Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Regarding Predictions of Future Events

The following was written by "YK":

As you may know, key Israeli government ministers and individuals from time to time consult with Tzaddikim and Mekubbalim. Key military figures, individuals from the Mossad, and others, for example, used to visit the Lubavitcher Rebbe now and then [see the sefer Sippurim Meheder Harabi, available from Chish in Kfar Chabad].

Here is a true story from an excellent two volume set about the Abuchatzeira dynasty of Mekubbalim that sheds light on various predictions that have been floating around of late. [The sefer is called Abir Yaakov by Chanoch Regal, and is available in the US in English from Z Berman books - they have the best price]. It is also available in Hebrew. It was printed with the bracha and encouragement of "Rabi David" Abuchatzeira, the Mekubbal in Nahariya, who is "the real deal" and is respected and accepted across the board. The story is related by Rabi David:

"Tzaddikim Determine the Future"

One day the Baba Sali was dining with some people who regularly came to greet him and receive his blessing. An important minister of the government entered, wishing to consult the venerable sage regarding "something of extreme importance to the entire nation." As he began to speak, one could hear the hesitation and confusion which had almost completely overtaken him. "Honorable Rabbi," he said slowly, "the seer whom I consulted told me that she was able to see..." The Baba Sali cut him off in mid-sentence, shouting: "it will come onto her, null and void, null and void, it will come onto her."

The confused minister who was not accustomed to such shouts and was still influenced by the black forecast told him by the seer, tried to present the situation again. "But honorable Rabbi, the seer said..." The Baba Sali continued shouting, "It will come onto her, it is null and void."

As the minister attempted to speak once more, the Baba Sali saw that he was not satisfied and said to him: "My son Rabi Meir resided in Ashdod. He has expertise in such matters and understands about forecasting the future. Go to him and tell him your story."

The minister did not wait even a moment. He parted from the Baba Sali and set out for Ashdod. There, he thought he would meet the true "expert" in matters of the future. Perhaps this Rabi Meir whom the Baba Sali recommended so highly would be able to deal with the difficult prophecy which the seer of the future had told him.

He made sure that this was indeed the home of the son of the Baba Sali from Netivot and went inside in obvious hesitation and confusion. He described his visit to the seer and what she had told him. Rabenu Meir did not permit him to even complet his sentence and interrupted him, shouting, "It will come onto here, null and void, null and void, it will come onto her."

The minister was shocked and began to wonder why he had even made the journey. He attempted to explain to Rabenu Meir that he did not go to just any seer who had no previous reputation. He began to tell Rabenu Meir her entire "resume" and her vast experience. Many politicians and people of wealth came to her door and she prophesied with precision about what is destined to happen. Rabenu Meir was not convinced and he insisted that her terrifying prophecy would happen to her. "Null and void, it will come onto her."

The man now understood that it was not for nothing that the Baba Sali instructed him to travel to Ashdod. He asked Rabenu Meir, "Can the honorable Rav explain something to me? Today I went to see his father in Netivot and he responded with the same expression. I then came to see 'his honor' ['kvodo'], who repeated the same words verbatim. On the other hand, the seer is not just making things up. Her reputation and experience are certainly worth something. May the Rav tell me, who really knows the future - you Rabbonim or this seer who was never mistaken in her forecast?

Rabenu Meir smiled at this innocent minister and said to him, "Let me explain something to you. This seer is aware of what will happen in the future. Tzaddikim, however, determine the future... now, choose as you wish."

Also, those of you who remember, during the Gulf War a certain well respected and influential rabbi was making dire predictions about what would happen as a result of the war, and it scared a lot of people. The Lubavitcher Rebbe mentioned these "predictions" during a number of farbrengens, in which he rejected the predictions completely, and said, "chas veshalom to scare people who survived the Holocaust with such stories". The Rebbe then said how there would be no poison gas, and that the war would go well for the Jews.

So, the bottom line is - if you hear a scary prediction and are bothered by it, go to a real Tzaddik, a real Mekubbal and ask their eitzah and bracha....


Anonymous said...

Did you not quote the Rebbe stating that the Mashiach will be revealled in Australia? Hmm, was he related to the Tractor Driver?

Our family has been in touch with R. David for some time. We have gotten some 'advice' from him that was for sure wrong, very wrong by the way. Use your mind people. We all want answers, strange things are happening all around us, and daily it seems. But the bottom line is look to our Father in Heaven first. Then we shall get the answer and yes, it may be no.

merachefet said...

Great post!

Devorah said...

Shiloh, when the Rebbe said that about Moshiach in Australia first, I think he was joking about the fact that we are nearly a day ahead of America.

Devorah said...

re: Seers
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