Friday, November 24, 2017

Kislev, Miracles and How to Get Rid of your Anger

from Rabbi Alon Anava

Remedy for a Miracle during the month of Kislev

Tap Into the Power of the Month of Kislev

How To Get Rid of Your Anger


Anonymous said...

What is Rav Nir ben Artzi's latest message to the world? Where can we find it?

Devorah said...

You'll find it at
I don't know when the latest one comes out, I don't check his messages.

Anonymous said...


Annonymous at 8:42 A.M.

Please go to the blog: Going Home to Yerushalayim, and scroll down to the posting of Neshama's where she very kindly has posted the translation of Rav Artzi's message which was dated :19/11/2017.

Perhaps she will soon post also his latest for this week.

Thank you again Devorah, your blog helps us in so many ways.

Gd bless you.