorah said...

absolutely :)

Anonymous said...

Another question: IN 1948, HASHEM made a miracle that Jews win against trained Arab armies and in 64 years afterwards why did you NOT come 2 the land HASHEM GAVE you. What is your answer?

Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

Lovely. Shavua tov Devorah.

Joe said...

:-) :-)

Devorah said...

I think I'll upload those three videos to the blog post. Thanks!

Devorah said...

Thank you Anonymous but we're all a bit sick and tired of hearing this stuff.... everyone is exactly where they are meant to be....and it's still better to be a tzadik in America than a rasha in Israel. Correct?

Joe said...

Correct Devorah.......very much correct.

Anonymous, this argument debate works both ways.
HaShem gave in 1948 and more so in 1967.
Then came the Gerush of Sinai in 1979. The withdrawal from Southern Levanon in 1999. The Gerush from Gush Katif and Amona in 2005 and more recently in Ulpana.

So, HaShem gave not in 1948 nor 1967 but rather in chapter 12 of Bereshit. Who then has the right to give back?

I personally know many who suffered from the Gerush of Gush Katif.7 1/2 years later and they are not resettled. What went wrong??
And yet they keep talking about a two state solution ???
This is not HaShem but rather human insensitivity to the plight of the innocent......and many innocent have been caught in the vice grip of political expediency.

In the end, this is about achdut and ahavat chinam for every Jew no matter which square inch of the world he or she inhabits and every righteous gentile to boot. The Divine finger of judgment is pointed to all of us without reservation.

Let us get our act together irrespective of our plight or circumstance.
Let us learn the lessons of Yosef ha Tzadik, Tzfnat Paneach - the revealer of hidden things and the one who restored unity amongst his brethren. The one who turned negativity into Kiddush HaShem.

Barely the Light of Chanukah has been extinguished and yet the Or ha Ganuz is staring us in the face as it has since creation.Baruch HaShem. It illuminates from one end of the earth to the other and yet Yerushalayim is its focal point.

Neshama said...

Very nice, Devorah. Together with Rabbi Winston Shlit"a it was very uplifting.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, YOU ARE WRONG. Ask the Jews stuck in Paris or now in Copenhagen where you cannot go out looking like a Jew. Your attitude is not your fault, because it is ingrained in a Golut Jew mentality. I am not trying 2 hurt anyone but alert everyone that we are in a war. Because the battle has not hit you personally does not mean it will not. There is no safer place than Israel with all it's problems. LOOK AROUND people are losing their homes with ALL their possessions. I don't want anyone 2 suffer this fate. It takes months 2 update yr passport, even more time 2 go through your home. Start now and be ready. Even if you yr stuck, at least you will have a go bag with all yr importat stuff together in one place. Today is ZOT CHANUKAH. Pray 4 what you need, but NOT 4 money, rather be close 2 HASHEM, praying at the Kotel. Praying at Kever RACHUEL. I WISH ALL THE BEST, KOL TOV.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Devorah, for these inspiring and uplifting videos, so pertinent for the Chanukah season and the parshiot connected to Yosef Hatzadik. Stay healthy and strong and continue with your wonderful blog. Also, thanks to Rabbi Pinchas Winston for all the beautiful Torah knowledge which he provides to all of us.