Sunday, November 23, 2014

''Murdered Jews Atone for Generation, Messiah Must Come'''

Rabbi Yitzhak Mordechai Hacohen Rubin, rabbi of the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Jerusalem that was brutally attacked on Tuesday, went to visit hareidi leaders on Thursday to ask their participation in a eulogy for the four Jews murdered in the attack, in which a Druze police officer was also murdered.
Rav Kanievsky

Rabbi Rubin visited Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the foremost rabbinical authorities in the hareidi world, and described the horrific attack.

The two Arab terrorists "came in with axes, with guns, they cut off heads...someone who was there from (United) Hatzalah told me they cut off the head completely, cut off hands, simply horrors," related the rabbi, noting the wounded included those missing arms, ears, suffering brain damage and lost eyes.

"I heard the story," replied Rabbi Kanievsky. "The Mashiach (Messiah) has to come."

The hareidi leader explained that "there needs to be an atonement" for the generation so as to merit the coming of the Mashiach, an atonement he argued the victims of the terror attack partially made.
In hearing how the congregants "shake like fish" in shock following the horrific attack, Rabbi Kanievsky stated "G-d will help. Those who shake (with fear) make repentance."

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could believe that. I'm plagued, however, with realism. In every generation our people experience horrific tragedy. In every generation our people believe that the tragedies are the "footsteps of Mashiach". As I learn more about Jewish history it becomes clear that the patterns keep repeating. Tragedy, faith, disappointment, repeat......

Anonymous said...

There is only one answer left now and that is to wipe out the vipers' den of savage murderers. No mercy on these animals. The latest savagery might be because of the Har HaBayit prohibitions. Truth is that if there was free access to all, there would be many who would inadvertently sin. It could have all been avoided if the then general Dayan didn't commit the sin of turning over the keys to the Arabs and even they were surprised at that insanity. But, the main reason for all the suffering is that the Erev Rav from the beginning were in control and they did not heed the warning from Hashem and didn't rid the Land of those occupying it, as commanded in our holy Torah. The suffering and the victims are usually the righteous, so if there are any decent and real Jews still sitting in the Knesset, they'd better wake up and realize only H' and His holy Torah can save us.

Anonymous said...

The Arabs want us to fear them. We have to not show fear of them. We have to only fear Hashem. Israel is suffering because of its fear of the Arabs. Israel gave away land because of its fear of the Arabs. Israel lets Arabs on the har habayis because of is fear of the Arabs. The government of Israel should stop showing its fear of the Arabs.

Devorah said...

I prefer to be optimistic. Here is some more to be optimistic about: Rabbi Glazerson - The Massacre at Har Nof in Bible Code

Anonymous said...

this is by Rabbi Aron Moss:

The Jewish nation stands together in mourning yet again. Those holy brothers, who returned to their souls to their Maker while in the midst of prayer, will join the long list of innocent martyrs throughout the ages whose lives were cruelly taken from them for no other reason than that they are Jews.

But there was another type of martyr in this attack, an Israeli policeman by the name of Zidan Saif. He heroically entered the synagogue after hearing that terrorist were on a killing rampage inside, and though he was a traffic police, ill-equipped for such a mission, he saved hundreds of lives. But Zidan himself was shot and died of his wounds. leaving behind a wife and seven month old daughter.

Zidan is a hero of Israel. But Zidan was not Jewish. He was an Arab. Although ethnically he was closer to the terrorists than their Jewish victims, ideologically he couldn't be further away from them.

Zidan was a member of the Druze community, a monotheistic religious group that emerged from Islam but differs from Islam in many ways. One is that the Druze preach loyalty to their host country, wherever they live. In Israel, they serve in the army and many Druze, like Zidan, have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Druze revere Jethro, Moses' father in law, as their major prophet. Curiously, Jewish tradition teaches that after Jethro converted to Judaism, he did not accompany the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land, but returned to his own people to teach them Torah. There is no record in Jewish writings of how successful he was in spreading the message of Moses. But perhaps the Druze are the fruits of his efforts. To this day, they uphold the seven laws of Noah, the Torah's moral code for all humanity.

Zidan's story makes it clear that the battle in Israel is not about race, it is not about land, it is about ideology. There is one ideology that all over the world refuses to live peaceably with others. That is radical Islam.

The Talmudic tradition records a chilling prophecy about the end of time, when the children of Yishmael - the Arabs - will afflict horrible pain on the children of Israel. But the very name Yishmael means "G-d will hear." G-d will hear the cry of the victims and respond, and that's when Moshiach will come.

We need to pray. Pray for the victims, cut short in the middle of their prayers. Pray for their bereaved families, that G-d should hear their cries. Pray that our leaders have the strength and clarity to fight this battle to its end. And pray that Moshiach should come now.

Zidan was laid to rest, surrounded by his Druze brethren and hundreds of black-hatted Jews who came to pay respect to a righteous gentile. In the midst of this tragedy, we must hold on to this display of unity among people of different religions, serving G-d side by side with mutual respect. A small light can dispel a lot of darkness. Goodness will win.

Anonymous said...

Maybe also... if we pray that Goodness will conquer evil and overcome it..put it in it's place, so to speak.... it will be a new world. One where Goodness and Kindness rules the hearts of people everywhere.... where the sword will be beaten into a plow-shear... and used for the goodness of mankind instead of conquering mankind. Tilling the soil from which we came from... making our hearts soft... with a listening and doing heart.

Abraham was the epitome of Kindness and our Prime Example. Loving Torah and the Things of HaShem.... and His Way of Life... eating from the Tree of Life... then all of mankind will live peacefully together... following Torah/The Holy Words from Hashem's own Self....

Anonymous said...