Monday, April 18, 2011

The Secret of the Ten Plagues

[Hat tip: Dudi]

The following [extracts of a] letter are taken from a pamphlet written by the Tzaddik, Rebbe Shimshon from Ostropoli. He writes at the end of the pamphlet that anyone who studies the wondrous and awesome secrets written here, even one time in a year, and especially Erev Pesach, is guaranteed that he will be saved from any kind of accident or disaster or strange death for the whole of that year, and that everything that he turns his hand to will be successful!

" briefly as possible I will answer Your Honor’s question regarding that which I wrote about the symbols DaTSaCH ADaSH BeaChaB  דצ"ך עד"ש באח"ב) ) etc. and how the Redemption is hinted at by these symbols..."

".....all these words of the Ari z”l are obviously the most wondrous and awesome secrets, sealed , closed and locked away from the slightest understanding, for who is there that could explain them? And, in fact, I have been asked many times by some of the greatest Rabbis to explain these words to them, and I refused. However, because of my great love for Your Honor, I will explain them to you as they were revealed and explained to me in a dream."

To read the entire letter go to: Shuvubonim


  1. Very interesting. Isn't there somehting with the gematria if Pres. Obam and the 501 gematria? Does anyone remember this?
    Have a beautiful Pesach. Chag kosher v'sameach!

  2. בּרק חוסיין אובּאמה - Barack Hussein Obama
    - gematria 501

    ראשׁ - President/King
    - gematria 501

    דצ"ך עד"ש באח"ב -the Hebrew words for the abbreviation of the 10 plagues
    - gematria 501

    ישׁמעאלים - Yishmaelim
    - gematria 501

  3. Below is an old blog post from Joel Gallis a"h and Dr R. Wolf:

    If anyone still doubts that we are living in the "end of days", we can find more proof by looking at the name encoded in in Ezekiel 38 verses 2 and 3:
    "Son of Man direct your face towards Gog of the land of Magog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy concerning him; Say: Thus said the Lord: Behold I am against you Gog, the Prince. leader of Meshech and Tubal"

    If you look at the original Hebrew and go to the 9th word of verse 2 and highlight the last letter, and then count 7 letters and highlight that one, and continue to count and highlight each 7th letter until you have 6 letters highlighted you will see the name "Obama". You can visualize it here:
    (2) בן אדם שים פניך אל גוג ארץ המגוג נשיא ראש משך ותבל והנבא עליו

    (3) ואמרת כה אמר אדני י-ה-ו-ה הנני אליך גוג נשיא ראש משך ותבל

    Obama's political career began on 27 July 2004 - the Hebrew date was Tisha B'Av.

    Our Sages teach [Jerusalem Talmud, Berachos 2:4, Eichah Rabbah 1:51] that Mashiach is born on Tisha b’Av which means every year, Tisha b’Av generates a new impetus for the coming of the Redemption.

    It is no accident that President Obama is being hailed as a "messiah" by so many - he definitely has a major role to play in the Redemption.

    Finally, if we look at the words B'Acharis HaYomim ("in the end of days")- the first three letters Beis, Alef, Ches - are the Roshei Taivos, the first letters, of Obama's full name.

  4. Please note that the above quoted blog post was written in 2007.... before Obama had even been elected President.

  5. Thanks, Devorah. Have a wonderful chag!

  6. It is interesting that the web site is named 5768 - 3280 = 2488, the year Moses ZT"L died.


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