Monday, November 20, 2017

The Return of Yishmael/Islam as a Messianic Precursor

Rabbi Mendel Kessin, this is #24 in the 21st Century series


Neshama said...

Read about the earthquake off New Caledonia. Did Australia experience anything?
Are you doing better?

Devorah said...

Nothing happened here re the earthquake. I am fine B"H thank you.

yaak said...

1) As opposed to Edom, Haza"l actually record Yishmael doing Teshuva 48 years before his death.

2) Top Saudi cleric forbids fighting Jews

3) Does MBS precede MBY and MBD?

4) The famous Yalkut Shimoni speaks of Arabia getting advice from Aram, which is likely a censored rendering of "Edom" as the Pesikta Rabbati has explicitly. However, earlier versions of the Yalkut says Arabia gets advice "from them", which likely refers back to the aforementioned "nations of the world" who were provoking each other. Who are the nations of the world who have low-level wars (provoking) going on all the time? The United States and Israel. Not that they started the provoking - rather they retaliate for it and they are therefore provoking the provokers.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Kessin talks about the situation in Saudi Arabia.. and here is the latest

Leah said...

As usual, inspiring shiur from Rabbi Kessin.