Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter from Rav Chaim Kanievsky On Current Matzav

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Letter from the Rav Gaon Gadol R’ Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a
8th of Kislev 5753 [Nov. 22nd]

Tumultuous Time for Ya’akov
Eretz Yisrael needs mercy from Hashem due to the seriousness of the current situation. Mercy’s also required for our brethren in the United States to deal with the aftermath of the serious storm. Hashem is sending us a message…”the voice of Hashem breaks the cedars” [Ps. 29]

What is it that Hashem wants from us now? What do we need to improve in?
Hashem is telling us to do Teshuva. The beginning of the judgement of man are the words of Torah. We need to strengthen ourselves in the area of Torah learning.
Bnei Torah need to learn with tremendous dedication.
Ba’alei Batim need to make a serious point of setting time to learn daily.

The reward of Torah is very great, The Torah will save us and give us the success we need.
The merit of Torah will benefit us spiritually, materially and give us success in both the World to Come and this world.

May the Redeemer come to Zion soon, amen.

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Anonymous said...

Respectfully, something is wrong with this picture. Was the generation that received the Torah lacking in Torah study? All of their needs were provided for. Manna fell from Heaven. No one had a mortgage to pay. No one needed a job. The roshei yeshivot did not have to shnor for donations. Even the clothes and shoes did not wear out. And yet - they stood guilty before Hashem and were severely punished. And why??? Not enough Torah study??? No, because they listened to the ten evil spies and decided NOT to enter Eretz Yisrael, but to remain in the desert where they could continue to learn full-time!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that while Teshuva is number one. No one in Rabbinic authority of the US is telling Jews to move to Israel, that I know of. Who will be blamed that US Jews died because of the Rabbinic failure to tell them to move before turmoil comes? It is coming, you can bank on it. A country that does NOT tell its citizens that small headed US currency is no good and there are people counterfeiting these types of bills, is a country in trouble. Add this to the extreme weather Hashem is bringing on the US. Then there is a weakening economy that December is the month of lay offs. Where will the goyim get their gifts? Theft. Home invasions. Not a good time to be a US Jew.

Anonymous said...

Jews need desperately to get out of the cities. Israel will always be there for us USE wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit"a talking about teshuva and strengthen ourselves in the area of Torah learning. He said something similar that Rav Reuven Feinstein Shlit"a said that HKB"H wants to awaken us and let us know that life cannot be as it was before as if nothing had happened. He added that we should strengthen ourselves with Torah learning of a practical nature - ללמוד לשמור לעשות ולקיים - not just learning for the sake of learning. He also added that in order to raise Talmidei Hachamim, we need to be stronger in learning Beki'ut.

Anon, will you stop talking about Rabbinic authorities and teach them what to do, at least not in this post?
You are trying put your 2 cents everywhere, how bad in America and how good in Israel, whether it is need it or not.

Everybody will greet Mashiah Tsidkeinu, whether Jews in the United States or Russia or Australia or China or Israel.

--Tsaddik Nistar

Anonymous said...

Hi Devorah, you may wish to post Rav Pinchas Winston's latest essay

From a different anon.

Anonymous said...

To Tsaddik Nistar, I do NOT know how you are, but to say Jews in the US and elsewhere will greet Moshiach is dead wrong. Firstly, Jews who descrecate Shabbat do NOT have Olam Haba, period. Jews who live in Europe today are being attacked. Poland bans Jewish slaughtering of meat. Stop telling people everything will be okay, go back to sleep is DEAD WRONG. Look around the world, my friend, it is NOT Jew friendly. IT CAN HAPPEN IN AMERICA.The austist Daniel said in 2012 that we Jews of America have lost our Kedusha. I am making aliyah in year 2013,IY"H. Time will tell my brother who is right. Historically speaking your point failed.I personally do not want Jewish blood on my hands. May Hashem have mercy on all of us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tsaddik Nistar, read Rabbi Pinchas Winston's essay on the post Obama win part I. He says it better than I can. Read it and then tell us what you think.
History repeats itself, via Lot.

Anonymous said...

Anon#3 thank you for the link
Yet, how many are so absolutely blind, ignorant and
reliant on false faith to believe that nothing bad will
happen to the Jews living in the Holy Land?
There are those who in their maddening blindness,
wish to dismiss these incidents as precedents by saying that they all occurred outside the Holy Land, where there is no Divine promise for spiritual protection. Now, they falsely conclude being that Jews are back in the Holy Land, no harm can befall the people. Needless to say, countless acts of terrorism and barbarism since the days of the inception of the modern State of Israel have proven this
argument conclusively wrong.

Anon#6, do NOT say I am wrong on things that you DON'T know.

Anon#7, I rely on other tsadikim to get sources from.

--Tsadik Nistar

Walter Vaughn said...

It's not enough to "return." One must "restore." If there's no restoring then the returning is of no value.

Anonymous said...

How are you? Did you experience extreme weather? Were you impacted by it? Last Thursday an earthquake in Israeli politics happened but nobody reported it on their blogs. Here is the link: Can you believe it?