Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Amazing Segula Ring - Free !

If you're looking for a Segula Ring, there is a far better alternative, inexpensive and always beneficial.

You pick up the phone and ring your mother, ask her how she is and if there's anything you can do for her today.

Blessings are guaranteed.

[And if you don't want what I'm talking about, see here and here]


  1. lol!

    And if that's what your mother's phone looks like, the thing you can do today is buy her a new phone!

  2. ........and I am legal guardian of an elderly Jewish man who has no family (lives in my building) and he still has this ancient rotary phone...drives me crazy! He absolutely refuses to let me get him a new one. He has 8 different care-givers and when he wants to talk to me, he just asks them to dial my number with their cell phones!

  3. This "Segula Ring" (Kibud Eim) is a known segula for long life.

  4. The segula ring kills two birds with one stone;
    Love of a fellow Jew & Respect for a parent.


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