Monday, November 19, 2012

The Shmira Project - For Soldiers and Residents in Danger

This grassroots program pairs individual Jews worldwide with an Israeli soldier or resident in danger. By you doing acts of kindness, prayer and learning Torah in their name it adds to the spiritual merit of that soldier. It’s simple, it’s one on one and it’s powerful.

In times of crisis Jews come together. As seen when over 100,000 people joined the first project of this kind during Project Cast Lead.

Israeli soldiers and recently also civilians are in the line of fire. The army trains them to think in terms of their unit, first and foremost. In the same way, we have to think in terms of our unit as well: the Jewish People. The only way we can overcome our enemies is if we band together.

This is a person to person match that everyone can do.

The families of the soldiers would enjoy the reassurance that Jews around the world are spiritually supporting their children. All participants are helping to bring about unity, connectedness and the spiritual growth of the Jewish People.

Everyone wins.

Join The Shmira Project. It’s personal. It’s important. It’s one name at a time.

It’s guard duty for the rest of us.

This new project is inspired by Rav Simcha Kook and the Bostoner Rebbe, zt”l and supported by many other Great Rabbis in 2009. It's been led by parents of a lone soldier. Let’s join together, now take a name and make a difference.

If you want to participate or sign up a soldier, click here

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Leah said...

Thank you. I just signed up and got my name.