Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow: A Sign from the Heavens

HT: Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi   and Dr. Miguel Quaresma Brandão, Portugal

The daily page of the gemara learning [Daf Yomi] speaks about snow in Yerushalayim in the month of Tevet on ''erev Shabbat'' [Friday] - the exact day of the snowstorm in Israel coincided with the topic in the Gemara..  

בס"ד Daf Yomi - ''A sign from heaven" (where the snow comes from) that the fast of Asarah be''Teves [the 10th of Tevet] BEH is soon coming to an end!


  1. what does BEH mean?

    1. Bézrat Hashem - with the Help of G-d.

    2. Is this you?

      Shirat Devorah
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    3. No it's not me, I"m in Australia.

  2. Thank you Devorah.

    I shall also say to you :Shavua Tov, :)

  3. Amen! May it come to fruition this year!!!!

  4. thank you, we missed your posts.


  5. Yes, we certainly HAVE missed your postings...
    Thank you for all that you do...
    annie *;-)

  6. If possible could some one be kind to transalate in English, so that those of us who do not read, speak or write Hebrew, may also benefit and learn. Thanks in advance.

  7. What a nice surprise. Hope to hear more from you.

  8. Where exactly is this Gemara? Anyone know?

  9. This is the best "reason" for the snowstorm from among the other senseless estimations. Nice to see you posting, hope all is good by you.

  10. that Gemara in Yoma, 35(B), Lamed Hey (Amud Bet)

  11. that Gemara speaks about snow on erev Shabbat in month of Tevet. And the story of Hillel. I don't see any end of days in that Gemara. Where is the sign of end of days?

  12. The day of the snow was the tenth of Tevet, which is a fast day to commemorate the breaching of the walls of Yerushalayim.
    (After Moshiach, fast days will become days of celebration.)

    I don't know what snow on the tenth means. Any ideas would be appreciated. Is there anything special about snow?

    Glad to see your post Devorah. May all be well for you.

  13. Everybody sees what they want to see :)