Monday, November 11, 2013

The Ninth of the Ninth

The Ninth of the Ninth: a most auspicious time to daven for all good things.

Rav Chaim Vital, in the introduction to his work Eitz Hachaim, writes: The sefer Bris Menuchah was written by an early-generation tzaddik to whom Eliyahu Hanavi appeared and revealed secrets, among them the following secrets:

“Once every fifty years, the ninth year of yovel arrives and in it the ninth month, and in it the ninth day, and in it the ninth hour – whereupon all the wheels in the upper worlds are agitated and ‘Your good treasure house upon us do open’ is fulfilled.

“During these fateful moments, an incredible abundance of yeshuos [salvation] is poured into this world. Hakadosh Baruch Hu opens the heavens and is mashpia salvation, joyful events, communal yeshuos and individual ones, Torah, good health, parnassah, zivugim, marital harmony, children, and nachas from the children.”

The key to the abundance of the coming fifty years can be found in these moments.

“It is auspicious for success,” our sefarim say about this hour.

“It is a time of joy and gladness,” the Ramban writes.

“It is a pipeline of abundance,” writes the author of Bris Menuchah.

Out of fifty years – out of all the years, months, days, and hours – there is one solitary hour that never repeats itself, about which it is written, “This is the choicest of all hours and auspicious for all abundance.” What is obtainable during this hour is unattainable at any other time.

Maran Hagaon Harav Wosner, shlit”a, the posek hador, said to the people of Kupat Ha’ir who went to consult with him on the topic of “the ninth of the ninth”:“In Shamayim, they agreed to this eis ratzon.”

Four years ago, Kupat Ha’ir discovered the segulah of the ninth of the ninth. That’s when it became known that “nine” was a very auspicious number in Yiddishkeit. Nine is like the key to the pipelines of abundance in Shamayim. The more “nines” that come together, the more locks to the very highest heichalos of abundance fall away. Because this is what is written in the sefer Bris Menuchah, written by the saintly Tanna’im:

Regarding the source of the segulah, we learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is from the mekoros that throughout the generations all the tzaddikim without exception endorsed and confirmed, and so this is indeed a rare, supernatural hour.

Kupat Ha’ir asked the rabbanim, each of whom spent many hours calculating. After Kupat Ha’ir received all the various opinions, we discovered something truly astonishing: There are nine minutes that are definitely, according to all calculations, part of the big eis ratzon described in our holy sefarim.

This year, 5774, is the first time since the “Ninth of the Ninth” segulah became known to the public, that all the factors are coming true! This is the first time, and also the last in the next fifty years. Because this year, according to many Rishonim, is the ninth year of the yovel!

Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, writes in his peirush, Derech Emunah (siman katan 137) that the year 5756 is the 40th year of the yovel, and 5765 is yovel.

The ninth year of the yovel, so auspicious to receive G-dly shefa, is this year, 5774!

In the heart of that special hour, there will be nine minutes during which, according to all calculations, Hashem chooses to open all His treasure houses to anyone who comes prepared with vessels to contain the goodness.

Very soon, abundant bounty will flow in all the worlds. Don’t be left behind!

Daven on Tuesday, November 12, 9 Kislev from 1:44 pm - 1:53 pm Israel time

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Source and full article, click here : --- Kupat HaIr


Jesterhead45 said...

What form of Davening should one do during the 9 minute period this Tuesday?

Maggid said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

What an opportunity ... and in our lifetime!!!
Thank you also!!

Anonymous said...

Jesterhead, I'm no expert but I have learnt it is better to pray for someone else than to ask G-d directly for your own needs. If you need a refuah, pray for someone else's refuah. If you need money, pray for someone else who also needs money. Use the time to speak to G-d in your own words and from the heart.

10rainbow said...

thank you so much. and yes. i agree with anon. usually when we pray for others, i too have seen our needs are answered.

The Absolute Truth said...

If I may recommend the following. Shemoneh Esrei is complete with all the requests that we need in life – it covers everything. If you are in Israel, it is desirable to organize a minion for Mincha at that time and to very specifically say the silent Shemoneh Esrei with lots of kevanah during the 9 minutes. If in America, you can try to say the silent Shemoneh Esrei of Shacharit during the 9 minutes (a little more difficult to time, but well worth a try). If in Australia, Maariv Shemoneh Esrei is perfect. Anyplace else or if regular davening cannot be arranged at that time, say the appropriate Tehillim for whatever you are in need of (health, parnasa, shidduchim, etc). Anonymous is totally correct that davening for others is a very strong way to help yourself. Shemoneh Esrei is in the plural asking Hashem to help everyone. This is a very powerful 9 minutes -- don't miss the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

How would you figure out the time in toronto canada

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Just curious. Did anything happen 50 years ago on the 9th of Kislev 5724 that would indicate a flow of tremendous bracha?

GoldiZP said...

Thanks much for posting this, Devorah. I am sending out to my co-workers and neighbors on the block.

GoldieZP said...

Help me out this way, do we count from 72 minutes on the 9th, which would be 5:55am? The 9th hour in Israel would then be 3:55 pm, correct? Not sure how you got the time to daven - help me out as I want to daven the precise time

Devorah said...

Toronto is 7 hours behind Israel, so 1:44 pm - 1:53 pm Israel time would be Tuesday 12th November 6.44am - 6.53am Toronto time.

