Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unfinished Business

Week's Energy for Parshas Mishpatim
Resetting our Moral Compass
by Rav DovBer Pinson

The Torah reading this week opens with the words; “And these are the Mishpatim /ordinances that you shall set before them.” [21:1]

'Mishpatim' are the ethical and civil laws that govern our behavior towards our fellow human beings, a social contract, as it were.

The Zohar chooses this portion, from amongst all the other Torah readings, to explore the mystery of Reincarnation.

As a rule, our souls incarnate to reach our own actualization and individuation. Each subsequent reincarnation articulates another element of our soul. Each incarnation is a completely different person with a different tikkun [correction], meant to articulate a particular element of soul that has not yet been expressed.

There is one form of reincarnation however, where the totality of who you are and were in the past will reincarnate to create a Tikkun, a rectification for a past life. It is particularly the unfinished monetary issues and unethical dealings between people that require the totality of self to return and hopefully create repair.

Our goal is to fully articulate our particular aspect of soul within our lifetime, and not require a reincarnation of our unique self.

To this end, it is of utmost importance to rectify all negative patterns of unethical behavior that we might express in our lives. In our business dealings, and all other relationships, we must be extra cautious to be moral and honest and repair any unscrupulous behaviors.

This week’s Torah reading imbues us with the energy to effect repair, or Tikkun, for interpersonal issues, particularly in regard to monetary dealings and any dishonorable financial behaviors.

Throughout the week it is important to be extra mindful when it comes to ethical dealings with others.

Try to recognize your negative patterns in regards to business/financial dealings and receive the energy of Mishpatim as an impetus to break out of these behaviors.

Rectifying these negative unethical patterns will ensure a complete tikkun in our lifetime and the ability for our soul to move forward in this life and the next without the need to ‘come back’ and try again.

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