Devorah said...

It says 1:44 pm - 1:53 pm Israel time. [see end of article]

Avraham said...

This is NOT found in the introduction to Eitz Hachaim.

LondonMale said...

9 Kislev 5724 was 25 November 1963. Only news items of note for that day are the previous day's shooting of Lee Harvery Oswald, and the state funeral of President Kennedy. Cannot see that they were sources of Berachot?

Moshe said...

My rav told me that he is going to make this tikkun twice, at 6:44AM and 1:44PM

Anonymous said...

How do you know it's the 9th hour Israeli time? and not where you live?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't see anything in the sefer about a segula or giving money to kupat hair.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Anon: because it is tied to Yovel. Yovel basically has most of its significance in Eretz Yisrael whether it is dependent on the Temples being there or whether it is dependent on the 12 tribes being there in full. All the commandments of Yovel are done in Eretz Yisrael. So the ninth hour is the ninth hour in Eretz Yisrael. And 1:45 in the afternoon WAS the beginning of the ninth hour here. I know this for a fact since I know that Mincha Ketanah, the beginning of the 10th hour, was at 2:45 in the afternoon here. My son goes to a Mincha Ketanah minyan at 2:45pm every Shabbat afternoon. It leaves a block of time afterwards to be with his friends.

Z said...

How can this year be the 9th of Yovel if next year is shmitta? The 10th year of Yovel is not shmitta!

Devorah said...

Good question. I didn't notice that before.... the graphic and the article both came from Kupat Ha''Ir which you can find if you click the link at the end of the article.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Z: According to the Rambam the Yovel years decoupled from the Shmittah years with the Destruction of the 2nd Temple. The last real Yovel year during the 2nd Temple Period was in 3815 (55 ce). So in the 15th and the 65th year of every Jewish Century since Ezra HaSofer, there has been a Yovel year. Yes, before the destruction of the 2nd Temple, one had 49 years with a Shmittah year in the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 35th, 42nd, and 49th year followed by a Yovel year which was NOT the first year of the next Shmittah cycle. Yet, with the destruction of the 2nd Temple, the Yovel year could no longer break up the following Shmittah cycle which followed the 49th year. So the Yovel year simply became part of the Shmittah cycles.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Also the 6:44 am time is for Jews in New York and the East Coast of the US, the New Jerusalem whose time zone is 7 time zones before the Old Jerusalem.

Z said...

So yovel would have been in the year 5765 (2005 CE) only if the Yovel years had NOT been decoupled from the Shmittah years after the destruction but since it has been decoupled the next yovel will actually be in 5776 (2016 CE).

Dov Bar-Leib said...

correct. from your pen to G-d's Ears.

Anonymous said...

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Teves 8 '5774 (Dec 10 '13)

"No One Can Enslave Us"

Yes, I see very dark clouds on the horizon, very dark. I see great chaos everywhere. It is beginning. It is coming. It is coming from up. It is coming from down. It is coming from the left. It is coming from the right. It will come from the east, from the west, from the north, and from the south.

We are in the end of times. We are at the point of no return. There will be no extra time given from Shomayim. There will be no softening of the Din. Whatever has to be, will be because now is the very end of times. We are going into the most difficult period that the prophecies, the Nevuas, have warned us about. It will be very frightening indeed, but Be'ezras Hashem those Neshomas that were at Har Sinai will be saved, as I have said before, but know it is getting worse and worse.

The world in the past twelve years has changed not only politically but also in its natural shape. Islands have disappeared under the water. Terrible storms and earthquakes have changed our world completely. The terrible tsunami that hit Japan and destroyed the Fukushima atomic power plant has poisoned the Pacific Ocean, and the air above it with its radioactivity. Poisoning the Pacific Ocean and the air above it means poisoning humanity. We have suffered from Hurricanes like Sandy, hundreds of deadly tornedoes and all kinds of typhoons, and other types of terrible storms which have killed thousands, tens of thousands and even more. We have suffered from all kinds of terrible diseases which the medical profession doesn’t seem to be able to control. We have suffered from droughts, and from many unusual volcanic eruptions. Besides all that, we have been plagued by lies, the lies of the rich the ones controlling the monies of the world. We have actually become the victims of thievery in the greatest way. "Just take whatever you want from our bank accounts whenever you feel like it, Mr. President of the bank!"

We have lost our so called democracy and we have become slaves. And if you think you're not a slave, I'm telling you that you are, unless you hold on tightly to our Torah and all that has to do with Yiddishkeit. If we hold tightly to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, we will never be slaves. If we will be only with Hakodosh Boruch Hu, no one will be able to enslave us, and that’s what I'm telling you.

That’s what this message wants to tell you - that most of the world has been enslaved. You can feel the ropes tightening around your wrists, around your legs, around your neck. You are slowly being put into a prison, a prison that will control every part of your life. However, if you hold onto Hashem and do His Ratzon, you will never be a prisoner. You will always be free. Even though these Reshaim are slowly but surely controlling the world, you will not be a slave if you hold on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Then when the right moment comes, Hakodosh Boruch Hu will wipe the Reshaim out of existence and leave us in peace. And we will continue throughout all eternity together with our Hakodosh Boruch Hu, who is our Creator, our Father, our everything.